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   Chapter 55 That is my final decision

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 9222

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Inside the first level cell, Kana, Kirito, and Hideo met at exactly 6:00PM. Asano opened the door, and bowed at them. Kana is being held on her back by Kirito, acting like a perfect gentleman.

But for Kana, she felt a slight tingling in her veins, yet, she pretended to be nonchalant of his touch.

Hideo motioned for Kirito and Asano, and Asano went inside a closed door. After a couple of minutes, he went out, holding an unconscious man on his hands. Asano was not muscularly built but he was holding a bigger man as if he was a sack of rice.

Asano seated the man on a chair, still unconscious. Then, Asano took out what looked like an ointment. He put the ointment directly on the man's nostrils, and within seconds, he started moving.

As soon as the man's eyes opened and saw Hideo, fear was evident on his face.

"M-Master", his voice quivered, and he started sweating profusely.

Hideo sat on the chair opposite to the man, while Kirito and Kana remained standing behind him.

"What is your name?" Hideo's voice

The man lowered his gaze.

"I…have no name, Master."

Hideo frowned, and he understood what the man said. He must have been one of those men who were trained to become pawns. They were not given a name as they grow old, instead, they were just assigned with a code or a number.

"Tell me, the family or families who ordered you to burn the chamber of the next Master, did they order you to kill her?"

The man shook his head vigorously.

"No Master. We were just ordered to burn the room where she is in. Nothing more, nothing less."

Hideo rubbed his chin, then he straightened his back on the chair.

"I know that you belong to one of those who were trained by the families to have this kind of missions. However, you must have known that a mission against a family member, most particularly against the Master, is a serious offense, right?"

The man nodded. Understanding of his situation is written in his eyes, and from the weary and resigned look on his face, the man must have already accepted his death as his natural punishment.

"If you will become the witness and will personally point the mastermind or masterminds of this case, I shall guarantee your life."

What Hideo said astounded both Asano and Kirito. They both thought that there is no need to guarantee the man's life because what he did is considered unforgivable in the clan's policy. But both held their thoughts to themselves.

All policies can be bend by the Master.

The man smiled faintly.

"Master, I am just a lowly pawn. I can tell you the name of the man who ordered us, but I believe that he is just a higher rank pawn like me. Besides, I almost harmed the next Master, I deserve to die."

Aside from Hideo, the three

meful if we are to be led by a half."

"That is an interesting deduction, Head Shimizu." Kana could not help herself anymore. Kirito watched her with amusement.

'The only lady who dared to raise a voice to a family head.'

"Based from your words, you already investigated Ken's background. Would you please tell us which nationality does Ken inherited the color of his eyes?"

Kana does not know either if Ken is indeed a mixed blood. But she could not allow somebody to call him a shame in front of her.

Head Shimizu kept his mouth closed.

Hideo spoke.

"Head Shimizu, is it true that you have investigated about Ken Inamori's background?"

"Yes, Master."

"So, from which foreign ancestor did he inherit those blue eyes?"

Hideo has an expressionless look on his face so Head Shimizu could not fathom what he was thinking at the moment.

"The investigation is still on-going, Master. However, there is indeed no pure-blooded Japanese who possesses those kinds of eyes."

Hideo kept his silence.

"So, who do you think would be suitable as Kana's husband?" Hideo asked all of a sudden, changing the topic about Ken's ancestry.

"Grandpa-" Kana interjected but Hideo's sharp look at her made her silent.

Head Shimizu cleared his throat.

"I suggest that my nephew, Kirito shall be married to Lady Kana. This conclusion has been met with the greatest number of votes from the family heads."

Kana stood abruptly, causing the chair she was sitting at to fall. The three men looked at her flushed face. She has a defiant look on her eyes and her hands were clenched in fists.

She was obviously displeased with Head Shimizu's announcement.

"If you ever dare to force me into a marriage, consider that the next Master is dead. I will never agree to marry anyone except Ken. That is my final decision."

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