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   Chapter 65 Eleven bullets for twelve targets

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 11181

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In the shooting range, both men have finished wearing all the protective gears. Kana stood with the rest of the men, she was feeling both nervous and excited. She was excited to see Ken in action, for she has long admired his combat skills. He was also a topnotch tracker.

When the two men positioned themselves, both men looked at her. Kana felt like she wanted to hide from embarrassment as the audience also turned to look at her.

Kirito has a smirk on his face, as if telling her to get ready with her kiss. Ken has a calm expression, he did not smile nor did any special gesture. But Kana understood what he wanted to convey.

He wanted her to just stay put and trust him.

She deliberately ignored Kirito and turned all her attention to Ken.

Kirito straightened his back, as he stretched his arms.

"Inamori, be prepared to see your woman kiss another man in front of you." Kirito said.

Ken looked at him passively.

"I wouldn't be too sure if I were you, Akatsuki. If you lose this, you must kiss one of the men instead."

Kirito looked nauseated.

"Let's focus on winning, shall we?" He said and turned his attention to the man who holds the gun as a symbol for the start of the shooting competition.

"Three…two…one…fight!" The gun was heard, and the two men began to move. Aside from the moving targets, they also have to change positions. The bullets that they are using are fake bullets with red mark for Ken and blue mark for Kirito. They were both given 12 bullets for the two guns on their holsters.

They also have 12 targets each, which means that if they use two bullets on one target to hit the center, they cannot hit all the 12 targets anymore. The one who will hit all the targets at the center shall win.

The crowd was silent, and the only sound that can be heard on the ground was their gun shots and their movement on the field.

Kana was first focused on Ken, and she marveled at how graceful he moved. Then, her eyes strayed on to Kirito, and she noticed that he was also moving fairly well.

Actually, she was feeling biased. Kirito was moving like a perfect soldier, trained for combat and sniping.

Then, her eyes turned back to Ken. She kept counting the gunshots, and she felt nervous as the competition will finish soon.

It was too soon for her.

She wants to believe that Ken will win, and she has no qualms kissing him. But kissing him in front of all these people…she could feel her head expanding. She might collapse with embarrassment!

'What if Kirito wins?'

She shook her head.

'Shall I pretend to collapse, then?'

However, knowing Kirito, he might pull off a stunt to wake her up if ever she would even truly collapse.

She did not realize that she had clasped her hands under her chin, silently praying that Ken would win.


Hideo welcomed the messenger, and once he received the appointed time, he began to go towards the mountain. He took some guards with him, as he knows that Kirito is now competing with Ken in a shooting game. He shook his head.

He could not believe that Kirito would engage himself in such childish things, much less, he never expected that Inamori would also be involved in it. Now, he is sure that both men have feelings for Kana.

'Well, no matter who will Kana choose, I will just support her and her husband-to-be

tory over Kirito took the audience quite a while to digest, their reaction was also delayed.

The crowd was just silent for a moment, then a huge cheer exploded from the men. They were shouting and exclaiming compliments for Ken. Suddenly, everybody wanted to get near him, especially the newly-recruited men. They wanted to take a closer look at the man who was able to beat Akatsuki.

Kana was pushed somewhere along the way, as the crowd began to gather and move towards Ken. She found herself at the back of the crowd in a moment. She tried to move her way past along the excited people, wanting to be with Ken and congratulate him for winning.

Then, out of nowhere, somebody reached out and placed a hand over her mouth. Kana's eyes widened, and she tried to wriggle herself free, but the man holding her has kept her firmly in his tight grasp.

'Ken!' Her mind called on to him.


Hideo has now reached the shrine. As before, he bowed three times, clasped his hands under his chin, and closed his eyes in front of the shrine. When he opened them, he was once again inside the Oracle's receiving room. For 85 years of being the Master, he has been in this room about a dozen of times.

Whenever there are some inner conflicts within the clan, Hideo will seek for the Oracle's guidance. Therefore, he is familiar with the Oracle's presence. However, he is surprised now that aside from the Oracle, another presence is inside the room.

She is an old lady. And she has a pair of ordinary, black eyes.

It is the first time for Hideo to meet the old lady. However, he kept quiet.

"Good afternoon, Master Hideo", the Oracle greeted him, and she seated herself on her chair. The old lady did not say anything, but she knelt respectfully at Hideo.

"Good afternoon, Oracle. I can see that you have a company this time." He remarked.

The Oracle did not turn her head, her eyes were focused on Hideo's neck, avoiding to look him on his eyes.

"Master Hideo, this is Obaasama. She is my mother. Also, she is the grandmother of the man who possesses the other mark. The other mark, which belongs to the man in your clan…Ken Inamori."

Hideo felt that his head became double its size at the revelation.

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