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   Chapter 70 I came to bring you back

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 11840

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Several days have passed peacefully in the Yamada estate. Every morning, Kana and Ken will go to the training ground. Kana was practicing, while Ken was sometimes just watching her and there were times when he would be her personal trainer. During those days, her admiration towards Ken increased to a hundred folds.

She just learned recently that Ken was very good with gun. Aside from that, he could use both hands in shooting, but of course, he is better with his right hand. During the archery, Ken also defeated her for so many times.

During the afternoon, they would spend time together at the enormous library near the Master's chamber. Hideo wanted them both to learn everything about the clan's history, as well as many political books were assigned for both of them to study.

Kana was happy and contented, because she can be with Ken every day. That was the only thing that matters to her.

At nighttime, they will have dinner together with Hideo, and their conversation will focus on Kana's reports about her daily activities. Ken would answer if asked, otherwise, he will just eat silently and listen to their conversation.

It was Friday afternoon, after they took a break from reading some military tactical operations when Kana noticed that Ken was just looking outside the window. He was silent, and his eyes looked solemn.

Kana felt that something is amiss.

She closed the book that she is reading then walked over to where the coffee maker is still turned on. She took two cups and poured coffee in there. She then took the cups with her and walked to where Ken is standing.

There was a sofa and a small table to where he is but he just stood there.

"Ken, let's have coffee." She called on to him, and he turned to her.

He sat down on the sofa and took the cup form her. He smelled the coffee first before sipping it.

"Thanks." He said.

"Hmmm." She just replied, quietly watching his expression. He does not look angry, but he is definitely not happy either.

"Ken, is there something bothering you?" She asked.

He stayed silent for a few seconds before he nodded his head slightly.

"Kana, do you want to stay here in the estate and be the Master of the clan?" He asked straight.

She frowned in confusion. She has not thought about it that much, since she learned about the meaning of the mark behind her, and her importance in the clan, she was just going with the flow. Hideo also told her that they cannot let her be out of the estate because the Oracle could not create another mark anymore.

It has to be her bloodline.

But now that Ken is also a marked Master-to-be, maybe something has changed.

"Honestly, I was just going with the flow Ken. It isn't like I can do something against this mark. Kirito told me once that the mark cannot be erased, unless that part where the mark is would be cut out from my body, maybe." She shrugged her shoulders.

"But, do you want to be a Master or not?" It was direct question, and Kana did not know how to answer.

She slouched a little, and Ken could see that she was also having second thoughts. Kana stayed silent for a while, thinking of so many things at the time. Then, she smiled cheerfully at Ken.

"Ken, why don't you be the Master? You are a man, and I am sure that nobody will be against your leadership. You have the best combat ability, and intelligence, and good looks. You have everything it takes to be a good Master."

Ken was slightly amused at how she just complimented him.

However, Ken is still in confus

n them, moving her arms in such a way that a gust of wind made Kana and Kirito covered their eyes.

When they opened their eyes again, the two are nowhere to be seen.


"Ken! Ken!"

Kana kept on shouting his name as she ran towards the direction where she thought they might have gone. Kirito was following her. For some reason, he is finding it difficult to keep his pace along with her.

"Kana, stop!" Kirito noticed that she was about to cross the boundary going to the deeper part of the forest.

He held her on her waist when she did not show any sign of stopping.

"Kirito, let me go! We need to bring Ken back!" She yelled at him angrily, trying to pull herself free from his grasp.

Kana looked wild. She has dried tears on the corners of her eyes and her face is already red with the cold. The temperature deep in the forest is colder than the village.

'She will be chilly if we continue to be here.'

"No, stop!" He said with a loud voice, causing her to stop squirming.

"Listen to me. The lady said that Ken will return to you. Just wait, ok?"

Kana flashed him an unbelieving look, as if he just said something stupid.

"Really, Kirito? Did you expect me to believe that? That lady just took him away right from our noses, looking so…inhuman!"

A look of surprise crept on Kirito's face. It was the first time that Kana called him by his first name, and it sounded nice to his ears. As she began to pull herself away from him again, he tightened his hold on her. He could feel her body against him. In that moment, he cursed himself for feeling something below him reacted at her wild movement.

"Kana, please, stop moving too much!" He said, trying to pull her down towards the direction of the village. His hands started to feel numb with the cold. But the heat from her body is causing him a different sensation.

The sight of the woman on the hot spring has stirred his desire, and now Kana is making him feel even more.

He bit on his lips.

"Let me go! Let me go! I have to go to Ken!" Kana continued to push him away.

With an apologetic look on his face, he whispered 'sorry' on her ear and a forceful chop on her nape caused her to lose her consciousness.

Kirito looked at Kana as she collapsed on his arms. With quickened steps, he carried her down to the village and went straight to his room.

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