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   Chapter 61 Han’nya’s identity

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 10102

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Kana heard a knock on her door. At that moment, she was still cupping Ken's face on her palms, and the knock on the door made her almost jump. With one last look at the pinkish blush on Ken's face, she gave him a wink and answered while walking towards the door.


She noticed that the wall where Kirito noticed somebody hiding yesterday has been stripped off its wallpaper. She wondered if Kirito asked somebody to do it while she was sleeping.

"The Master summons you to have breakfast with him. He also said that if Ken Inamori would want to join then he is also invited to do so." It was Akihito's voice, he was standing outside the door, with his back on the door.

Kana lifted the corner of her mouth in dismay.

'How could her grandfather be so insensitive?'

Ken has just arrived after more than a week. She still wants to spend more time with him, and ask him so many questions. She has not asked him yet about that scene she saw with Yuki, and his reason for leaving her behind, and for not keeping contact with her. She has lots of things on her mind that she wants answers, but whenever she is with him, all the questions would just be forgotten.

She shrugged her shoulders.

'What can I do? I am hopeless, ain't I?'

She turned around when she heard him walking towards her.

"Ken, grandpa wants us to have breakfast with him." She said.

"Only with him?" He asked.

Kana asked.

"Is there anybody there now aside from gran-Master?"

"Yes, my Lady." Akihito answered. "Kirito Akatsuki is with him."

Well, that was to be expected as his right-hand man, Kana thought. But when she turned at Ken, there was a frown on his forehead. He suddenly looked irritated

"Ken?" She asked, and he looked at her.

"I just remembered something." His hands were inside his pockets, and he leaned casually on the door's frame.

His action caused Akihito to move back away a little.

"Why were you sleeping with Kirito last night?"

Her mouth fell open?.

"What? What are you talking about? I was not sleeping with him. I was in his room, but I slept on the sofa." She explained hurriedly.

How could she even forget such a small thing? She woke up in her room, so it was obvious that she was brought back to her room by Ken, because Kirito was nowhere on sight. She should have explained it to him first hand.

But she was delirious with how much she had missed him that the only thing on her mind was to feel him if he is real.

"I found you sleeping together on his bed." He said, his eyes turned narrow as he glowered at her.

Ken knew for a fact that nothing has happened between the two. Yet, he was still annoyed that she had slept together with another man, especially Kirito. Being a man, he could feel that Kirito is harboring a special feeling for Kana. The uncertainty whether Kirito had confessed to her already made him upset.

Kana tried to think hard. She is 100 percent sure that she slept on the sofa. Was she that deeply asleep that she did not even feel

sses within him before he could grasp the purpose of his existence.

"Master, it is not yet time. When the first snow falls on the mountain, I will come for you. Until then, please remain here. You now have the power to protect yourself and the woman you love." She smiled as she felt the wonderful aura emanating from Ken.

It was still incomplete, but she could tell that once her Master has possessed his whole identity, he would become the most powerful person in the Yamada estate. For his was an existence that is beyond any others. He has both the ability to end an old era and start a new one, if he so wished it.

When he does, Han'nya will be there to be with him, as his most loyal servant.

Yes, she will serve her twin brother for all eternity, because they share the same blood and they came from the same womb.

Ken frowned at her words, of which she just answered with a smile.

"I will now go, Master. Please proceed to your woman."

Han'nya watched as Ken ran fast, as swift as the wind, yet graceful as the gentle breeze.

'My dear brother, I wish you happiness.'


The Oracle looked at the faint smile on Han'nya's lips. She let out a deep sigh.

"Han'nya, please refrain from doing anything again which will compromise our contract. If you, even once, take a life, you will suffer greater consequences. Remember the reason of our existence, we are here just to guide this clan, nothing else."

Han'nya nodded.

"I understand, Oracle. But you should also understand that it is my Master who will decide that once his power has completely awakened."

The Oracle's eyes bore on Han'nya's. They stared at each other for a few moments, neither was willing to lose. Then, the elderly woman with the black eyes entered the room, catching their attention.

"Oracle, the Master of the Clan sent a request to speak with you this afternoon. Shall I accept?"

The Oracle contemplated for a moment.

"Yes, elder. I think the time has come for the truth to be revealed."

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