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   Chapter 54 Let’s get married

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 8633

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When Kirito was gone, she made sure that her new chamber's door is locked before she went to her bedroom. There, she opened the paper.

'Go to the first level cell later at 6:00PM. The Master and I will be there. Make sure that Akihito does not go with you.'

Kana looked at the time. It was just 10 minutes past 5:00PM.

She stayed seated on the edge of her bed.

She remembered how Yuki and Ken were holdings hands earlier.

'Why did I even bother to go there, anyway?'

She laid on her bed, placed her arms under her head and closed her eyes. Her thoughts wandered to the event last night, when she was almost burned. She could not help but feel the shivers when she realized that she could have died without even saying goodbye to Ken.

That is the reason why when she woke up this morning and she felt better after a couple of hours, she pleaded to Hideo to allow her to see Ken. She even obliged when Hideo told her that she has to be accompanied by Kirito and some other men to make sure that she will definitely go back to the Yamada estate.

The men that Kirito sent ahead were able to pinpoint Ken's location, and when she learned that he went to the hospital, she immediately wondered if Yuki Iguchi was the one who was in the hospital. She was sure that Ken will not be harmed to be sent to the hospital.

Then, she saw that touching scene.

She did not hear what they were talking about, but she saw them talking for a while before Ken reached out and held her hands. Kana felt that something has clutched her heart in a tight hold. She had difficulty to breathe.

She realized that she was jealous of Yuki Iguchi.

But it was not a new feeling for her.

At some point, she always has a slight jealousy towards Yuki Iguchi, even when Ken asked her to be his girlfriend. After all, Yuki and Ken had lived as husband and wife for six months in that island.

"Arghh! Stop thinking nonsense, Kana!" She blurted out suddenly and sat again on the bed.

She softly slapped both of her cheeks.

'You are not like this, Kana. Stop thinking about the past. You are now Ken's girlfriend. What you saw might mean different from what you think, ok?'

She nodded to herself.

'I shall trust you, Ken. I will give you the benefit of the doubt.'

Yet, the slight stinging in her heart would not fade.

'Is it possible for me to replace Yuki's space in his heart?'


At 5:30 PM, Hideo and Kirito were talking at the assembly room. They decided to meet there instead of the Master's chamber because they both know that the Master's chamber has be

either. Worse, he even met with Yuki.

'What was that scene about, really?'

Yuki Iguchi did not strike her as a woman who would deliberately cheat with her husband. She knows that Yuki loves her husband and her family so much, so she believes that it was Ken who could be doing the moves on her again.

If he was really moving towards Yuki…then, what does that make her?

Kirito nodded. It was his man who sent a message to the Shadows' Mentor that Kana is ok.

"How…what did he know, exactly?"

"He knew about the incident, and he also knew that you are safe."

'Well, that must be it. Ken did not feel the need to come back here because he knows that I am safe.'

Once again, she convinced herself that Ken loves her. However, the hurt that she is feeling is continuously making a sharp sting in her heart.

Kirito noticed the mixed emotions in her eyes.

'How could she trust him fully? Is that how much she loves him?'

"Kana, do you really love Inamori that much?" He asked.

An idea has occurred in Kirito's mind, although it was an idea that could either break him or make him happy.

"Yes." She answered without a doubt.

"Ha-ha, you answered too fast." He grinned bitterly. He walked towards a seat, sat there, and stared at her.

"Why don't we make a bet, Kana?"

His eyes seared on to her.

"What will I gain by taking you up on your bet?" She asked, still standing with her arms on her chest.

"Well, if you win, you will be certain that Inamori loves you." He noticed the glint on her eyes. At her silence, he continued. "If I lose, I will never bother you again."

Kana nodded.

"Let's get married, and see if Inamori will come back here to prevent you from doing so."

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