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   Chapter 15 A new day, a new beginning of feelings.

Fall For Me By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 6861

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The drive back to the house was quiet and the tension in the car with me driving and Keith sitting next to me was thick. Keith looked out of the car window while I drove peacefully and looked at GPS for now and then for the road direction. I had decided as he was drunk and not in a position to drive, I would just drive him to his house and then come back to my hostel calling a cab.

It was already half past two in the morning as I drove off between the woods. I looked at Keith to find his hand resting on his forehead and he looked out of the window. I wasn't sure if he was asleep or still conscious, so I concentrated more on the road and silently drove back. Before we started the journey, I had asked him to fix the direction to his house and thankfully he did that and it was how I came to know about the place where he lived.

I had to park the car outside of the building, whose name was 'Oceania complex' and I got out looking at the tall Corinthian building, that stood at massive feet and it was plain obvious that only a single flat in it would cost millions. I sighed as I closed the door shut. What else can I expect from the Devlins?

The guard came running to us and looked inside to find Keith sleeping and that at me. "I drove him back here to his house and I'm act-"

"I already know you ma'am, " the old security guard smiled at me and I tilted my head to the side. "You can accompany him to his flat. I will park the car in the parking and then I will come and handover the keys to you, " he said as I looked back at Keith. "Alright, thank you, " I said and made my way towards Keith's side. As soon as I opened the door, he fell out and squealing I held his head stopping him from falling.

The guard helped me carrying him out and I wrapped his hand over my shoulder, as I supported him to stand and together we walked towards the lift, where the guard helped me by pressing the button to his floor and I said a quiet thank you; as I guided a drunk, Keith inside the lift. He was quiet and dangled next to me and I saw hi

asses were back on his eyes and he looked at me confused while I combed my hair using my finger.

"Heading back hostel. I have classes, " I told him and he knotted his eyebrows "When is your classes?" he asked and I looked at my wrist watch "Ten, " I said and he nodded.

"It's only eight, we have two more hours left. Come, have breakfast, " he walked towards the open kitchen and then he spoke up "You can go freshen up. I have an extra brush in my bathroom."

I nodded my head no and realised he couldn't really see me so, I spoke up and told him that it was alright and I wanted to leave but all he did was stare back at me which meant he left no room for a no and headed back to the kitchen where I saw beating the eggs. I took the time to look at his appearance. He looked fresh and his hair was wet and neat combed. It looked like he wa totally out of last night's drunken state and was sober.

So, I turned back for the bathroom to freshen up and as he had told me I found the extra brush and took it out but then as soon as I looked at myself in the mirror, my eyes fell on my lips and the smudged lipstick made me remember something. I put my hand on my mouth and screamed recalling last night's incident. A muffled scream escaped my mouth as I looked at my lips.

"The kiss, " a horrific yell escaped my mouth, as I remembered the accidental kiss.

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