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   Chapter 77 The new right-hand man

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Han'nya glared at him. She could not believe that this man called Kirito who is the man she chose to nullify her contract with the sacred entity would still be able to look at her straight into her eyes. She could tell that he does not recognize her.

"Nice to meet you, too, Akatsuki." She said blandly.

Kirito bowed at her, but he could not tear his eyes away from Han'nya. In his mind, she looked like that blue-eyed beautiful lady that he saw. But Han'nya has black eyes and short hair.

'Would it be possible that her eye color would change overnight? And what's with the hair? She looked more breathtaking with the longer hair.'

"I seem to have met you before, Han'nya." Kirito stared at her, noting how her facial features were almost identical to the blue-eyed lady.

"Ehem." Kana cleared her throat deliberately as she noticed how Kirito was scrutinizing Han'nya in a different manner from his usual way. Knowing Han'nya, Kana became nervous that Han'nya might feel threatened from Kirito.

"Akatsuki, what is it that you want to talk about me?" Kana asked him.

Kirito finally looked at Kana. The presence of Han'nya made him fluster because he does not really recall what happened last night. One thing certain was that Kana was in his bedroom last night and it is impossible that some other woman would have entered his room without his permission. Besides, Asano would have intervened if anybody entered his room unannounced.

"Kana, how do you feel?" He asked, worried that he might have hurt her. If he really forced her last night in his condition, he was worse than a pig.

How could he not remember making love with the woman he cared about?

Kana frowned at him.

"I am alright, Akatsuki. Sorry I was not able to thank you last night. Ken arrived and took me back to my room." She explained, thinking that Kirito was worried if she returned to her own room by herself.

Kirito has a confused look on his face.

"I mean, about what happened last night…were you hurt?" He could not literally ask if something really has happened to them.

Kirito did not notice that Han'nya was looking at him secretly with a dark expression on her face.

Before Kana could respond, Ken came out from the Master's room. Ken and Kirito met each other's eyes. Then, Ken nodded in acknowledgement to him.

"Akatsuki, thanks for taking care of Kana yesterday."

Ken glanced at Han'nya, noticing how she was glowering at Kirito secretly. Her furtive glances towards him made Ken suspicious. He thought that Han'nya is behaving skeptically.

Kirito looked at Ken.

'It seemed that nothing has really happened between Kana and I. Was it all just a dream? How about the blood stain on the bed?'

He rubbed his chin, and looked at Han'nya. He could not shake off the feeling that Han'nya is somehow related to that blue-eyed lady.

"Inamori, do you by chance, know that blue-eyed lady who took you yesterday?"

Ken darted a glance at Han'nya, who met his gaze, tacitly sending him signal not to reveal her identity towards Kirito.

"Kind of, why?" Ken, however, has a bad feeling about why Kirito is asking about Han'nya.

"What's her name? Where is she? Can you tell me where can I find her?"

Now that Kana seemed to be not the lady that he slept with last night, the only option he could think of is it must be the blue-eyed lady. But he does not know how it happened nor why the lady would have slept with him.

"Her name was…Hana." Ken said, the darkening of his eyes became evident as he looked at Han'nya. "In case of where she is, I do not know. She might be still here…or not. Why?"

Kirito became focused with the information that Ken told him. He did not notice that Ken and Han'nya were exchanging glances, while Kana was looking between the siblings. She could tell that Ken and Han'nya were keeping something from her.

"I just want to talk to her." Kirito responded, then he turned to look at Han'nya again. His eyes stared straight into her eyes.

"Inamori, is it possible that the color of your eyes would change from blue to black instantly?"

Han'nya almost guldped down. She pretended that her attention was caught by some flowers on the garden as she walked towards it. She does not want to be with Kirito.

"No." Ken answered. Then, he looked at both Kana and Han'nya.

"Anyway, we shall leave for now, Akatsuki."

Kirito nodded. His mind is still thinking about the blue-eyed lady. He then went inside the Master's chamber.


"Han'nya, tell me the truth." Ken said sternly when they were alone together inside Kana's room. Han'nya was seated on the sofa while Ken has his arms crossed over his chest. Kana was busy preparing some things that she will need to bring back

r. She shook her head and smiled at him faintly.

"I am so sorry, Kazuki. I now found where I belong."

"Kana, please don't leave yet. Allow me to express my feelings for you."

Kana was about to answer when she saw Ken standing on the door, leaning casually there with a mixture of amusement and annoyance on his lovely blue eyes. She was motioning on him to say something but he remained there and was just watching her deal with Kazuki.

"Kazuki, I feel grateful to you because you have been a good person to me. But I can only offer you friendship."

Kazuki shook his head.

"No Kana. Please give me a chance to show you how much I care for you." He said, stepping towards her.

Kana held her ground, she does not feel threatened at all because Ken is with her.

"Kazuki, please stop this. I already have a…b-boyfriend." She said, and felt guilty at the pain which showed on Kazuki's eyes.

When her eyes strayed towards Ken, he has a dark expression on his face. He noticed how she stammered when she said that she already has a boyfriend.

'Does she have a feeling for this man?' He mused.

Kazuki stepped further towards her, but when he reached out with an intention to touch her, his hand was prevented from doing so by another man's hand from behind him.

It was Ken.

"Ken Inamori!" Kazuki exclaimed, and he gave him a surprised look.

"I suggest that you give up on her, Kazuki. Didn't you hear that she already has a boyfriend? Back off." He said, a deep frown on his forehead as he regarded Kazuki.

Kazuki pulled his hand from Ken's grasp. He turned towards Kana, ignoring the dangerous stares of Ken.

"Kana, I know I have not told you my feelings yet but I'm sure that if you will give me a chance, I can prove my worth to you. Please don't go without-"

Before Kazuki could say anything more to Kana, Ken strode towards her, held her by the hand and led her towards the door.

Kana was surprised by Ken's rather arrogant behavior, but she did not say anything. However, when they were near the door, Kazuki suddenly grabbed her other hand which made her stop in her tracks.

Ken stopped as well, for he was holding her right hand while Kazuki was holding her left hand. Kana looked at the two men who started to glare at each other.

"I said back off, Kazuki." Ken said in a stern voice, the color of his eyes turned a shade darker.

"No, I want to talk to her first." Kazuki answered, his eyes turned to Kana with a pleading look.

Kana was speechless at how childish these two could act. She could not believe that this outrageous scene is happening at her. She felt annoyed. Using some force, she pulled her hands from both of them and stared at them with their hands on her hips.

"I am not a toy, okay? Ken, could you please just go back to the car first? I will just talk to Kazuki for about 5 minutes." She said to Ken and even when he glowered at her, she turned her back on him and faced Kazuki.

She waited before she heard Ken walk away and she sighed deeply.

"Kazuki, as I said, I already have a boyfriend. I cannot reciprocate any romantic feelings you have for me. I am sorry." She said.

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