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   Chapter 8 Baffled

Fall For Me By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 8093

Updated: 2019-03-17 23:38

The lights that fell on my face had my eyes burning and even though I wanted to close them, I couldn't, in the fear of having a weird photo posted up in news and social media had me forcing my eyes to remain open even though they were stinging pretty bad. But upon all the smile that I had plastered on my face, I was burning in the inside. I was literally, shaken up to my core for taking such an action against my father, getting myself in a pretentious engagement.

My father and Mr. Aaron looked as if they had won a lottery. I understand that my father was actually after money and power and it was why he wanted me to get engaged to Keith but in contrary, I didn't really quite understand what does Keith's father Mr. Aaron wanted from me. We were not as powerful and as rich as they were, so why was he forcing Keith into this?

Is there something I didn't know and I should know?

Talking about Keith I found him weird and just weird. His personality was weird, he didn't laugh, he didn't smile, he didn't talk, he doesn't reply...he was just like a living zombie. Sure, he was going to take over his father's business and I had heard that he was a brilliant student but that doesn't really polish socialising skills. He was just plain weird for a woman like me.

What exactly had I thought when I was a teenager on how I was going to find myself a perfect husband who would love me, take care of me, give strength to me, we would earn money together and buy a house, go on vacations, have kids and what nots...and here I was. I looked to my left to find Keith looking straight towards the camera which made me wonder did his eyes not hurt? Oh wait! he had his glasses on. He adjusted his glasses and had a blank look on his face. I was sure, nobody could understand if he was happy for the engagement or if he was forced.

Just what in the world have I gotten myself into?

He is just not the guy whom I had wanted to marry. He is nothing like what I had actually dreamt for. Thankfully, he was wearing a grey suit not like the other days where he had his hoodies on and he had neatly styled his hair and I noticed how tall he was as he stood next to me. Even in my heels I couldn't match his height.

"Sir, can you please put your hand over her for a couple of shot, please?" one of the photographer asked and I stood straight in my spot as my from peripheral vision I saw Keith nodding before he put an

e! I was the one planned this. But aren't you supposed to take part and think of ideas as well? You know it will be good if you work in it too instead leaving everything on me. If you want to sit idle doing nothing than just tell me, I will plan everything on my own and I won't bother to disturb you too, "

His snobbish remark made me stand up from the sofa and I made my way towards him to teach him a lesson regarding how he should he should talk to me and damn to my heels I slipped on the floor and in a swift motion I landed on top of him or it was what I thought because my I felt as I face planted on the hard leather sofa and instead of him. Astonished, I got up as quickly as I could to check what really happen and to my extreme horror, a ball of light emitted right before my eyes and out of nowhere he appeared and eyed me like a deer caught in headlight.

"What in world?" I muttered as the scene went on replaying in my head as I thought about it again and again.

I walked up to him.

He was on the sofa.

I slipped.

Fell on him.

Correction, fell on the hard sofa.

He vanished.

He appeared out of nowhere right before my eyes.

"This isn't possible!" I muttered baffled, words not forming in my mouth and all he did was to arrange his suit and avoid my gaze.

"What are you talking about?" he asked as if nothing happened.

"What ar-"

"Oh here you are. Let's go! The engagement rings are already here, " Mr. Aaron said and smiled at the two of us and went back. Keith followed him out while I sat like a statue on the sofa thinking what the hell did I just witnessed.

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