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   Chapter 20 A sublime feeling

Fall For Me By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 6776

Updated: 2019-08-29 11:48

He was right before me as I stood right next to my dad watching him as he didn't even look my way as the bride and the groom exchanged their rings in the wedding aisle.

Leila Devlin was finally married to James Kelly.

I was done with this Devlin family. They were just weird. I had no idea why and how Leila could marry James even after that fight that I had witnessed that night in their engagement party. This family only knows how to talk and walk business but they don't understand that they won't be taking business to their grave. At the end, it will always be your family.

Leila looked happy and so was James. If it wasn't for that night then I would've probably

all of a sudden my heels bored into the ground with the hem of my dress in it and I could hear a rip sound when I stumbled and lost of my balance and I thought I was going to fall but a pair of hands held me from my waist preventing me from falling down and I squealed loudly as I ended up mid air stuck in between his arms as I stared at him.

Keith saved me from tumbling down to the ground.

In the background I could hear people awing and cheering with the clicks of camera.

There was this sublime feeling inside me as I looked into Keith's eyes which told me he was something more to what he presented before me and he meant something else than what he told me.

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