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   Chapter 69 The Master’s judgement

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The heads of the four families arrived first at Hideo's chamber. They were ushered to the private assembly room of the Master, and their guards were asked to stay together in one room, just next to the assembly room. Head Ito, Shimizu, Moriyama, and Sasaki looked at each other. They were summoned individually, and they were surprised when they saw each other as they approached the Master's chamber.

A tacit agreement among them was evident as they carefully looked at each other's actions.

When Hideo entered the room, he was followed by Kirito on his right. When the two were seated, the four heads kneeled and bowed respectfully at Hideo. All of them were keeping their expressions as blank as possible.

Hideo nodded his head and the four went back to their specified seats.

After the preliminary greetings, Hideo was the first to break the silence.

"Earlier, I came to the sacred cave to speak with the Oracle, and it was the first time that I met her mother, the Obaasama." Hideo was watching intently the expression of the four Heads.

None of them showed any reaction.

'Interesting. It looks like none of them is willing to tell me what happened by themselves.' Hideo thought.

"I have asked the four of you to come here today because I have learned about what took place 28 years ago. Now, before I make my decision on this matter, I want to hear the version of truth from each of you. So, I have prepared a room for each of you to confide your involvement on the matter about Yuuto Shimizu." The four then looked agitated, except for Head Shimizu. Among the four, he was the most composed.

"I want to hear from your own mouth all the things that you did starting from when you knew about Yuuto and Chiemi, the Oracle's twin sister…until everything that you did when Ken Inamori was born." His eyes pierced through everyone's eyes. The four Heads lowered their eyes, afraid of making eye contact with Master Hideo.

Kirito suppressed any emotion from appearing on his face.

"Also, I want to know from your own mouth your individual involvement on Kana's made-up assassination and your plans from now. After I heard everything, I shall announce the punishment of each one of you."

At the mention of the word 'punishment', the four heads started to break a sweat. Hideo looked at them one by one, making sure that his meaning was clearly understood.

"Do not mistake me for a fool. I have lived longer than anybody of you in this estate. When I said punishment, all of you shall receive it. Whether you say the truth or not, all of you will be penalized. However, I would like to hear your thoughts before I decide what kind of punishment shall be given to you. I do not want to make a lenient judgement to somebody who deserves to be decapitated. You have betrayed my trust on you, and for that, you shall pay."

Each word that Hideo mentioned were laced with his pent-up wrath. All of them in the room could feel the cold and ominous aura of the Master, and they could do nothing but swallow their fear and avert their eyes from him.

They are doomed.

"Kirito, lead them to their room."

As soon as he said those words to Kirito, he stood up and went to his own room.


After each of the Heads were led to their own room, Kirito joined Hideo in his room. The room where Hideo went is a private room inside his private room. It was the first time that Kirito has learned of its existence. It was a small room where the door could only be opened in secret from the bracelet that Hideo wears.

At first look, the door is just part of the wall, but when Kirito saw Hideo touched something on his bracelet, a door emerged on the wall. It led to a narrow passageway which Kirito thought measured about 300 to 400 in length. Then, when another door opened, the first door where they entered from closed automatically.

There, Kirito was again surprised.

It was like a control room with many monitors.

He could see all the rooms of the Master's house, as well as the corners and passageway of the house where all the heads live. No wonder, they could never hide anything to the

on of Chiemi. Head Sasaki was Yuuto's best friend. He knew the relationship between Yuuto and Chiemi, and that they were very much in love. It was Head Shimizu's selfish thinking, his own delusion, which led him to think that since he saw her first, she belonged to him.

He was frighteningly crazy. And he believed that everything he did was right. That is why he was never afraid of punishment, for he does not think that he deserves to be punished.


After the four Heads have finished with their confessions, they were brought to the underground cell, and their guards were imprisoned as well. Then, Ken and Kana arrived in the Master's room, and Hideo divulged the fact to them.

Kana was surprised, knowing that Ken has the blood of an Oracle within him, and a son of the Shimizu family. Technically, as the first son of Yuuto Shimizu, Ken should have been the Head. Since the current Head Shimizu refused to marry and sire a child, he was the only direct bloodline of the family. Kana looked extremely happy for ken, now that he knew everything about his past.

However, Kirito did not notice any change in Ken's expression. It was as if his past did not matter to him at all. Kirito now smiled to himself when he remembered Ken's statement.

"Master, thank you for telling me all these things. I want them to be punished accordingly." Ken was serious when he said it.

Kana looked at him, with a worried expression on her face. She was not against punishing them, but she is worried that Ken would be so caught-up in his revenge.

Then, Ken smiled at her as he noticed the worried look on her face.

"Don't take me wrong, Kana. I want them to be punished not for what they did in the past. I don't dwell in the past, but I cannot forgive them for bringing harm to you. They did me wrong. But they should have learned from it. Instead, they continued their evildoings and even involved you. I will not be lenient for anybody who dared to injure my woman."

After the talk, Hideo dismissed Ken and Kana. Kirito remained beside Hideo. Hideo then told him to pass his judgement to the four Heads.

The Master's judgement was carried out the next day. The four Heads shall be stripped off their duties as Heads and they were vanished from the estate for as long as they are alive. They are not allowed to set even one foot inside the Yamada estate. That was the judgment that was announced to the citizen of the Yamada clan.

However, the real judgment was only known to Hideo, and the select members of the judgement squad who carried out the Master's order. The four Heads, along with their four guards, were all decapitated and buried. So that they can never repeat the same mistake again.

It was the Master's judgement.

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