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   Chapter 60 I am a man who cherishes you

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 10115

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Ken was surprised by her action, but he relented. Actually, if she did not pull him, he was almost at the verge of his self-control and would have made the first move. Yet, he was enjoying hearing the words coming from her.

As she deepened the kiss, she wrapped her hands at the back of his head. Ken could feel the yearning in her, it was almost equal to his own longing. It was full of restrained passion, rough and unyielding.

His hands on the bed went to her back, and she impulsively arched her body more to feel his warmth. Ken groaned when he felt her body thrust forward, touching his chest.

He felt her gasped for breath, and he broke their kiss for a moment. Kana immediately inhaled, her eyes flew open, and he was turned on by the burning desire on her dark orbs. It was directed at him. His head bent towards her again, and this time, it was a gentle, lingering kiss. He tasted every corner of her mouth, savoring the bittersweet aftertaste of the coffee.

She pulled on him, and her back touched the bed. By the way they were positioned, Kana's knees and feet dangled on the sides of the bed, imprisoned between Ken's legs.

Her hands moved to his wide shoulders, then began to caress his back. Ken felt the stirring desire within him, reacting to her feverish touch that almost made his shirt non-existent. He could tell what Kana wants, especially when her hands strayed on his waist.

However, Ken knew better. He knew that this would be her first time. And he would want to take her innocence in a special place, in a proper time, at the right occasion. She deserves it.

Suppressing his built-up craving, he stopped kissing her all of a sudden, his breathing heavy and his voice was raspy.

The questioning and unsatisfied look she gave him made him almost laugh right there and then. Instead, he just smiled lovingly at her. He traced her partially swollen lips with his fingers.

"Kana, let's stop for now, shall we? I now believe that you really miss me." He said, and he pulled her with him.

Instead of letting her seat on the bed, he took her with him as he sat on the chair. She was sitting on his lap. The pinkish color on her cheeks indicated that she was just in such a heated moment.

She touched her lips, and she turned to look at him.

"Ken, how can you do that?" She asked, her voice was low.

He frowned, not understanding her question.

"What is?"

"I mean, how can you stop yourself when we were in that…condition?" She was about to say 'frenzied condition' but she thought against it. She would appear too vulgar if she said it to him.

The innocence of her question amused him. He decided to tease her.

"Well, experience is the best teacher." He answered, feigning nonchalance as he noticed her pursing her lips in displeasure.

She pulled herself from his touch and sat on the bed. She finished her coffee in one gulping, and when she noticed the banter on his face, she sent him a sullen look.

"Wow, there must be quite a lot, right?"

He shrugged

held a warning tone on it.

"None of us can back out now, we started this plan almost 28 years ago, and we must see to its end. Otherwise, our families shall all be annihilated."

With those words, he went out and left the three men with their own thoughts. Head Ito has a firm expression on his face, while the two looked guilty and frightened.


Kirito drank his tea, at the same time that Hideo finished his own tea.

"Kirito, you were saying that Ken Inamori has returned?"

"Yes, Master."

Hideo was silent. Last night, he had a dream about a blue-eyed woman. In his dream, the blue-eyed woman was giving birth to a child, but right after she gave birth, some men took the baby. The blue-eyed woman cried and screamed for them to return her child, but the men did not and went out of the room, taking the baby with them. Then, all of a sudden, another cry from a newborn baby was heard inside the room. In that instant, Hideo saw the blue-eyed woman breathed her last, and the color of her eyes turned black.

When he woke up, he was panting. It was a very vivid dream. It was as if he was there inside the room and was witnessing the whole thing in person.

His curiosity about Ken Inamori became stronger. That man with the piercing blue eyes has an aura that is fitted for a King, and Hideo, being a Master himself, could recognize it. Ken Inamori was emanating a different feeling from the other men, it was an overbearing aura that would yield normal people to praise him and revere him.

"You said that something seemed different with him. What do you think it is?" Hideo asked.

Kirito frowned deeply.

"I could not say for sure but, Inamori seemed somewhat more powerful, and when I met his eyes, I felt like I was being hypnotized. I even thought that if he continued to stare at me, I would have suffocated."

Hideo's mind raced. What Kirito said was the same feeling of a normal man once he looked straight at the Oracle's eyes.

'What is going on? Who is Ken Inamori?'

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