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   Chapter 57 You slept here on my bed

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Kana was expecting him to mock her that she was thinking too much that she was so surprised by his answer, and her eyes widened in disbelief at his blatant acknowledgement.

"Wait, wait, wait!" She backed away a little, noting the intensity on his eyes.

"Can you please stop kidding me, Akatsuki?"

Kirito kept on advancing towards her, but his hands were still inside his pockets. Kana found herself stuck between him and the wall behind her.

He stopped walking about a meter away from her, and her heart began to palpitate faster.

"You asked me and I answered. Now that I am the one asking the question, is it only fair that you also answer me, Kana?"

Kirito's eyes did not waver as he looked into hers. Kana swallowed down. She could not deny that Kirito is handsome, and strong, and is attractive. Yet, he was just like that to her. She is not at all attracted to him in such a way that she would welcome his touch on her.

'I am only for Ken.' She thought.

She lifted her chin instinctively to look unfaze by his sudden nearness.

"Well, if that is true then…what will I do? I…I will not do anything. Because I have no feelings for you. My heart belongs to only one man. There, satisfied now? I just rejected you, ok? So stop bothering me anymore."

She willed herself to be unaffected by him as she crossed her arms over her chest. However, his sudden confession caused her nerves to tingle. But she put on a blasé expression on her face.

'I mean, come on! A man as good-looking as him just confessed to me, of course I'll be excited! However, he is not my type.'

Kirito just stared at her, as if he was trying to read her mind. Biting her upper lip, she made her eyes looked rounder and bigger and stared at him, too. She was trying to lighten up the tension in the air.

"Why do I feel that you are lying?" He suddenly said, his voice was a notch huskier and gentler than his usual mocking one.

She sneered at him.

"Maybe you just feel that because you are so used to getting all the women with whom you set your eyes on to. Unfortunately, you are not my type. Should I be lucky that I am the first one who dared to reject you, Akatsuki?"

The banter on her tone caused a momentary flash of irritation in his eyes, and she was aware of it.

"Your tongue is too sharp for your own good, Kana."

"Well, it is my tongue anyway. I could say what I want-"

She did not notice him move, nor did she noticed how he was able to pinned both of her hands on her sides. She found herself suddenly looking up at him, at the intense fire in his eyes.

"Akatsuki, let me go." She said in between her gritted teeth.

"Not unless I made you aware of your mistake."

She frowned at him, his expression has darkened a little. However, she could smell his

he wall to hear, but she could not help but feel embarrassed with how he said it. Especially from his earlier confession that he like her.

'Don't think too much about it Kana. He just said he likes you, not love.'

She pursed her lips. Her action was not lost on Kirito. When they were walking along the corridor, Akihito made himself known behind her.

"Lady Kana, where are you going at this hour?" He asked, eyeing the bag that Kirito was holding.

"She is going to spend the night with me, Akihito." Kirito answered him, obviously kidding.

Akihito frowned, as always, for he is a man who takes all things seriously. Kana darted Kirito a warning look.

"I shall do some studies under Akatsuki's tutelage, and it is better to stay in his room because it was more spacious."

She said, not wanting her own bodyguard to think of her as a woman with low moral values. What kind of woman would she be for spending the night with another man while she has her own boyfriend?

"Just stay within the perimeter, Akihito." She said and Akihito recognized it as his cue.

He bowed and disappeared from her sight. Kana felt relieved, at least she could call on Akihito if ever Kirito would try something perverted against her later on.


"Come on, Kana. What kind of man am I if I let a lady sleep on the sofa while I sleep on the bed?" He said exasperatedly.

'How can she be so this hard-headed? I am being a gentleman here.'

"That is your bed Kirito, I will never sleep on another man's bed." She has a defiant glare on her eyes as she stood her ground.

Then, Kirito remembered something, he looked at her mockingly.

"It's not like your first time, Kana. You slept here yesterday, remember? Not only that, you slept here on my bed, together with me. We even shared the same blanket. You don't have to be ashamed of me anymore."

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