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   Chapter 58 Don't flatter yourself

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 10335

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Kana felt her cheeks reddened in both embarrassment and anger.

'How could he bring up that subject now?'

"That was an accident's aftermath, Akatsuki. It was not to my liking, nor did I ever intend for that to happen. Besides, when I woke up, you were not on the bed. So I was practically sleeping alone. Don't put malicious things on my head."

Kirito enjoyed looking at her flushed cheeks.

"You were so soundly sleeping that you did not feel me lying next to you. Our bodies were practically touching and-"

"Stop! Stop! You pervert! Don't say lewd things like that!" She covered her ears with both of her hands.

Looking at her duffel bag near the bed, she took it and was about to go out of the room when Kirito prevented her from opening the door.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked, and she was amazed at how fast he was able to move. He was just standing near the window and all of a sudden he was on the door before her.

"I would rather ask grandfather to let me sleep in his chamber than spend the night with you." She flashed him an angry look. "Who knows what you might do to me when I am already asleep? I cannot trust you to keep your hands to yourself."

Kirito chuckled sexily, and she deliberately ignored his oozing appeal.

"Wow, aren't we the narcissistic one here now? Cannot keep my hands to myself, huh?" He put one hand under his chin and rubbed it with his thumb, then he stared at her from head to toe in such a way that she felt like he was undressing her.

"What?" She snapped at him.

"Don't flatter yourself too much, Lady Kana. I have been with many women, more than your fingers can count." He said with a mocking grin at her. "Believe me, my preferences go with developed women who knows how to please a man. Your under developed body will not even entice me even when I'm drunk."

It was more than the insult that she could take. She planned to slap him, but before her hand could land on his insolent cheek, he captured her hand with a strong grip on her wrist.

He smiled at her cunningly.

"My, my, did I hit a nerve just now?"

She tried to pull her hand from his grip but he held it tight. When she exerted more force in doing so, he suddenly let her, causing her to stumble on her feet to the edge of the bed.

In one stride, he was leaning on her, with both hands on her sides while she was almost dangling on the bed.

"Don't entertain any romantic notions on your head about me, Kana. I am merely here to protect you, because I am keeping my promise to Inamori, no more, no less. However, if you decide to throw yourself at me, then I will not mind to accommodate you. I am quite flexible, anyway." He stressed each word in a manner that indicated his warning, and at the same time, as a way to punish her audacious behavior towards him.

After all, he is older than her, and has a higher rank at the moment.

Yes, this is just right. I will not want any more complications in my life.

Kana bit her upper lip, repressing the urge to push him away. She does not know how would Kirito react if she dared

saw her curled like a ball on the sofa, peacefully sleeping.

His sofa was big enough for him to sleep on, so her small frame looks comfortable on it. He squatted beside her, and watched her sleeping face. Her lips were partially opened while a soft breeze of air came out of it.

'So peaceful.' He thought.

His expression turned gentle, and upon deciding that she might have a cold tomorrow or a stiff neck, he gently carried her towards the bed. As if in a dream, her arms clutched on his shirt, and she nestled her face on his chest.

Kirito felt his immediate reaction, and he cursed at how weak his self-control is.

Most of the things that he said to her earlier were lies. Now that she cannot hear him and cannot see his reaction, he could honestly admit that he is indeed attracted to her. Almost on the first time that he met her, he has been fascinated by her character. As days go by, he began to be physically attracted to her, and even began to dream about her in his arms, underneath him.

Kirito shook his head and carefully placed Kana on the bed. He then went on the other side, turned off the room's light and climbed on the bed as well.

She would be safer if he is close to her at any time.

Kirito did not know what time he finally fell asleep.

It was dawn, and his body clock woke him up at exactly 5:30AM. When he did, the first thing he sensed is an ominous presence in his room. He blinked several times, and sat on the bed. Then, as if still in stupor, he somehow saw a man's silhouette standing inside his room.

His eyes suddenly popped open.

There, standing on the cracked door of his bedroom, was the dark and menacing presence of the man who is his rival in love. Ken Inamori stood there with his piercing blue eyes, hands in his pockets and a dissatisfied look on his handsome face. The small veins on his temples looked like about to pulsate with fury as he met Kirito's newly opened eyes. His eyes drifted dangerously towards the sleeping Kana.

His blue eyes flickered instantly like a burning flame.

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