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   Chapter 63 Han'nya's wish

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Almost twelve years ago, Han'nya has just turned 16. Today, she feels excited as she cleansed herself in the natural hot spring inside the Raiden cave. She will form a contract with the forest's entity, so she will receive whatever power shall be assigned to her. Since the task of being the next Oracle has been skipped in her generation because she was told that her twin sister died at birth, she will now ask the entity to grant her one wish.

That is to see her mother, her father, and her twin sister before they died. She had decided upon this wish a long time ago, since Obaasama and the Oracle told her the reason why she never met her mother, her father, and her twin. Today, she will finally know how they looked like before they all died.

"Han'nya, please prepare now, in another 30 minutes, the Oracle will call forth the entity for you to make a contract with." Obaasama called on to her.

"Yes, Obaasama." With hastened but graceful steps, she climbed out of the hot spring and changed her clothes accordingly. It was a pristine shrine maiden's kimono. She put the kimono on and after combing her long black hair, she went to the place where the entity should be waiting for her.

Upon seeing the Oracle doing the incantation, Han'nya silently kneeled with both knees, closed her eyes and cleared her thoughts and heart about everything. She has to be empty so that the entity could reside in her.

The Oracle opened her darkened blue eyes, and when she did, the blue flame which was burning at the center of the altar started to sway. Gradually, the light smoke from the flame drifted to where Han'nya was kneeling.

Inside Han'nya, she felt an urge to open her eyes. What she saw then left her in awe. She was in a dark place, it seemed to be a place where there is no end nor beginning. It was totally dark as far as her eyes could see. But for whatever reason, she was not afraid.

Then, a flicker of light started to appear just a few inches away from her. It gradually formed into a blue flame, it was so beautiful and warm that she reached out her hands with palms up. The flame surprisingly moved towards the center of her palms, warming her hands but not burning them.

"I am the flame entity for you, Han'nya." It was a male's voice, deep and mesmerizing. "Now that we are about to enter into a contract, tell me one wish that you have and I will grant it as long as it is within my power. After the wish is granted, I shall reside in you so I can maintain my watch over this forest. In turn, you will maintain your youthful appearance for 200 years, you will never

hen she spoke to the man.

"Please leave now. I shall take care of my own daughter."

The man left.

After a full one minute, her mother began to move. Han'nya was delighted. She thought that her mother had died. Obaasama knelt in front of her bloodied legs. Han'nya could not see what is happening.

Then, she heard a baby's cry. Obaasama lifted the baby, and Han'nya could tell that the baby is a girl.

'She must be me.'

Her mother looked at the newborn baby, tears fell on the corners of her eyes as she looked at the baby. Then, with one last breath, she closed her eyes.

Obaasama wrapped the baby girl with a clean cloth.

"You are named Han'nya. You shall live with us as the future Oracle, if you so wish it."

Then, Han'nya began to feel dizzy. She covered her mouth as she felt nauseated. Her eyes closed.

When she opened them again, she was inside the cave, kneeling in front of the altar. The color of her eyes has turned blue.

"Han'nya, how do you feel now?"

The Oracle asked her, and behind her was the Obaasama.

Han'nya's blue eyes turned icy cold as she remembered that Obaasama was there when her mother gave birth to her and her twin brother. But she did not do anything. She called her brother an abomination, a bad omen.

She stood slowly, and with cold voice, she uttered.

"I am Han'nya, and now that I know about my twin brother, I will live as I want to be. I will not follow the path that you chose for me, Obaasama. Because you let my mother die, and you let those men take my brother from me."

Obaasama was shocked, but her appearance gradually turned remorseful. She kneeled in front of Han'nya and the Oracle.

Her voice quivered.

"I am so sorry! I am so sorry!"

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