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   Chapter 66 Do you have a death wish

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Hideo looked with widened eyes to the Oracle. He was in utter bewilderment at her words.

In his mind, he never once thought the Oracle would have an ordinary woman as her mother. Since his ascension to the leadership, the Oracle's face never changed. She has the face of a young lady in her prime, with perfect skin and pretty face.

On top of that, Ken Inamori is the old lady's grandson.

'Does it mean that the Oracle can give birth? She also said that Ken Inamori is a man of the Yamada clan. Does it mean that the Oracle was impregnated by a man in the clan? Yuuto Shimizu? The supposed-to-be head who has just vanished?'

The Oracle suddenly spoke.

"Master Hideo, I can see the confusion in your eyes. Let me explain to you everything."

Hideo nodded. He needs answers.

"Since the beginning, Oracles are female human beings who were chosen by sacred entities as their residence. The entities could not exist for a long time in the human world in their spirit forms, that is why they need Oracles. An Oracle should be an untainted maiden, and she should abide by the rules of the contract that the entity will tell to the maiden on the time of bonding."

"Oracles are human, so they die eventually. The contract begins when the chosen maiden turns 16 years old and will last for 200 years thereafter, if all the rules were met. Then, a system where the first Oracle was tasked to bear a twin maiden began. The chosen maiden shall be the Oracle, and the twin maiden shall be tasked with bearing another twin for the future generation. This cycle has been the same since several hundred years ago, when the Yamada clan was first established."

"However, almost 28 years ago, my twin sister, who was tasked to bear the next twin, instead gave birth to a boy and a girl. Since it was a first and no predecessor, my mother, Obaasama, became scared. She thought that the boy was a bad omen to us, and to the clan. She failed to notice that from birth, the boy already possessed the presence of the sacred entity. What's more, the boy was born with the special mark, located on his left, indicating his right as the Yamada clan's Master."

Hideo remained rooted on his seat. His breathing was stable yet, heavy. This is the first time that he learned about the origin of the Oracles.

And about Ken Inamori.

"For generations, the twin Oracle was in charged with choosing the man who will impregnate the twin maiden. That time, I did a divination and I chose Yuuto Shimizu, the eldest son of the Shimizu family. This was supposed to be kept a secret from everybody, even from the Master. I, myself, sent for a messenger to speak with Yuuto Shimizu. When he met my sister, Chiemi, they immediately had a mutual admiration to each other. It was evident by the way that the Yuuto became a frequent visitor in the shrine. I told them that a relationship between them is forbidden, that they shall only meet on those particular days that my sister was fertile to bear the twins. They never listened. I thought that they did. They kept their clandestine romances for a long time."

The Oracle paused, and for a moment, Hideo noticed the flicker of emotion on her deep blue eyes. Whether it was sadness or regret, Hideo did not have the courage to ask.

"Then Chiemi became pregnant. We warned her and Yuuto not to see each other anymore. It was fated that Chiemi would remain in this shrine when she gives birth to care for the twins, but I underestimated the love they had for each other. They lived toget

own way. When Kirito was about to go, the young man called on to him.

"A-Akatsuki-sama!" Kozaki's face was still red.

Kirito turned to him with a serious expression on his face. He was thinking to go somewhere in the forest, because the person or persons who took Kana might have gone somewhere covered.

"What?" He asked impatiently.

"Y-you haven't…ki…kissed…me yet, Akatsuki-sama." He blurted out.

Kirito's face became stony as he glared at Kozaki.

"Kozaki, do you have a death wish?" He said in a stern voice.

The young man shook his head, fear became evident in his eyes.

"Then get out of my sight!" Kirito yelled at him, causing the poor, young man to stumble on his feet as he scurried away from Kirito.

Kirito immediately went towards the direction of the forest.


Han'nya's eyes instantly opened. She felt the rush of blood in her head, as Ken's rage became evident. She could feel it in her own blood, that he was boiling inside furiously.

'What is going on?'

She frowned, knowing that the only possible reason for Ken to have such a strong feeling is if something wrong has happened to Lady Kana. With that in mind, Han'nya decided to finish with her relaxing bath. She will help her brother in any way she can.

She walked towards the large rocks, where her kimono was lying. Since the camisole she was wearing became wet, it hung perfectly on her body. But Han'nya was unaware of how enthralling and tantalizing she looked like at that moment.

Until she heard a sound from some nearby shrubs.

There, she saw a man, wearing a soldier's uniform, looking at her with his mouth opened. His eyes were dark, and were almost bulging out from its sockets. She thought that she had frightened him.

Han'nya stopped on her tracks, and with her expressionless eyes, she stared at the man from his head to his toe. She could tell that this man's looks is not too bad in comparison with her brother's. Still unaware of her almost nudity, she crossed her arms over her chest.

"What are you doing here? Didn't you know that this place is not for any man to wander into? I suggest that you go back now before you will be put at a disadvantage." She said calmly, thinking that if Obaasama would sense his presence, he might be punished by beatings from the Master of the clan.

She hates violence.

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