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   Chapter 71 Raiden

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 11698

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Ken woke up and found himself lying on a tatami mat. It was a room where there is no single furniture to be seen. Just a box-like room with walls, ceiling, and floor in same woody color. He blinked his eyes, remembering that he was looking through the window from the library. Then, his mind turned blank upon seeing the white snowflakes.

Now, he is here.

"Master, good morning."

He turned when he heard a woman's voice. His hunch was right all along, that Han'nya will show herself to him again once the first snow fell to the ground.

He sat up, holding his head and massaging his temples.

"What happened? Why am I here? Where is this?"

Han'nya lifted her face and looked at him.

"Master, this is Mount Raiden, your home. I took you here as prophesized. Are you yourself now, Master Raiden?"

Ken frowned his brows.

'Master Raiden?'

He was about to say something when the door opened again. This time, there were two women behind Kana. One young lady and another old woman. The younger lady kept her face covered under a hood, but she has a compelling aura that reminds Ken of somebody from his memory.

Much to his surprise, the two kneeled in front of him on both knees, and bowed down that their heads almost touched the floor.

"Welcome back, Master Raiden." They said.

Ken felt annoyed. He stood up, causing the three women to look up at him. Then, he saw the face of the younger lady.

Something in his mind made him close his eyes. As he saw the same face looking at him, but he saw tears streaming down her face. She was calling on to him, her voice sounded weak.

"My baby…"

Ken opened his eyes. Now, he knew.

This lady is his mother's twin sister.

The Oracle, that Master Hideo talked about.

'Why is the Oracle bowing down at him?'

"Care to explain to me what is going on here? My name is Ken Inamori. You must have mistaken me for somebody else."

The three women looked at each other.

The Oracle stood up, and she raised her right arm towards ken while keeping her eyes closed. Her lips began to move in soundless incantation.

Then, she opened her eyes.

"We must take him to the sacred cave so he will regain his memory. The Master has been gone away for too long."

Han'nya stood as well and walked towards him.

"Master, please follow me."

Ken still has many questions in his mind. But he does not feel any negative vibrations from these three women. Especially for Han'nya, he could feel a closer bond with her, as if he feels good that she is with him.

Ken furrowed his brows. Why is he feeling like this towards Han'nya? He is sure that he is not physically attracted to her, but there is something in her that make him feels comfortable.

'Did the Master omitted some information when he told me about my past? Why is it that I feel close to Han'nya?'

He was being bugged by this information as he followed Han'nya towards the cave. The younger lady and the old woman were following him from behind. Even without introduction, he concluded that the old lady must be the Obaasama that Master Hideo told him is supposed to be his grandmother.

The one who called him an abomination. Just because he has blue eyes at birth.

Blue eyes.

Han'nya has blue eyes as well as the Oracle. But the old woman has black eyes. Why?

They are now inside the deeper part of the cave where he could see many stalactites on the ceiling. Under normal conditions, Ken would have admired the naturally-formed wonders of na

eyes, Han'nya embraced Ken.

"Brother!" She said, while happily nestling her face on his chest. "I have waited for so long to be with you again."

Ken patted her head gently. He could not believe that Han'nya is his twin sister. No wonder he felt that kind of bond with her. They are not just siblings, but twins, born on the same day.

"Why did you not tell me from the first time that you are my sister? Instead you kept on calling me Master." He asked when she pulled herself from his embrace.

Han'nya lowered her eyes for a moment before she looked up at him again.

"But you are also my Master." Then, her face became serious. "Brother, what is your decision now?"

Ken remained silent. He learned what happened in his past, and even learned many things thanks to the entity's power residing within him. Because of his awareness and the entity's power, now, their thoughts and emotions are shared in his body.

"We shall decide on it when the time is right, Han'nya. For the meantime, I will let them repent on their sins. Even Raiden within me believes that their hearts are not bad, and they must have acted out of their humanly instincts."

Han'nya pouted. She believes that the Oracle and the Obaasama should be punished for keeping her and her brother apart for a long time.

"Brother, may I ask you a favor?" Then she thought of the one thing that has been bothering her for several days.

"What is it?"

"Can you release me from the contract I had with the entity?"

He looked at her for a while, then he shook his head.

"You entered the contract of your own free will, Han'nya. Besides, you know the way by which the contract will be nullified, right?"

Han'nya's face reddened, she nodded her head. She wanted the contract to be nullified because she could only spend a maximum of one hour outside the forest without effecting her health. If she stays longer outside the forest, she gradually feels weaker. She would have wanted to spend more time with her brother.

Ken stood up.

"Where are you going, Brother?" She asked.

"I should go back to my woman now, Han'nya. She must be worried about me." At her saddened expression, he patted her head gently, "Don't worry, I will bring her here tomorrow. I want to enjoy my birthday with the two most important women in my life." He said.

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