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   Chapter 73 She is a special woman

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Kana felt that she is floating, and her fear of falling made her arms reach out for something to hold on to. Her arms instinctively clutched on Ken's shirt.

Ken looked at the woman he is carrying, and he hid a grin when he realized that she is still sleeping. When he reached the front of her room, Akihito appeared and opened the door for them.

He kept his head lowered in respect.

"Thanks." Ken said, and Akihito stepped back after nodding his head.

Ken closed the door with his other hand and locked it. He proceeded towards Kana's room and gently laid her on the bed. However, Kana reached out again, causing Ken to stumble.

They fell together on the bed, with Ken on top of Kana. Their foreheads banged together, causing her to wake up due to the impact.

"Ouch!" She said, her hand instinctively went to touch her forehead.

She blinked several times, and massaged her forehead. Only then, did she felt something heavy on her chest. When she looked down, she saw his head.

Kana thought that it was Kirito at first, who was resting his face on her chest. With reddened face, she immediately tried to push him.

"Get off me, you pervert!" She yelled, and wriggled herself free from him.

Ken realized that Kana has mistaken him for somebody else, probably Kirito, so he pretended to be him.

Instead of getting off from her quickly as he intended at first, he purposely pushed his face closer between the valley of her breasts, and smelled her naturally sweet fragrance. He could feel the rapid beating of her heart against her clothes.

The action caused Kana to be livid.

"How dare you, Akatsuki! Get off me this instant!" She could not believe that Kirito would take advantage of her in her moment of vulnerability. Once Ken returned, she will tell him to punish him for her.

She used her hands to grab his hair, but her hands were immediately pinned on her sides, while he continued to nestle his face on her chest. When she moved her legs, she felt something hard on him.

Kana went in a panic.

'Oh no!'

"Let me go! If you won't stop now, I will scream, Akatsuki!"

"Shhhh…" Ken masked his voice, and his head inched closer to her neck. When his lips brushed the exposed flesh of her neck, Kana went on a rampage.

"Fuck you, Akatsuki! Stop!"

Ken almost laughed at her cursing. This the first time that he heard her said such a word. He will have to remember that Kana could be a wild vixen when angered. He was so amused, and at the same time, he began to be affected by her constant squirming that he sucked on her neck.

A gasp escaped Kana's mouth. She began to feel dirty. She will be violated! She would be filthy!

These thoughts made her instantly feeble, and tears formed on the corners of her eyes.

"Ken! Help me!" She began to cry and called on his name.

That was the time that Ken opened his eyes and look up. He found her really crying with her eyes closed. He felt guilty.

"Kana…" He said softly and touched her face. He wiped the tears that streamed down the sides of her eyes.

As soon as she heard his voice, Kana's eyes flew open.

"Ken?" Her voice was doubtful at first, unable to process how could he come here so quickly when she just called his name.

When he smiled at her, she realized that he is indeed here.

"Ken!" She said and immediately flung her arms to embrace him.

She was so happy. She felt safe now that Ken is here…Ken has come to save me from Kirito…

Then, she realized that there are only two of them here. She pulled herself from him and looked at him with suspicion on her eyes. When she did not see anybody and saw the laughter on his eyes, she gave him a hard pinch on his chest.

"Arghh!" Ken seriously felt her nails even dug to his flesh. He only has a shirt on so it was easy for her to pi

ow that her eyes must have turned black, as Obaasama's eyes are.

She felt a little sad, because she always liked her eyes. Whenever she looked at the mirror, she would always stare deep into her eyes. She was imagining that she was looking at the eyes of her brother whenever she did it.

"You are still very beautiful, Han'nya."

Han'nya bit her upper lip.

"Han'nya, you have chosen this. Do not be sad, my child."

Han'nya shook her head.

"I am not sad, Obaasama. I know what are the things that I will lose once I decided to nullify the contract with the sacred entity. I just feel a little out of tune because I have been used with the powers within me. I did not know that the moment I was…defiled, I would be an ordinary woman. I am so weak."

Obaasama led her to sit in front of the large mirror while she combed her hair. Obaasama began to braid her long hair.

"Yes my child. Women are weak, that is why men are made to be physically strong. Men are drawn to women, such as a strong one is drawn to a weak one. That is nature's balance. Everything has its purpose and reason. Now that you will begin to live with your brother, you will see how different normal humans are when it comes to their thinking and emotions."

Han'nya frowned.

"What do you mean, Obaasama?"

"Han'nya, now that the sacred entity has left your body, you can no longer control your own emotions. You will realize that you will be easily driven to act by your heart, not by your mind. Unlike when the entity was with you, all your negative thoughts are being filtered, and you are always in a calm demeanor. Don't you remember that even though you have learned what happened to your family, you never felt an extreme anger towards me?"

Han'nya nodded. Now she understands. She thought that it was just natural not to be too angry, because she was waiting for her brother to punish them.

"Now that you are an ordinary human like me, you will be bound to have an impulsive behaviour. But I know that you will do well, my child. You are naturally kind-hearted."

Han'nya remembered the contempt that she felt towards the man who defiled her. It was the first time that she felt such a strong angst towards anybody. So, it is like that, she thought.

"Obaasama, can you please cut my hair?" She suddenly requested.

Obaasama frowned at her. Han'nya's hair is so silky and straight that reaches up to her waist. It would be such a waste, but she obliged because it is the first time that Han'nya asked her to do something for her.

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