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   Chapter 21 It was how it begun

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Some years back

The fishes in the tank swam around and I looked at them while I slept on my bed facing the ceiling and my head dangling at the edge of the bed. As the fishes move, so did my eyes and soon as I felt dizzy, I slid back up on the bed and closed my eyes for a mere ten seconds when I heard it again.

Things crashing down, people yelling at each other, someone crying.

My mother.

My father and my mother were fighting as usually in the next room, throwing things at each other and my father abusing and kicking my mother. It has been so long since, I saw them smiling and talking to each other and behaving humanly.

I missed my sister. She was in the boarding school and I was here stuck with our parents fight. They fought just everyday. In the morning, in the office, in the kitchen table, in my school, in the evening, in the restaurants, in the party, in the middle of the night as well.

This was getting frustrated for me as well. My sister knew about this and she would call me to give me strength to keep up with them. But I was somehow happy because whatever it was I had a family. My best friend, Charles didn't even had a family. His parents ended up in bad terms and got divorced and left him with his grandmother and disappeared somewhere.

I just came back from my school and the first thing I saw was them throwing things at each other. It was never like this. We were such a happy family but since the day dad started investing in a startup company with his business partner Ms. Eliana White, things started getting downhill.

I sighed as I got up from the bed and made my way towards the door. The more I got near, the more clear the voice got and I eavesdropped purposely wanting to hear what was the topic this time.

"You said you were in a meeting. Is this your what you called a meeting?" I heard my mom yelling at my father.

"You don't understand it is important to have contacts. Honey, I am trying my best to earn money for my family and you know our business tanked. I have to depend upon Eliana, to make contacts. She is just helping us, " it was my dad this time.

"Helping? How is she helping us? By sleeping with you, Aaron?" my mom yelled at top of her voice and the next thing I knew was things breaking. Perhaps, she threw something at my dad. My mom was really hot headed and she threw things when she got angry but the thing I knew about her was that she was really strong and she loved my father deeply.

They were from different backdrops and their parents didn't agree to their relationship, so they eloped. They ran away and got married and had kids, but here we are.

"Kaitlyn, listen to me. You need to calm your anger and think before you say something. We are married for so many years now, why do you think that I would do infidelity with you? I love you, Kaitlyn please, " my dad seemed to be begging now.

"You know how much I love you Aaron. I left everything for you. I left my studies, my job, my parents and even the man standing at altar waiting for me just because I wanted to be with you but all these years I have been nothing but good to you, like a perfect housewife. I fucking cooked for you and saved for Leila's boarding school, ignoring my necessities and what did I get? My educ

he truck and there it was. I saw it, everything.

Our car was in the mid air and were flying to our death. Blood pooled out of my mother's mouth as everything that happened was like a slow motion to me. I was clutching the roof handle tightly when I saw my mother looking back at me and then it happened.

My eyes turned blind to everything that was happening, as if we were struck by a lightning, the car was filled with white light and I couldn't see anything. My skin started getting hot and I thought I was dying. I could see the veins in my hands popping out and they looked red, not the blood red, but as if there was a light inside my hand. And as I waved it before my eyes to know what was going on, a loud thud and the next moment I knew I was lying on the grass.

"There was a woman in that car! Call the cops and the ambulance! Oh my lord! Shit! What have I done?" I could hear someone.

My eyes fluttered open and I could feel my body aching.

"There's a kid!" I heard someone and then someone touched my forehead.

"Oh shit! He is bleeding. He must have flown out of the car by the impact of the truck, when it hit it!" I heard a lady and as I regained consciousness I looked up to find people gathering over me. The truck was standing in the middle of the road and the driver, dressed in his uniform, held his head looking distressed as he looked down, standing at the edge of the cliff.

"Mom, " I whispered when all of a sudden, I remembered something and I was up on my feet and yelping to the edge with people following me.

"Mom!" a distressed high pitch sound came out of my mouth when I looked down at the edge to find a car near the river bed, burning up, furiously.

"Keith!" I looked back to find my father coming out of his car as he ran towards me and looked down at the edge.

"Kaitlyn!" he screamed and got hold of me by my shoulder and pulled me to him.

"Oh my god! Kaitlyn, " he sobbed as he held me in his arms and I looked back where the car, remained burning upside down in some thousand feet down the cliff while all of a sudden, my eyes began to close and I couldn't hear anything and couldn't see anyone when I lost my senses.

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