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   Chapter 68 My feelings for you

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 13929

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Kirito went back to the village with a heavy heart. When he was on his way down, he received a report from Asano that Kana is safe now with Ken. So, he tried to stay for a while longer in the forest, hoping to see the beautiful lady he had seen.

Beautiful was an understatement for her.

Kirito shook his head, remembering her long hair that cascaded down her body like a waterfall. He even went back to the hot spring, even though he was aware that somebody might see him and report him to the Master. He might be punished for crossing the boundary.

But what can he do? It was like he was spellbound by her presence. His feet moved before he even had a chance to think. Before he knew it, he was there at the hot spring, looking lost in the middle of the lush forest.

But he spent almost an hour there, and no sign of his blue-eyed angel returned.

Kirito hid a funny smile as the thought crossed his head.

His blue-eyed angel?

When did he possess the right to call her his?

Now, as he lay on his sofa, with his hands under his head, he focused his mind on reminiscing about her appearance. He tried to see her from his memory. And man, he was completely aroused!

'Pathetic, Kirito. You are not even sure if she was a human being, she must have appeared in your imagination because you were feeling empty from Kana's rejection.'

Kirito sat down. He has a disoriented and withdrawn look on his face as his eyes settled on one corner of his room. His mind began to clear.

He had never dwelled on his feelings towards Kana. It was because he had never been rejected, and when she did, he just shrugged his shoulders and treated it as a mere chance that he just missed.

He had never wanted to feel lost, especially with his emotions. He wants control over everything in his life. But Kana's loyalty towards Ken Inamori was something that he has not accounted for. He thought that he was good enough for everybody to fall in love with.

Such arrogance. Now that he thinks about it, he had always been an arrogant man. Especially to the opposite sex.

He was afraid to fall in love so much, because he was afraid that once he do, he might lose his own self. Even as a child, he was trained that he does not need somebody to complete him. Because he is a complete being. So, he grew up not knowing how to care deeply for others.

The only person he cared about before was the Master. For the Master and for the clan, he was willing to give up even his life.

Was it love?


Or he was just looking for the real purpose of his existence?

Kirito did not understand how to feel strongly attached to another person. He feels sympathy to the less fortunate, and he is not as cold-hearted as he sometimes portrays with his men.

However, when he watched how Kana and Ken looked at each other, when he observed how Ken could get riled up and become stronger because of Kana, he wondered if it was because of their affection for each other. He admired the loyalty and faith that Kana has for Ken. Even though he left her without a word, he never heard her complained. She just continued to wait for him, painstakingly.

Gradually, his inner self began to crave for the same kind of connection with a woman. He wondered how it would feel if he has somebody who would trust in him and care for him as much as Kana did with Ken.

Thus, he realized that indeed, a man is better with his woman.


His line of thoughts was interrupted by Asano's voice.

"Yes?" He asked, still sitting on the sofa.

"The Master has returned to his chamber. He sent a messenger to summon the four family heads. He also told me to tell you that you must attend this special assembly."

Kirito suddenly felt a warning sign in his head.

'Why did the Master unexpectedly make such a special assembly with only the four heads? Especially, those four heads are the same people that he has been investigating. Was he able to find a solid proof about their connection to the recent incidents with Kana?'

He stood up.

"Asano, did the Master call for the presence of Lady Kana?"

"Yes, Master. Along with Ken Inamori."


good with his silence.

"I don't know yet. I think that Han'nya knows everything about me. But she was adamant to wait for the right timing. So, I am also waiting. It's not like something in me will change once I know who my father was or if I really belong to this clan. I have been living my life as Ken Inamori, and I have no plan to live otherwise. I shall guide my own destiny." He said.

Kana looked at him with admiration. She though then that he sounded so mature and so cool. Then, she remembered another thing.

"Ken, I have one last question. And I want you to answer it as honest as possible."

"Sure." He replied.

"I…saw you with…Yuki Iguchi. You were talking in the hospital, and you…held her hands. What was that about?"

Ken's eyes flickered with amusement when he detected the hint of jealousy in her voice. He quickly hid the humor in his eyes when Kana looked at him intently.

He wanted to tease her, but the serious look on her eyes indicated that she would be hurt if he did not tell her the truth. That would be the last thing he would want to inflict on her.

"That was the time when the Mentor was in the hospital. He called me and told me to make peace with my past. So I talked with her. Would you believe that Yuki has already remembered who I am? She remembered everything about our past after she gave birth to her second child. I did not know that the potion would be nullified by giving birth."

Kana felt the sharp pain in her heart when she noticed that his voice lightened and became gentler at the mention of her name. She tried to remain calm as she watched him talk.

"Yuki has been wanting to meet me to say her gratitude to me for saving her. And I felt glad that she is now happy. We parted ways, knowing that she will have a good life with Senator Iguchi and I…" he looked at Kana with an expression on his face that made her gasp. He took her hand and held it firmly on his, massaging them.

"I have finally let her go, Kana. All the feelings I had for her, I finally let them go. When I came back here, the only feelings I have in my heart for a woman is…my feelings for you."

"When I held her hand, that was when I told her that the next time we meet, I will introduce to her the woman who now holds my heart." Ken said those words while looking at her eyes.

Kana's mind was floating in mid-air, as her brain processed the things that Ken has just said. She finally smiled as she looked at him, and her smile gradually became wider. Until it turned into a grin. She is very happy and satisfied. She could not suppress it.

Ken pinched her cheeks while also smiling at her.

Just then, they heard a knock on her door.

"Lady Kana, Inamori-sama, the Master has summoned you to come to his assembly room."

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