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   Chapter 20 A sublime feeling

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Updated: 2019-08-29 11:48

He was right before me as I stood right next to my dad watching him as he didn't even look my way as the bride and the groom exchanged their rings in the wedding aisle.

Leila Devlin was finally married to James Kelly.

I was done with this Devlin family. They were just weird. I had no idea why and how Leila could marry James even after that fight that I had witnessed that night in their engagement party. This family only knows how to talk and walk business but they don't understand that they won't be taking business to their grave. At the end, it will always be your family.

Leila looked happy and so was James. If it wasn't for that night then I would've probably thought that they were so in love but I knew better than that. A hideous sinister reason laid behind those smile and it was getting too much for me to handle and to top of that my father was like a kid who won a teddy bear from the amusement park. He was more than happy to be getting in relationship with not only Devlin's family but also with Kelly as well.

It was a private outdoor wedding only with family members and few reporters. A bohemian style wedding. As the couple kissed each other, I took it my chance to get out of the family shot pictures to have a sit. The tables were empty as they were standing and cheering for the wedding couple, so I made myself comfortable and got myself a glass of fresh juice as I watched them taking pictures and then making their way to water a tree.

Going green and economical wedding or should I say a show for the reporters.

I had no idea when someone took a seat next to me and as I looked to my side I found it was someone I had never met but someone who was staring at me from the beginning of the wedding ceremony.

"Hi, " he said and I forced out a smile replying him back to which he just smiled and got rid of his sunglasses.

"Not really into socialising are you?" he asked and I kept my glass down as I turned to look at him. He was wearing a grey tuxedo and as I recalled he was the b

er awkwardly near the flower backdrop posing for the pictures.

"What are you doing? Put your hands around her Keith! She is your fiancée not a stranger!" Leila gave a remark which made everyone laugh except keith and me. I could sense the reluctancy in Keith as he wrapped his hands around my waist and I stood straight ignoring the feeling to slap him. I had to take in deep breaths to calm my nerves and we posed for the camera while the photographer begged me to smile.

I tried my best to look comfortable and smiled only for the poor photographer's sake and it was how it ended. As we were done, I picked up my dress because it was causing me problem from walking but all of a sudden my heels bored into the ground with the hem of my dress in it and I could hear a rip sound when I stumbled and lost of my balance and I thought I was going to fall but a pair of hands held me from my waist preventing me from falling down and I squealed loudly as I ended up mid air stuck in between his arms as I stared at him.

Keith saved me from tumbling down to the ground.

In the background I could hear people awing and cheering with the clicks of camera.

There was this sublime feeling inside me as I looked into Keith's eyes which told me he was something more to what he presented before me and he meant something else than what he told me.

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