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   Chapter 9 Fate

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Engagement to a ...

Engagement to a.....

What is he?

My mind wandered off to what just happened fifteen minutes ago. Fifteen minutes ago it was the worst day of my life. Sixteen minutes ago was the most surprising day of my life. Seventeen minutes ago I never really thought that I would I would actually witness something that I had never wished or imagined could be possible.

A man, a human being disappears right before my sight and reappears right before my eyes like a....

"Just what is he?" my voice rung through my head and I paced up and down the staircase exasperation due to continuous thinking and not getting the answer. Everyone in my surrounding knew that I was a person who was always unsatisfied. I wouldn't stop until and unless I get a perfect answer for what I was searching or wanted to know. And I would always be the one to search for the answers and in search of it I found myself deeper into the matter and it is how I ended up choosing the law line. My aim was to become a prosecutor but then I doubt I would ever be one with the question that was lingering before my eyes which I failed to solve.

The question of how a person vanishes...more precisely, disappears out of sight and reappears out of nowhere still haunts me. My question is answered and until I get an explanation for what happened I am not stopping forget about the damn engagement.

Deeply sighing, I made up my mind that I would put this question before everyone and tell them what I saw and get the answer directly from Keith.

Does Keith's family know about this too?

Just What is he?

How can they keep this from the world and me and my family?

They wanted me to marry someone who was not even human?

How could they do this to me?

Keith surely wasn't a normal human being. From what I saw he definitely had some super powers which could make him different from any other normal human being. I still can't believe this. Super powers. Keith Devlin. Keith Devlin had super powers?Just oh my God!

Picking my dress up I ran upstairs towards the convocation hall where all the reporters were still present. I wanted to tell this to everyone and he went to the world. At that moment, I did not think about anything because the only thing I knew was that I had no intentions of getting married to Keith and the fact that I was being forced to marry him made it even worse.I thought maybe after knowing the truth my father won't force me to get along with him. Because, clearly Keit

supporters, no friends, I don't even remember my mother, nobody who could assure me that 'it was going to be alright!'

No one.

"Don't create a scene. I beg you!" my father literally begged me with his eyes and I felt worse for that. My feelings were not even real. I couldn't really comprehend what my true emotions were at that situation. But most of it, were the feelings of getting burdened off something. The burden that I felt on my shoulder was what disturbed me the most and I was not at all ready for it.

I watched as the lady passed the ring boxes to Ms. Leila Devlin and my father. Ms. Leila Devlin walked across the stage all the while smiling like an excited kid towards her brother who seemed to be frozen in his spot by now. My father stood next to me and begged me to put the ring on Keith's finger. And even though I didn't want to do that, I turned around to face Keith as he mirrors my actions and turned to face me. His emotions to mirrored mine and we both stared at each other in defeat and sorrow for doing what we didn't want to.

But all of a sudden his facial expression changed as he closed his eyes and looked straight into my eyes with what looked like determination?

It was as if he wanted to tell me that everything will be alright. As if, ...he would make it better... for me.

And somehow it gave me confidence as my father handed me the ring that I didn't even look at. I loathed it the moment my fingers touched it. He took the one from his sister and looked for the second time straight into my eyes as if asking for permission. All I did was give him a little nod and then it was done.

We ended up tying our fate with each other.

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