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   Chapter 76 Nice to meet you

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Ken was dumbfounded and could not move for a moment. Kana was in a total shock. Then, Ken regained his senses and stopped Han'nya from kissing him.

"Han'nya, what are you doing?" Ken asked sternly as he looked at her.

Han'nya met his gaze with a questioning look. She then turned towards Kana, who was standing there with an angry expression on her face. Han'nya frowned. She did not understand what is going on.

"Brother, I greeted you like the way she did. I saw you and you were happy when she did that. Aren't you happy that I did it, too?"

The innocence on her voice and in her eyes made Ken felt guilty.

Han'nya grew up in the shrine, only with Obaasama to teach her everything she knows. It is not surprising that she would be this ignorant. Ken looked at Kana with an apologetic expression. Kana finally comprehended that Han'nya did not mean anything bad.

She just mimicked her action when she greeted Ken. Her face turned red when she realized that Han'nya was watching them earlier.

Ken held Han'nya on her shoulders.

"Listen Han'nya. Kana is my girlfriend, only a girlfriend and a boyfriend should kiss on the lips, okay?"

Ken said, feeling stupid because Han'nya is the same age as him, meaning they just turned 28 years old today. But Han'nya's innocence is like that of a grade school student.

Han'nya nodded. She thought about the man who kissed her. Her face turned sour upon recalling how he forced his tongue inside her mouth. They are not girlfriend and boyfriend but he did it to her. He was just supposed to join their private parts so she can have her humanity back.

"I am sorry." She said, and she turned to Kana. "Sister, I am sorry. I will remember that only you can kiss my brother on his lips."

Kana's face turned beet red, and Ken chuckled. He patted Han'nya's head gently.

Ken finally noticed the change in Han'nya's eyes, and in her appearance. She has shorter hair and instead of the usual kimono that she was wearing, she is now wearing an ordinary female's clothing.

Upon realizing what happened, Ken's face darkened. He turned Han'nya towards him as his hands shook her shoulders forcefully.

"Han'nya! What did you do?" He gritted his teeth in order not to alert Kana.

He knows that the change in Han'nya's eyes could only be done by one thing. She had slept with a man.

Han'nya's eyes lowered as she noticed Ken's anger. But she did not let her emotion took over. She has to stay calm. Obaasama said that if she let her emotions get the better of her, it will lead to many sadness.

"Brother, I can now go out of the forest and go with you everywhere." She announced cheerfully.

When Ken's countenance remained dark, Han'nya met his gaze equally.

"Brother, this is my choice."

Ken chose to stay silent for a while and understood what she meant. Since what's done is done, he just gave a deep sigh. However, he made a mental note to ask her later on about the man. If he would learn that the man who took Han'nya's virginity forced her, he would definitely deal with him.

At the confused look on Kana's face, he explained to her that Han'nya wishes to be with him for some time. They were separated since birth and just got together recently.

Kana understood and smiled at Han'nya.

"Do not worry, Han'nya, from now on, you will have lots of time to spend with your brother." She said, and Han'nya

However, we are still in the early stage of our relationship. So, I would like to spend some time with her, without the pressure within the clan. I want us to know each other more and be familiar with our feelings before I ask for her hand in marriage."

Hideo then looked relieved.

At least, he is sure now that Ken Inamori plans to marry Kana. That is enough for him now.

Meanwhile, when Kana and Han'nya went outside, Kirito was still waiting at the bench near the Master's chamber. When he saw Kana went out, he immediately went over to her.

"Kana, I want to talk with you." He said in a low voice.

Kana looked at him and wondered what is it he was trying to talk about. Then, her eyes brightened when she realized that Kirito must have been worried with her. Then, she remembered that Han'nya is with her also.

"Wait, Akatsuki", she smiled at him and pulled Han'nya forward who was hiding behind her. "I want to introduce to you Ken's sister. This is Han'nya, and Han'nya, this is Kirito Akatsuki, he is my great great-grandfather's right-hand man." Kana said.

Han'nya has her head lowered, for she saw him sitting on the bench even before he stood up. Han'nya felt nervous, because she thought that this man was waiting for her. She would have wanted to run away from him, as she could still feel a little pain on her lower half which he had inflicted on her. As much as possible, she would not like her brother to know that this man was the one who helped her nullify the contract.

She does not want to do anything with him. He was a rough man who enjoyed hurting her. She could not forget how ecstatic he looked while he was doing that to her last night. Han'nya bit her upper lip as she remembered the pain. Her favorite kimono was stained and torn.

Han'nya then slowly raised her head, because she cannot help but meet him, anyway. She decided then that she will just tell him that he does not have to feel responsible for her. It was her choice, so she will face the consequences by herself.

Kirito looked at her, his eyes widened as he looked at Han'nya. She cringed at how he was looking at her. Then, he smiled at her.

"Nice to meet you, Han'nya. I did not expect that Inamori will have such a very beautiful sister."

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