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   Chapter 74 I shall be yours alone

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 12086

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Kana looked at him with reddened cheeks as she immediately felt shy with his question, but her eyes were bright with anticipation.

'I heard it properly, right?'

"Ummm, okay Ken." She answered as she gave him a shy smile.

Ken patted her head, and as she moved on the left side of the bed, Ken joined her. He then pulled the blanket up and turned towards Kana. He suppressed a laugh when he noticed that she was just lying there on her back, straight as a metal rod.

He propped his head on his elbow and looked at her.

"Kana, tell me why is it every time that I return, I find you in Akatsuki's bedroom?"

Her eyes turned to him sharply. His question seemed to make her forget her shyness and she turned to her side to face him.

"Because you always leave me alone. And when you do, nobody but him would be willing to bother with me."

Kana just then realized that she has never thanked Kirito as properly as she should. Although their first time to meet was not a good experience, but since then, he was always there whenever she needed help. Whenever she was harmed and Ken was not with her, it was Kirito who always protected her.

'Wait, don't tell me that Kirito likes me? Non, no, no, I am too plain for him. Maybe he was just ordered by grandpa to look after me.'

At the flashes of different emotions on her face, Ken was annoyed. He could tell that Kana is wondering about why Kirito was always there for her.

He touched her chin to get her attention.

"Kana, are you saying that if I leave you for a several days, your feelings for me could change?"

Her eyes widened.

'Wait, wait!'

"Hey, I did not say anything about feelings, ken. I just said that because you are not here, only Kirito was willing to protect me. That was just it."

'Is he doubting my love for him?'

Ken just looked at her straight into her eyes, as if he was reading her mind if she is telling him the truth. She glowered at him, because she does not like it when he doubts her. She had never done anything for him to doubt her.

Ken grinned when he noticed that Kana was glaring at him.

'It looks like that if I provoke her a little, her impulsive behavior shows.'

He turned serious.

"Kana, do you know that tomorrow is my birthday?"

Kana was surprised. She did not know about it. She had been meaning to ask him before but she thought that it was a private matter and so she was just waiting for their relationship to become more stable before she starts to ask him personal information.

But now that he said it, it is too sudden.

"Oh Ken! Why did you just tell me now? How could I even prepare a present for you? You are so unfair." She pouted at him, feeling embarrassed that she does not even know the birthday of her first boyfriend.

The look on her face was enough for Ken to feel cared for. Although he did not have a bad childhood, but it was not good either. The parents he grew up with threated him as a child, but not with care nor with love.

The look he gave her as she was in deep thought for what to do for him on his birthday made her suddenly aware of his sudden silence.

"Ken? What's wrong?"

She asked when she noticed him just looking at her.

"Kana, you do not have to prepare for any presents for me. I deliberately did not tell you that it would be my birthday tomorrow, because I want to ask you a special gift that only you could give me." He said, his eyes never leaving hers.

Because of their position on the bed, she found it hard not to admire his face. They are so close, but not too close for her mind to get muddled again with his nearne

For an ephemeral moment, she could not find any word to describe how his face was perfectly carved by nature.

He was beyond compare.

'And he is mine.'

Her mind wondered how lucky she is for having him. He turned to her and smiled at her. The look of admiration on her eyes was so evident that he wondered if there was something wrong with his face and touched his own.

Then, he shook his head in amusement.

'How many times have I caught her gaping at me like this? Before, I find it annoying. But now, I find it heart-warming, that she is still captivated by me.'

Ken's hands cupped her face, stroking her jaw and his fingers reached up to the back of her ears.

He leaned and their foreheads touched.

"Kana, I wanted to show you the dawn. I wanted to watch it with you, because now I finally confirmed that watching it with you has made it more beautiful to look at."

She blinked several times at his words.

"Ken…" She does not know how to answer, because she feels so happy.

Then, he knelt on his one knee, and all of a sudden, there was a box on his hand. Kana covered her mouth as he opened it.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!" She started to murmur those words repeatedly.

Ken just smiled at her, marveling at her overwhelming reaction.

"Kana, I have been your boyfriend only for about a month. I know it is rather too fast." He said, and smiled more when tears began to stream down her cheeks.

"But, I believe that it does not matter how long or how short we have known each other. As long as our feelings are mutual, we will definitely make it work." He then looked at her seriously. "Kana, will you accept this ring as a proof of my love for you?"

She nodded, repeatedly. Before she wiped her tears and uncovered her mouth.

"Yes Ken! I accept." She answered.

He smiled and took her hand. He slipped the ring with a beautiful stone on top of it on her right ring finger. Then, he kissed her hand, and the finger with the ring on it.

Kana felt so moved. She wanted to embrace him tightly.

"Kana, thank you." His voice quivered slightly. "Thank you for being patient with me, and for mending my once broken heart. Now, I am ready to give my all to you. I shall be yours alone, and you shall be mine only."

He stood up and pulled her close to him.

She could not say anything but yes, as all the words from her mouth won't come out due to her happiness.

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