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   Chapter 78 I want to be a nurse

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Kazuki looked very forlorn and Kana felt the need to properly explain everything to him. So, she told him about her role for the Yamada clan. Kazuki was beyond surprise when he learned that Kana was chosen to be the next Master of the clan. She deliberately omitted the information about Ken, as she does not want Kazuki to know more than a common people is allowed to.

When she finished with her explanation, Kazuki looked worse. He now realized that Kana's position would be out of his league. However, deep within, he could not forget his feelings for Kana. He decided that after he finishes from his education, he will find a way to look for her. But for now, he cannot do anything to pursue his feelings for her. He still cannot provide her the life that she deserves.

Kana went out after almost exactly five minutes. She was almost running towards the car because she knows that Ken must be annoyed with her now. When she reached the car, Ken opened the door for her from the inside. She slid into the passenger's seat, and her suspicion was confirmed when she saw the frown on his face.

She debated whether to say sorry or not but she thought against it. She already feels bad that she has to leave Kazuki like that. He has been a very good friend to her since they met and she would have wanted to break to him the news about her leaving in a proper manner.

She sighed deeply and put on her seatbelt.

Suddenly, Ken leaned close to her, so close that she could almost see the very tiny facial hairs that looks suave on him. She leaned back a little.

"W-what?" she asked, staring at him wide-eyed.

He pinched her chin a little, and without saying anything, he gave her a light peck on her lips. Kana was blown-away. It was such a fleeting action but it was enough for her heart to skip a beat.

"What was that for?" She asked when he leaned back to his seat and put on his seatbelt. He then started the engine before he turned to her. He has a lopsided grin on his face.

"Do I need a reason to kiss my girlfriend?" He asked her in turn.

Her cheeks reddened at his cheeky response. He started driving away.


They stopped first at a grocery store and when they arrived at the apartment, they found Han'nya seated on the sofa, her attention was totally focused on the television. When Kana entered the living room and greeted her, Han'nya looked at her and smiled. She greeted her back in response and upon seeing Ken, she stood from the sofa and asked him something.

"Brother, I want to be a nurse."

Both Kana and Ken were speechless for a moment as they looked at each other. It has been two weeks since they left the Yamada estate and since then, Han'nya has learned a lot and gradually adjusted to the normal living condition outside the shrine.

She can now go out of the apartment and buy something from the nearby convenience store. She can now also use all the electronic appliances in the apartment without being too surprised by them.

At Ken's motion, Kana went to the kitchen to prepare for their dinner while Ken sat with Han'nya on the sofa.

"Do you know what does a nurse do?" He asked gently.

"Of course." Han'nya answered with a proud look on her lovely face. "I watched a documentary about nurses. I love their uniform, it is so clean. I also like it that the nurses hel

Her chest was beating rapidly as she looked at him, but giggled when she saw that his lips became colored with her lipsticks. She used her handkerchief and wiped the color on his lips.

"Take care." She said and he answered with a nod of his head. He waited until she drove away before he also went inside his car.


The day finished too slow for kana. She waited for Ken's message or call but nothing came. At 3:30PM, she went out of the store and with heavy steps, she went to her own car. She stayed for a while to an on-the-way park and did not realize that she has been there seating for a long time. She saw many young couples and even families who were strolling on the park. She watched them as she thought about her and Ken.

So far, she has been contented with their relationship. Ken is treating her well and respects her. However, she recently feels that he is always busy with something. When she asked him about what he has been doing, he just replied that he was looking for some part time job until she is finished with her commitment to the store.

She has been planning by herself that she and Ken will get married in about a year or so, as he said before. She looked at her ring, and a mixed feeling crossed her face. She wants to be his wife soon. But she could not force him. The only thing she could do is wait for him.

Then, her phone rang. When she saw that it was Ken, a smile formed on her lips.

"Hello." She said.

"Hi, where are you now? Can we meet in a restaurant near the station two blocks away from our apartment?"

"Oh sure." After asking Ken about the time and specific location, she put the phone back feeling happy.

Ken has just asked her to have dinner with her.

'Maybe, he knows my birthday and he just want to surprise me.'

She was in a high spirit as she drove towards the restaurant. It was already 6:30PM and she parked her car on the parking across the street. She walked towards the restaurant. As soon as she entered, she roams her eyes around and saw Ken walking towards her.

She smiled at him. Ken also smiled at her and led her towards a room. The smile on her face froze for a while when she saw the person sitting there.

Yuki Iguchi.

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