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   Chapter 59 I want to hear you say it

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 11325

Updated: 2019-01-04 19:03

Kirito has an astonished look on his face as he realized that what he is seeing now is not merely a fragment of his imagination. Ken Inamori is actually standing on his bedroom's doorway.

And from his looks, Kirito could smell danger. It was early morning, but Kirito could feel the sweat dripping from his forehead to his neck. His muscles seemed to have frozen instinctively at the overwhelming presence of Ken. Kirito could not avert his eyes away from him, as if he is being hypnotized to look at them, like his irises were scorching him, ready to burn him into ashes.

He forced himself to blink by gritting his teeth.

'When did Ken Inamori has this kind of aura on him?'

What Ken did next was beyond his expectation.

Ken turned his gaze to Kana, and Kirito was freed from his hypnotic-like gaze. On impulse, Kirito gulped down, feeling almost suffocated by the intensity of Ken's stares.

Ken walked towards her, pulled the blanket away from her. Upon seeing that she was completely dressed with her pajamas, the menace in his eyes gradually dissipated. Then he bent and scooped her yet sleeping body on his arms.

Kana did not wake up. But her body instinctively nestled towards Ken's warmth, her hands clutched on the fabric of his shirt that covered his muscular chest. Her breathing was stable and her eyes were still tightly shut.

He held her with such gentleness that Kirito could not deny how good they look at that moment.

When Ken flashed him a grouchy look, he let out a faint and defeated smile.

"We just slept." He said, answering the unspoken question in Ken's eyes.

Ken smirked.

"I can tell." He glanced at Kana, then looked back at Kirito. "I will take her with me."

Kirito's brows knitted.

"You cannot leave here."

"We are not leaving. I will just take her back to her room. This place is not for her." He stated and began walking towards the door.

Kirito jumped out of the bed. All his senses are fully awake now.

"But her room, there is-"

"I obliterated the intruder, do not worry." Ken continued to walk towards the receiving area and Kirito followed him.

Kirito's mouth popped open. But he was quick to hide his surprise.

"Did you kill the man?"

Ken stopped walking, and Kirito felt his room turned suddenly colder. When Ken turned to him, his blue eyes have an unmistakable evil glint on it. Kirito could not suppress the shiver that coursed through his spine. There is definitely something that has changed with Inamori.

'What happened that made Inamori become this overbearingly formidable?'

"Akatsuki, I will never forgive anybody who even dared to hurt my woman. I am telling you now that even your relatives will not go unscathed."

Ken then walked out of his room, while Kirito was left with questions in his mind.

'What happened to Ken? How did he know that his own relatives are behind Kana's assassination attempts? How was he able to come back without anybody reporting his arrival?'

With those in mind, he decided to go to the Master's chamber.


Kana felt something poking at her cheeks. It was a warm feeling. And because of that, she does not want to wake up and just continued to sleep.

Ken looked at her, and he felt a familiar sense of warmth enveloping him as he stared at her sleeping form. With an amused look on his face, he continued to stare at her. He felt like

ewed it FOR ME. Do you get it?" Her cheeks became a shade redder as she said those words.

Ken's eyes darkened a little, not with anger though, but with his emotions. He already knew what she meant before, but for some reason, he wanted to hear the words exactly from her lips. He does not want to be caught with his own thoughts. He wants her to tell him the words that he wants to hear.

He placed his mug back on the table, while never breaking his eye contact with her.

Kana felt danger, but not the kind that endangers her life. It was a welcomed danger, as she looked how Ken stood up. He took the mug from her hand, and placed it on the table as well. Her heart is now beating more than 100 beats per minute, that she was afraid that she might collapse soon.

He bent towards her, and because she did not move and just angled her face so that their eyes were still looking at each other, their bodies were quite close. He placed both of his hands on the bed, imprisoning her completely.

"Kana, how can you say that I am dense? Do you want to feel how dense I am?" He asked, emphasizing the word 'dense', obviously giving it a different meaning from what she originally stated.

Her eyes widened in anticipation. She could not answer him, for she felt that all the words from her would not come out. She only has one primal instinct at the moment. She wants to taste him, feel the softness of his lips on hers.

His forehead touched hers, and she felt feverish. As his eyes bore into her, she felt drowning with her own emotions.

"Ken…" She whispered his name when his nose touched hers. Her hands clenched the bedsheet, fighting the urge to pull him. Every nerve in her body starts to tingle as she smelled his minty breath.

"Do you want me to kiss you, Kana?"

She nodded, without opening her eyes. His eyes flickered in both emotions and humor. Not yet.

"Did you miss me?" He asked again, his lips brushed above her cupid's bow, and she swallowed hard.

She nodded again.


She nodded again.

"I want to hear you say it." He demanded, his voice has turned hoarse.

"I missed you so much, Ken!" She answered, and could not bear this sweet torture anymore. She pulled him towards her, and their lips locked.

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