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   Chapter 18 Passion

Fall For Me By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 5467

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The traffic was hectic as usual and to top of that, it was the beginning of monsoon season. Thunders and lightning stroke over us as I wrapped my coat to myself and waited for the traffic to clear out so that the taxi driver could drive me to Keith's apartment.

"It's raining cats and dogs, " I heard the driver gushing under his breath as he honked at the car before us. It took probably fifteen minutes, for the traffic to clear out and finally he drove out of the traffic and to Keith's apartment.

I would occasionally think of what to say when I finally meet him. I felt embarrassed as I thought of the incident that happened back in my hostel. I should have heard his side of the story but then he was just so aggressive and that astonished me. I had never seen him in such condition and that made me wonder why would he lose his state of mind for something like this. He could've directly called the cops or could've told me that he caught that guard with the pictures. So why did he take this matter to his hand all of a sudden?

Oceania Complex.

It was pouring when, I paid the driver and got out of the cab. I had to run to save myself from getting drenched, but still I managed to get soaked under the rain and that made me curse under my breath. I had just washed my hair in the morning and now this, I was sure I would be a subject to cold and cough or a flu, if I kept on getting soaked like this. To top of that I was already starting to feel feverish.

"I should better hurry up and sort this out with Keith before I return back to my hostel, " I whispered followed by a sneeze as I rubbed my nose and made my wa

ad me swooning over his facial features. Sharp nose, electrifying blue eyes and all of a sudden, I found him looking at the same way as I was looking at him. He bent down for a second and I felt the towel, slipping out of my hand and before I knew it, the distance between us grew lesser and lesser and my heartbeat rising up when I felt something cold on my lips and I didn't even get the chance to register what was going on when all of a sudden I was pushed back to the balcony glass and it was when I understood the feeling.

Feeling of a passionate kiss as I felt him kissing me passionately holding me by my waist. Is this attraction? Does he feel the same things that I've started to feel for him?

My hands found its way up towards his neck and then his hair as I started to reply him back with the same amount of feeling and urgency that he was showing me. It was actually my first real kiss. Not the one, where Keith pecked my lips, because he was drunk, but this was my first as I felt my heart about to explode and the passion inside me wanting to do more than just a kiss.

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