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   Chapter 80 Epilogue (We belong together)

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The next day, as Ken and Kana were getting ready to visit Han'nya in the nursing training facility, they heard somebody pushed the doorbell. Kana peeked through the peephole and saw Kirito. She frowned.

"Ken, Akatsuki is here."

Ken walked towards the door and opened it. Kana did not notice how his face turned stony cold.

When Akatsuki saw that the door was about to open, he stood straight and put a calm smile on his face. Suddenly, he fell on his back towards the lawn from the impact of Ken's punch. It happened too fast that Kana was speechless for a while before she reacted and yelled at the two men.

Ken has already began punching Kirito, who tried to dodge his blows, but never retaliated.

"Ken! Akatsuki!" Kana ran towards Ken and tried to go in between them. She wrapped her arms around Ken's waist.

"Ken, stop it!" She said, wondering why Ken behaved so impulsive with Akatsuki.

"Let me go, Kana. I have to teach this man a lesson for defiling my sister!"

Kana was a little dumbstruck with what she heard but she did not let him go.

"Ken, please stop for now! Let's talk about this, ok?" She pleaded, and she darted a questioning look at Akatsuki who was wiping the blood from his torn lips. Ken landed three solid punches on his face, and Kirito could swear that it was the first time he felt the kind of strong punch. His head felt dizzy with the force that Ken used on him.

"Inamori, are you trying to kill me?" He asked in a stern voice.

Ken threw him angry glances.

"No. I was just trying to tell you that you messed with the wrong person." Ken answered.

He could not kill Akatsuki, because he is the man who nullified Han'nya's contract. As much as possible, he would want Akatsuki to take responsibility for Han'nya.

"Why did you suddenly attack him, Ken?" Kana asked, seeing for the first time that Ken could be quite impulsive.

Ken arranged his shirt, he began to calm down.

"What are you doing here?" Ken asked Akatsuki, ignoring Kana's question.

"I am here for your sister. Based from your reaction, I think you already know what happened to us. I am here for that." Kirito answered, still feeling the pain on his jaw.

Kirito is in his soldier's uniform, and he looked every bit as intimidatingly handsome as Ken.

Ken stared at him, meeting his gaze equally.

"Yes. You should take responsibility for her." Ken answered.

"I am here for that. Where is she?" Kirito answered.

"Hey, what are you two talking about?" Kana asked, feeling more confused by the exchange of words between the two.

Ken looked at her, and he sighed.

"Kana, Akatsuki here has to be responsible for Han'nya." Then, he turned towards Kirito. "She is not living with us. If you want to find her, do so by yourself. I will not help you."

Kirito understood what he meant. With a resolute expression on his face, he nodded and bowed at the two of them. He met Ken on the eyes equally.

"She is

ext life, and your following lives as well." He said, kissing her hair sideways.

Kana nodded. Ken has already explained to her why he was having second thoughts in marrying her. It seemed that when he regained his whole memory as Raiden, he learned that he has been given a life beyond a mortal's. In the event that he will die, his mind and soul will remain intact, and will go on to his next life. There is also a high possibility that when Ken dies, all his past memories and experiences will be carried over to the next person.

Including his past feelings.

In Kana's case however, she is a mortal, and will surely have a life span of a normal human being. However, upon marriage, it is possible that Raiden will be able to make her soul intact.

But with regards to her feelings for Ken, it will depend on the person whom her soul will be transferred into.

"I am sure that no matter how many lives I shall be given, I will still fall in love with you, Ken." She said.

Ken smiled.

He held her by her shoulders and turned her to face him.

"In that case, I shall swear upon my name, as Ken Inamori, and as Raiden, that no matter who your soul shall be transferred into, I will be sure to find you."

Their eyes met, and he stroke her cheeks tenderly.

"When it happens, I will make you mine, over and over again. For we belong together." He said, and his lips claimed hers.



This is the first book of Kana and Ken's story. I decided to cut it here because of the series that I am making, and I don't want to have a book with too many chapters. You might have guessed that Han'nya and Kirito will have their own story as well. The series that I will release soon would be:

YAMADA SERIES: Shadows of the Future (Ken and Kana 2)

YAMADA SERIES: Killing me softly (Kirito and Han'nya)

YAMADA SERIES: Chase after me (to be revealed later)

My heartfelt gratitude to all of you. – Elria Cortez

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