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   Chapter 72 Kirito and Han'nya

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 11672

Updated: 2019-01-09 19:58

Kirito gulped down as he looked at Kana. He could almost touch her lips as she continued to pull him closer.

'Maybe a taste won't be so bad.' He thought.

He gave in to her pulling, and his lips brushed on hers very lightly. Her lips were cold, as he expected. When he was about to pull himself away, Kana suddenly pulled him closer and kissed him.

Her cold lips locked onto his, her eyes were shut tightly. Kirito knew that she was imagining him as Ken. He knew all too well that she is kissing a different man in her mind.

But on that moment, he did not care.

The feelings he had tried so hard to bury for her resurfaced in that instant. He gave in to the warmth that her mouth was providing for him. He nibbled and sucked on her lips, making them swollen in the process.

He has abstained long enough. Now, he could barely keep himself sane.

Everything about Kana is pulling him into oblivion. The image of Ken Inamori and his wrath came second to the wonderful feeling that the lady in his arms is making him feel right now.

He wanted her badly. Kirito stood while not breaking their kiss. He carried her in the process of doing so. He placed her on the other side of the bed as he hopped on it. He continued to savor the feeling of her mouth.

She is indeed sweet.

Like a pure honey.

His hands cupped her jaw, angling her face in such a way that he could deepen the kiss further. His hands could feel her heated skin. She is hot, as much as…

Kirito opened her eyes. He broke the kiss as he looked at her reddened face. He touched her forehead. She is indeed hot!

"Ken…I'm cold, make me warm, please…"

She said in her chilly voice.

Kirito could not believe that he almost took advantage of a feverish woman.

With a deep groan and a defeated sigh, he gently pushed her on the bed, he covered her with blanket, and sat down at the side of the bed. He looked down at himself and felt embarrassed at his obvious reaction.

'Damn it! I badly need a woman, don't I?'

He went out of his room and went to the receiving area. He rummaged through some drawers and found the medicine he was looking for. He poured a glass of warm water on the cup from the thermos, and walked towards the bedroom.

He placed the cup first on the table and tried to wake Kana up.

"Kana, wake up for a moment and drink this medicine. You have a fever." He said in a gentle voice.

However, Kana clung tightly on the blanket, her face now looks pallid and the way her eye were shut tightly seemed that she is feeling pain somewhere.

Kirito looked at the tablets on his palm. He popped them up and tried to forcefully insert them on her mouth. However, her teeth made it hard for him to force the medicine inside.

"Sorry." He murmured and applied a gentle force on her jaw to make her mouth open. As she did, he quickly inserted the medicine and placed the rim of the cup on her lips for her to drink.

However, Kana moved, which caused the cup to pour on her neck down.

"Shit!" Kirito cursed upon noticing that she shivered.

Kirito looked at her in helpless exasperation. Now, she is wet.

'She will definitely get sick if her clothes stay wet like this.'

He was battling inside himself if he should dress her up or call a female staff to dress her up. The first thought was very tempting for him. But he could not take advantage of her in this situation. He cares for her, after all.

No matter how he tried to turn his attention to someone else, Kan

nd a man's private part joined, that will be the time that her chastity has been taken away.

She was told that blood would be seen from her as a proof. Han'nya has no idea whatsoever how it could be done.

When she has finished undressing him, she closely looked at him and inspect every part of his body. This is her first time to see a naked body other than her own.

'A man's body is hairy, and hard.' She thought as she touched his muscular chest. She touched her own chest and frowned.

She just learned that a woman is indeed softer than a man's body. Her exploration led her hands to touch him lower. She noticed the main distinction between hers and Kirito's private part.

Her mind was full of curiosity and her eyes were intently watching the change in Kirito's body as she continued to touch him. She wondered so much that she did not notice that she has spent more time in her exploration. When she noticed the time on the wall clock, she realized that she only has less than 30 minutes for her allotted time outside the forest.

'How to make us join?' She wondered, deep in thought.

As she touched him, her hand was suddenly covered with a large hand. When she looked up, Kirito was squinting at her against a half-lidded eyes and muddled head.

"My angel…" He murmured.

Before she could respond, his lips locked on hers. Han'nya's eyes widened. She does not know to respond.

She tried to remember her Obaasama's lecture.

She remembered that she just has to lie down and the man will do everything to take away her virginity.

But what is he doing? Han'nya's mind was in chaos.

'How dare he put his tongue inside my mouth!'

"You're so sweet, my angel…" He kept on murmuring words to her.

Han'nya decided to let him do everything. She closed her eyes to imagine that after this, she would be able to go where her brother would. She smiled in anticipation, until she felt the man carried her on the bed.

She laid still and just waited for him to finish.

Han'nya bit her lips hard when she felt the searing pain between her legs. She did not know that the pain that Obaasama told her would be this much. She almost pushed him away.

It was worse than having her monthly period!

But when she thinks of how she would be lonely again once Ken leaves, she decided to bear it.

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