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   Chapter 79 I want to be your man

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 11071

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Ken pulled a chair for her to sit on. Yuki smiled at her and Kana has to smile as well. She instantly felt inferior to Yuki because the woman in front of her is no doubt a more beautiful lady than her in every aspect. Aside from that, this is the woman whom Ken loved before her.

'Is she also Ken's first love?'

Kana pushed the thought out of her head. She does not want to think that way towards Ken. She has known that he loved Yuki even before she decided to chase after him. And finally, his attention has turned to her.

"Yuki, this is Kana. The woman I told you about." Ken began the introduction as soon as they were seated. "Kana, this is Yuki Iguchi, the wife of Senator Iguchi."

The two women smiled at each other, and Kana could sense the kindness in Yuki's personality. She began to feel guilty. But she could not help the negative feeling that started to crawl within her.

"Ok, let's order our food now, shall we?" Ken said and called for the waiter.

During the dinner, Ken and Yuki started to talk about Han'nya. It turned out that Han'nya was introduced to the nursing facility by Yuki herself. Yuki is now talking to Ken about the report of Han'nya's senior. Han'nya seems to be very concentrated on her training and according to the evaluation, she may be given an assignment in about two to three months more.

Kana focused on eating. She felt disappointed that she is not with Ken only. She thought that this dinner would be her birthday dinner, but instead, the main topic is about Han'nya.

Kana began to feel rebellious. She ordered wine from the waiter, while Yuki and Ken were talking. Whenever Yuki and Ken would ask her something and try to include her in their conversation, she would just answer directly and very short. She is no longer in a mood for some lazy chitchats.

She wants to spend the night with Ken, only that.

But it seems that Ken does not remember her birthday at all. She felt more upset as time goes by. She eyed Ken keenly, and noticed how his face was extra-ordinarily brighter, as if he is radiating with warmth as he fixed his eyes on Yuki. Meanwhile, she could tell that Yuki Iguchi was being friendly towards Ken.

On her second order of wine, Ken darted a glance at her. Her cheeks began to redden up to her ears. But instead of stopping, she ignored him deliberately. After an hour in the restaurant, a voice spoke behind them.

"Sorry, I am late."

It was a man's voice, and Kana was surprised to see Eto Iguchi.

Yuki beamed at him and stood up. Eto reached out to her and gave her a kiss on her forehead. Kana averted her gaze from them, and instead observed Ken's reaction. His expression was blank.

"Senator Iguchi, Yuki, I would like you to meet my fiancée, this is Kana Kodama."

Ken's words pierced through Kana's muddled head. She instantly stared at Ken and looked at the couple in front of them. She managed to smile at them. When Ken held one of her hands on the table in front of Eto and Yuki, Kana's doubts instantly dissipated.

They began to talk heartily, and after another hour, Eto and Yuki decided to say their good night to them.

"We will be expecting the invitation to your wedding then, Mr. Inamori, Ms. Kodama." Eto said, his arm was draped lovingly on her shoulder.

"Of course." Ken answered. Af

hreatened to come out of her eyes.

Ken's lips brushed her neck, and she tilted her head to give him more access to do so. He turned her around him, as he continued to nibble and suck on her flesh. She felt the tingles coursed through her whole body. Her arms went to his shoulders.

He started to kiss her jaw, then her cheeks, her nose, her closed eyes, until his lips nibbled on her lips. He began to suck on her lower lip then at her upper lip.

Kana clutched on his shirt, as she could not help but feel so aroused by what he was doing. She could feel the strong desire for him, and she wants release.

"Kana, I love you." He whispered in a hoarse voice just above her lips.

She opened her eyes, and met his dark blue ones. She could see the reflection of her desire on them, and she could feel his desire for her as well.

She smiled sweetly to him.

"At last, you have finally said those words to me Ken. I love you too." She said and kissed him.

This time, their kiss was mutually passionate and full of longing. Ken carried her towards the bed, without breaking their kiss. He laid her gently where he was on top. They looked at each other in the eyes for a long time, before Ken kissed her again and again.

Kana's hands began to travel. But when her hand touched the buckle of his pants, he stopped her.

"Ken." There was urgency in her voice.

But Ken cupped her face in his palms, and looked at her straight in her eyes.

"Kana, believe me. I want this as much as you do. But I promised myself that I will treat you with respect and care, because you are special to me. I want to be your man on the same day that I will become your husband. Will you grant me the honor to do so?"

Kana could not suppress her emotions anymore. She nodded to him while her tears fell from the corners of her eyes.

"Is that a yes?" Ken asked her, amusement in his eyes. Deep within him, he felt really happy that Kana has just accepted his confession.

"Yes, of course." She answered happily.

He then laid on his back, then turned to face her.

"Shall we sleep, then? Before I change my mind." Ken said and held her close to him. He pulled the blanket and covered them together.

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