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   Chapter 64 What would be the prize

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When Kana, Ken and Kirito arrived on the training ground, most of the clansmen looked at them. It was like the two men were guarding Kana. Ken was holding Kana's right hand, while Kirito was walking at her left side. His both hands were inside his pockets.

Kana was oblivious to the envious stares from the other females. She was just feeling happy that Ken will be with her during her training, and she will have a chance to show off the skills that she acquired during the time that he was gone.

One of the men approached them as they neared the shooting range.

"Akatsuki-sama", the man greeted him, first, then greeted Kana and Ken as well. (Japanese: -sama is attached to a name of a person for respect. It is an old way of addressing a person of higher rank and status. Now, it is being used commonly to refer to customers.)

The three stopped walking and looked at the younger man.

"What's up, Kozaki?" Kirito asked the younger man, who is a squad leader of the training team.

"We would like to request you to show us the proper shooting posture, as we have 20 newly recruited men for training." The man named Kozaki answered.

Kirito would have wanted to join Ken and Kana as today's activity for Kana is supposedly archery using the old Japanese's bows and arrows. But he could not turn down the request in order to teach the young recruits.

"Lady Kana, Inamori, will it be alright if I go with them for a couple of minutes before we proceed to the archery?" He asked.

Kana was about to answer 'no problem', because they were not in a hurry, but Ken answered first.

"It is alright, Akatsuki. Kana and I can go by ourselves. You can spend more time with the new recruits if you want." Ken said, the meaning behind his words clearly indicated that he does not want Kirito to be with them.

Kirito, however, noticed Ken's intention.

Kana, oblivious to Ken's meaning, added her suggestion.

"Ken, let us watch Akatsuki's shooting. He is really good. I watched him so many times when he can even shoot a moving target on the center." She said with enthusiasm and admiration.

For the past week, she had secretly watched Kirito on the shooting ground, and whether the target was still or moving, he could always hit the mark. He never lost a bullet even once. That is why he was also called 'The Sniper' by some of the clansmen.

Kana, with all her full concentration, could also land at the center of the target's mark, but only with a still target. When the target began to move, only half of her bullets would hit her target, and the other half will hit elsewhere. Worse, none of her bullet had ever landed on the mark.

The admiration in her voice made Kirito smile inwardly. He did not realize that Kana would utter a compliment for him in front of Ken. At his periphery, he saw that Ken's eyes became darker. And it made him grin even more.

"Oh really? Well, let us go and watch him, shall we?" Ken answered.

Kana did not notice the slight change in Ken's voice, but Kirito noted it quite well. He could not hid the amusement in his eyes as he turned to look at the two.

"You flatter me, Lady Kana. I did not know that you were watching me intently during those days. I thought that you were busy being depressed when Inamori left. I am now glad that I was able to give you even a little entertainment then."

Kana looked embarrassed, because Kirito just insinuated that Ken did her wrong.

Kana. He smiled at her gently.

"Deal." He said.

"Ken!" She began to complain, but Ken placed one finger over her lips, silencing her.

"Shhh, just trust me, ok?"

She did not have another choice but to nod. The men gave another round of cheers as they clapped their hands merrily. Kana looked around the training ground. She noticed that more and more people began to gather in the shooting ground. Even those who were running and practicing kendo and karate were caught in the competition.

After all, they are about to witness the Master's right-hand man compete with an unknown man. Aside from that fact, they are both good-looking and looked skillful, and many ladies began to bet on who would win.

"Akatsuki, shall we decide what will happen to the loser?" Ken asked.

Kirito sneered.

"Although I am not interested with the loser's punishment, but you may choose whatever you want, Inamori." Kirito said with full confidence.

"In that case, I suggest that the loser…shall kiss any one of these men."


Head Shimizu was talking with the other heads, and they were planning about the engagement party for Kirito and Kana. They decided a private gathering where only the heads and their bodyguards shall attend. Since the Master told Head Shimizu to refrain from talking about marriage, so he has to exclude the common family members as to avoid getting the things out of hand.

Besides, his plan to assassinate Ken will need a closed space area. Head Shimizu exchanged glances with the other three heads who all nodded their heads in understanding. This might be their final chance to do this, and they will not let this opportunity goes to waste.


Master Hideo looked at the time, it was almost lunchtime. He was waiting for the messenger from the shrine to know exactly when he will need to go up to the shrine. He was in deep thought. When he first met Ken Inamori, he failed to notice his facial similarity with Yuuto Shimizu. But now that he has come back, Hideo suddenly noticed their facial similarity. Ken's nose and lips were similar with Yuuto, but Ken's eyes were somewhat similar with the Oracle.

'Is it possible that Ken Inamori belongs to the Yamada clan? Is it possible that the other mark the Oracle once told him could be him?'

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