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   Chapter 67 I have yet to claim my prize

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 11274

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Kirito could not move from where he was standing. He stood there with his mouth agape at the most enchanting creature he has ever laid his eyes on. He swallowed hard, and his eyes wandered in amazement at the beautiful vision which is now standing in front of him.

Her voluptuous body is perfectly accentuated on the wet cloth that hung on her like a second skin. His eyes lingered on her most seductive parts, which the creamy white wet cloth failed to hide. Worse, it even left his thoughts tingled as to the perfection and delight that lie just beyond.

Then, when his eyes travelled to her face, he was dumbstruck. Indeed, she is the most beautiful lady he has ever seen. Devoid of any artificial beauty products, her porcelain white complexion gave an emphasis on her raven long hair that reached her waist. Her plump lips were naturally pinkish, her small, pointed nose, well-sculpted brows and her deep set eyes the color of…the sky. She is beyond his imagination of beauty.

Kirito blinked several times.

Is he seeing a blue-eyed nymph?

He pinched his own cheek, hard, until he was satisfied with the pain that he felt. This is reality.

Then, the apparition spoke.

Her voice was like a hypnotizing enchantment on him, making him feel even more out of this world.

'How could such an angel show herself in front of me?' He thought.

"What are you doing here? Didn't you know that this place is not for any man to wander into? I suggest that you go back now before you will be put at a disadvantage."

Kirito blinked again, hearing her words.

The woman moved towards a pile of cloth on the rock. That was when Kirito was jolted back to his senses and he hastily turned his back on her.

"I-I am sorry!" He said in a louder voice. "I did not expect that somebody is taking a bath here."

He did not hear any response. Instead, he heard the sound of fabric. He suppressed the strong urge within him to turn around and peek at the magnificent beauty behind him.

'Control yourself, Kirito. You do not want to scare her.'

He clenched and unclenched his fists. He totally forgot the reason why he came there.

When he darted towards the location of the forest, he felt like he was being pulled towards the inner part. The part that he has not been before. He is aware that there are protected parts of the forest which is only available for the Master and the Oracle, as well as her guards.

However, his concern for Kana's safety made him go deeper, unmindful that he has stepped into the boundary of the protected areas. Then, he became thirsty from the climbing and running. When he saw the water running though the rocks, he followed where it was coming from.

There, he saw the most breathtaking view he has ever seen.

His mind became blank, and he could not utter even a single word at first. He knew that she is not a female from the clan, for he has not seen her during the yearly coming-of-age day where all female and male who would turn 20 years old are mandatory to attend.

As the right-hand man of the Master, Hideo has always forced him to attend the annual event, hoping for him to meet the lady who would interest him. Although he did meet several interesting females, but none of their charms lasted long enough for him to be that interested.

Until Kana.

Kirito was back on his senses upon thinking of Kana. B

slowly rose to her face.

At least now, they are in a secluded place, so they can kiss in private without anybody seeing them. She closed her eyes and turned her face upwards.

Ken looked at her, slightly smiling at how she could just close her eyes like that and expect him to kiss her. Instead of kissing her, he pulled her closer to him, and placed his face on the side of her neck.

Now, he can relax.

When he found her gone, his heart began to beat rapidly. He was so enraged that he did not think properly. He immediately went to the forest, not realizing that she was just gone for a few minutes at the most, and she could not had been taken that far.

There, he met Han'nya. Han'nya used her heightened sensing skill, particularly her hearing ability and told him her location. He did not even thank her because he darted fast back to the storage area near the training ground.

When he saw her safe with Akihito, he wanted to crush her in his arms right there and then. He wanted to punish her for making him worry too much. But he knew all too well that she did not intend to make him worried.

"Ken?" Kana called on to him, slightly patting his shoulders.

"Let me stay like this, Kana. I want to lean on you like this, please."

He suddenly felt his knees weakened.

Kana understood what he wants, so her arms went around him, and guided him to sit on one corner. When he was seated on the chair, she sat on his lap. His arms immediately embraced her, and his head nestled on her neck.

He felt at ease hearing her heart beating wildly. He knows that it was because of him, and it gave him peace of mind. Kana continued to caress his hair, feeling contented with his presence.

"Please let's stay here like this for a while, Kana. I feel at peace when you are with me. Don't leave me anymore, ok?" He whispered against her chest. His breath was warm and soothing.

Kana was beyond surprised with Ken's words. For that moment, Ken sounded so vulnerable. A feeling of unexplainable happiness swept through her. She had never imagined that Ken would say those words to her.

Her eyes became teary, and she bent down to kiss his hair.

"I will never leave you, Ken. I love you so much, you know that." She said.

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