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   Chapter 62 A man is better with his woman

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 11190

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When Ken and Kana arrived in front of Hideo's chamber, the staff bowed at them. Then, one staff announced their arrival. They were ushered by another staff who came from the inside and guided them towards the dining area. Kana was still holding Ken on his hand, and when they reached the dining room, Kirito noticed it pretty quick.

He averted his gaze from them, and focused his eyes on his plate.

"Good morning, grandpa", Kana greeted Hideo and Hideo answered back with the same greeting.

She turned to Kirito and greeted him as well.

"Good morning, Akatsuki."

"Good morning, Lady Kana." His reply was brief and his demeanor was impassive.

He was a completely different person in front of the Master, and when he is just with her. Kana sneered inwardly, thinking how cunning Kirito is.

Ken greeted Hideo, too and nodded his head towards Kirito.

"You may sit down, both of you. Let's eat."

Hideo started to use his chopsticks after offering his grace, and the three of them followed suit. It was 6:30 in the morning. Hideo started the conversation by asking Kana about her training with the clansmen at the ground.

Since Ken left for more than a week, she was training with the clansmen every morning. In the afternoon, she spent some time with Hideo, learning the clan's history from him and some important matters regarding the different families. Although Kana was bothered then by Ken's sudden absence, she focused her mind on what she could do at the moment.

"Oh, we have been doing quite well with training, grandpa. But I reckon that most of your guards are slow in movement. They are used to using tools but they are not seemed to be trained in hand-to-hand combat. What if they lose their tools?"

She was talking like a man, complete with facial expression and gestures, that the three men just listened and watched her as she recounted all her observations. She even noticed how some men could not even run for 5kms straight.

Hideo nodded, a hint of satisfaction on his face. Kirito also looked at Kana with admiration, for she was indeed keenly observing the men. Only Ken has an indifferent look on his face.

He was not interested with the clansmen. What he wants to know now with the current Master is his past. He believes that if anybody knows anything about him, it would be the Master. Han'nya remained tight-lipped about his identity. She kept on telling him the time will come soon.

Upon thinking about the possibilities that he was considering, a frown crept on his face. He was already drinking his tea when he noticed that Kana was looking at him.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I was about to ask you that. What's wrong? You were frowning on the food." She said gently.

When he noticed that Hideo and Kirito also glanced at him, he dabbed a tissue on his lips. With a serious expression, he glanced at Hideo.

"Master, if you have time later, I would like to talk with you about something."

Ken could not wait for the falling of the first snow. If he would wait for it, he might wait for another week or two while remaining in this estate. His 28th birthday will also fall in those period.

'Wait. My birthday…'

Hideo thought that his appointment with the Oracle would be after lunch, so he nodded towards Ken.

"We can talk after this breakfast while Kana and Kirito go

go to this place and just watch the water reflects the azure sky and the bouncy-looking cumulus clouds.

When she was young, she used to imagine that cumulus clouds housed castles behind them. She would have wanted to see them up close. She always envied the birds, who could fly near those clouds, and even wondered how would it feel to ride the air crafts that she frequently sees making their way through the clouds.

However, having made a contract prevented her from leaving the Mount Raiden for a long time.

On her 16th birthday, she made a contract with the sacred entities of the forest, turning her eyes blue, giving her inhuman powers, and turning her existence into a being that is intermediary between a human and a supernatural one. However, she is not immortal.

Her human part allows her to die, but she could never get sick. If no one will kill her, she will die of old age, once she reached 200 years old. But as long as her eyes remained blue, her physical appearance would remain young.

Recently, when she went out of the forest, and even out of the Yamada estate for Ken, she felt the weakening of her power. The color of her eyes also turned a shade lighter. But she did not mind it. If she dies because of her brother, she would gladly accept it.

She grew up under the care of Obaasama, the elderly woman who was once the Oracle. Because she has given birth, her eyes turned black.

One condition for the color of their eyes to remain blue is purity. However, the Obaasama had no choice but to give birth to daughters, in order for the next Oracle to appear. The current Oracle is Han'nya's auntie, the twin sister of her mother.

It is said that since the beginning, Oracles are bound to give birth to twin daughters. The one will be fated to be the next Oracle, while the other one shall be fated to bear the next twin.

However, Han'nya's twin is Ken, a man.

Han'nya smiled when she reminisces what happened as she became aware of her twin brother's existence. She just turned 16 then, and when she was given the power by the forest's entity, she learned the truth about what happened. She learned why she was not born with a twin sister.

And she learned the essence of Ken's birth.

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