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   Chapter 56 Do you like me

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Kirito looked at Kana as they walked towards her chamber. She was walking ahead of him with clenched fists, and her expression was uncompromising. He recalled the conversation earlier when his uncle suggested that he shall become Kana's husband.

"If you ever dare to force me into a marriage, consider that the next Master is dead. I will never agree to marry anyone except Ken. That is my final decision."

Hideo darted an indifferent look at her, but there's concern written in his eyes. Kirito suppressed any emotion from showing off on his face. But deep within, he felt like he was just slapped on his face.

'Am I that repulsive that she'd rather die than be married with me?'

Kirito looked at her, noting how she was blushing with fury, and he did not realize a flash of sadness has crossed his eyes. However, Hideo noticed it all too well.

Head Shimizu looked at Kana with an impassive expression as well, but his lips twitched a little, indicating his displeasure for her unabashed reaction. To him, Kana, has just acted like a brat.

"Master, this conclusion is the most sound and beneficial for the clan." He turned towards Hideo with a straight face, ignoring Kana's glare on him.

"Kana, sit down, will you?" Hideo said, and the staff immediately placed the chair back for her to sit down on.

Kana sat back, still fuming with rage. However, after a few inhales and exhales, she started to feel calm.

'Let this old fox say whatever he wants, I will never abide by their rules. Who cares what happens to this clan, anyway. I will just leave and go with Ken somewhere in a place where no Yamada clan exists.'

"Head Shimizu, I understand what you want to say. However, although an arranged marriage is common within the members of our clan, I believe that all the clan's Masters have chosen their partners by themselves. It is everybody's prerogative to choose the person they will marry. But, I shall keep your suggestion in mind. And I am sure that Kana will give some thoughts about this as well." Hideo glanced at her, but she averted her gaze.

"Master, if I maybe so bold. How about we announce for the meantime that Kirito and Lady Kana shall be engaged soon? That will at least pacify our clansmen. If they will get engaged, then they can have more time to get to know each other. Who knows, Lady Kana's heart might change once she sees how worthy Kirito is for her, and for the clan."

Kana suppressed herself from saying anything, but when she caught sight of Kirito, she was surprised. She was expecting to see him smirking, for he must be enjoying the situation at the moment. It was almost similar to his earlier suggestion so she thought that he must be on the side of the Head Shimizu.

However, Kirito looked somewhat detached from the situation on the table. His eyes strayed to Hideo, but Kana

just leave so she can have a rest.

She still feels tired from their travel this lunch time, and last night was also a stressful night for her. If possible, she wants to have a long and relaxing sleep.

Without looking at her, a grin formed on his lips.

"If that is an invitation then I gladly accept."

"No, that was not an invitation. It was my subtle way of saying that I need to rest so could you just go out and leave me alone?"

Kirito looked at her then. He could tell that she is still pissed-off from the earlier conversation.

"I will stay here for tonight. So if you want to rest, just go ahead. Don't mind me, I can take care of my every needs."

She looked at him, stupefied.

"Are you serious?"


"Kiri-Akatsuki, for your information, I am not as weak as you think I am. I can perfectly take care of myself, too. I don't need you here. Please leave."

She noticed the faint smile that crossed his lips when she almost call him by his first name. She has been deliberately calling him by his surname to avoid the over-familiarization. Besides, she sensed that Kirito is somehow deliberately attaching himself to her, but his reason for doing so is still vague for her.

There are two possible explanations. It's either he was ordered by the Master to do so, or he was doing it of his own accord.

'Is he attracted to me, by any chance?'

"I am aware of that. But, I decided to stay here tonight. It's either that or you stay in my room. Your choice."

His words were said in a monotonous tone, as if it was too natural for him to stay in a room with a woman.

"Akatsuki, do you like me?"

Her question was as straight as a line, and Kirito could not help but marvel at her courage to do so. He stood from the chair and slowly strode towards her. She held her ground and met his gaze equally.

"If I say that I do, what will you do about it?"

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