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   Chapter 75 Brother, happy birthday to us!

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 10694

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They waited until the sun rises, while snuggling together. Kana did not expect that Ken will be this romantic to her. By how their relationship has been going, she was expecting that if she or her grandfather will not coerce Ken to propose to her, he might take too much time.

'Wait, he did not say anything about a proposal, right?'

She frowned, and looked at their intertwined hands.


"Hmmm?" He responded softly. Her head was nestled firmly on his chest while his left arm is wrapped around her and his right hand is holding her right hand as well.

"This ring, is this a…pro-pro-"

The word 'proposal' does not seem to come out from her mouth, and her cheeks started to feel hot with embarrassment. Ken lifted her right hand and kissed it again.

When she looked at him, she found his cheeks also blushing. He averted his eyes form her.

"I…I did not mean to propose a marriage to you yet. I do not want to rush you. But I thought that if I give you this ring, this would give me a peace of mind, and you as well, that we belong together. I think, we have to talk more about our plans if we start to think about the future."

It was the first time that Ken almost stammered while he was talking with her, and she found him so adorable.

Indeed, they are still in the early stage of their relationship. Marriage should not be rushed. They have to be ready in every aspect. Kana nodded.

"I agree with you. We should not rush. Now, I am so contented that we are together."

She leaned closer to him, enjoying the increase in the rhythm of his heart beat.

"Kana, aren't you hungry? Do you want us to go for breakfast?" he asked.

Actually, she is indeed hungry. But the moment being with him together like this, in this perfectly romantic place is masking the feeling of her stomach. Then, she remembered something.

She pulled herself a little from him and faced him, a smile on her lips as she cupped his face with her small hands.

"Ken, happy birthday." She said, looking straight into his eyes and gave him a light kiss on his lips.

It was supposed to be a light kiss, but Ken held the back of her head and deepened the kiss until they were both panting for breath.

His eyes twinkled in delight at her flushed cheeks. He smiled and gave her a peck on her forehead.

"Thank you." He said.

They stayed in that position for a couple of minutes more before they decided to go down. When they were going down, Ken stopped her and picked a flower from some of the flowering shrubs along the forest. He placed it above her right ear and looked at her with appreciation.

"Lovely." He said.

Just one word, and she was like flying without wings. They continued to go down while their hands were locked together, until they arrived at a place that looked like a shrine to Kana. She never knew that such a place exists here.

"Ken, what is this place?" She asked.

He looked at her and with a meaningful lopsided grin, he covered her eyes. When he took the cover from her eyes, she noticed that they are now inside a cave-like place.

No, it is indeed a cave.

Kana glanced around in utter amazement. This cave is quite different from so many cav

as speechless.

If she did not hear the word that she called Ken with, she might have pulled her away from him in an instant.

'She called him brother?'

Ken gently patted the woman on her head, like a child, and the woman looked up at him, a smile on her beautiful face. Kana was frowning, and before she could ask him, Ken turned towards her.

"Kana, this is my twin sister, Han'nya. Han'nya, my girlfriend, Kana." Ken looked a bit embarrassed as he made the introduction. Kana found him cute, but she suppressed her grin when she realized that she will also have to introduce Ken again later on to Hideo as her formal boyfriend.

Kana noticed that Han'nya was regarding her with much curiosity. Though she could feel that Han'nya has no ill feelings towards her, she does not look too happy either about her. Kana felt that for some reason, Han'nya looked familiar.

She looked like the woman who took Ken and called him Master. However, that woman has blue eyes and long hair. She also has a different aura from Han'nya. The woman before looked so different from a normal human. Although Han'nya is equally pretty, but there is something in the blue-eyed woman that prompted reverence from anybody who would look at her.

Han'nya has black eyes and her hair is cut short just an inch above her shoulders. Han'nya looks younger and wilder in character, as she gave Kana a brief once over.

"Hello, Han'nya, it's nice to meet you." She greeted her first, smiling at her.

But Han'nya did not return her smile, instead, she just stared at her, as if sizing her up. Kana began to feel uncomfortable, when Han'nya finally spoke.

"Hello, sister. Nice to meet you." Han'nya said, her voice became gentle a little and a faint smile adorned her perfectly shaped lips. Kana felt bad for herself.

'They are twins, but they do not look very much like each other. Yet, how could they be both beautifully perfect?'

Kana was finally able to breathe normally. When she looked at Han'nya again, she has already turned her attention to Ken.

"Brother, happy birthday to us!" She said, tiptoed and kissed Ken on the lips.

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