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   Chapter 19 When heart breaks

Fall For Me By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 5639

Updated: 2019-07-26 20:15

Passionate. Urgency.

It was what I could feel at that moment as I felt his lips mashed against mine, his soft and moist and hot and breathy, not trying to win a battle but seeking union and closeness and the sharing of one breath, one sensation, one timeless and passionate moment that we shared had my mind blown away. I was lost at that moment and I knew I have been attracted to him from the beginning and it was why my hands were roaming on his wet hair, not getting enough of it.

But just like everything that comes to an end. The moment came to an 'abrupt' end as all of a sudden I felt his body, insanely heating up and before I could open my eyes, a ball of light flashed before me and a humming sound of electricity and before I knew it, he was gone.

"K-Keith?" it was what I uttered when I looked around totally flabbergasted by the situation. The room was silent and the only noise heard in the room was the beeping sound of the water purifier as I looked around for him and then simply stood in the middle, touching my lips which was now swollen and the only sole proof that we were kissing.


It was already half past eight in the evening and I was still in his apartment, alone. God only knew where he went and why he went. I had already done my part of the job, by looking for him not only in his apartment but also near his apartment building, soaking in rain only to find no single trace him.

It was as if the wind or maybe the ground swallowed him and god damn to his power, which interfered in the wrong time. I was tired and fully drenched, it was how I ended up returning back to his apartment and thinking of waiting for him while I chose to wore a shi

around to face and he nodded, shoving his hands back into his pant pockets.

"But I want you to remember this too. Don't ever touch me, next time, " I told him with anger filled in my voice and he flinched for a second but then he picked up his glasses from the side table and wore it as he looked back at me, straight into my eyes.

"I'm sorry, " he said and I nodded.

"Good! You should be, " I told him as I tightened my grip on my purse and holding my clothes, firmly I walked out of his apartment, with anger mentally taking an oath that I will never put a feet on this apartment building, ever again. But then I cursed myself as I felt tears welled up in my eyes and I wiped them angrily as I punched the elevator's button to the ground floor and cursed myself for thinking something that could never happen with a man like him.

This was the first time, Vienna Alvis failed to read a man.

"Wrong!" I muttered as the elevator's door pinged open and I marched out thinking about my dad. "All men are the same, " I yelled as I angrily wiped the shameless tears that refused to stop.

Tears of embarrassment.

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