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   Chapter 53 I will love no other man

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Kana has a calm expression on her face as she walked towards the carpark where Kirito is waiting for her. When she got inside the car, she put on her seatbelt and smiled at Kirito.

"I think we can go back now, Akatsuki." She said.

Kirito glanced at her curiously, but he said nothing. He turned the engine on and when he was about to leave the parking, he saw Ken going together with a beautiful lady. From his information, he guessed that the lady must be Yuki Iguchi. Kirito stopped and watched them as Ken hailed for a taxi for the lady, he did not see what Ken did when he leaned on the passenger's seat when the lady has entered.

"Akatsuki, let's go." Kana said once more, and Kirito has to start driving.

He has a frown on his face, and once they left the parking and was already on the main road, he noticed that Kana was disturbed.

Kana was silent, and Kirito could tell that Kana seems to be in a bad mood.

"I thought you wanted to talk with Ken and take him back with us?" Kirito asked, however, he has a vague idea why Kana just went back without saying anything.

'Maybe, she saw something that hurt her. Damn that Inamori, does he still harbor any feeling towards Yuki Iguchi?'

A deep sigh came from her, and when she looked back at him for a brief moment, she has a somewhat withdrawn look on her face.

"I think Ken needs time. It will be his choice to come back or not."

Her voice, no matter how she obviously tried to speak in her casual manner, sounded lonely.

"I see. What about you?"

"What about me?"

"I mean, if Inamori decides not to come back, what will you do?"

Kirito was eager to hear her answer, but at the same time, he also does not wish to hear an answer that he expects.

"Then maybe, that's how it shall be between us." Kana answered, and it was too vague for Kirito.

"Did you mean you will move on and forget about him?"

Kana let out a small laugh.

"Akatsuki, do you believe that when it comes to loyalty, women are more loyal to their partners than men?"

He frowned.

"I am not asking about men and women here, Kana. I am asking about you."

Kirito does not like a roundabout way of conversation, especially that he feels anxious to hear her answer.

She looked outside the window, and he could not see the expression on her eyes. But he could somehow feel that whatever she is going to say, it is definite.

"Ken is the only man for me. I will love no other man than him."

Kirito gripped the steering wheel tighter than usual, but his facial expression remained the same.

"Lucky him." He said, barely audible for Kana to hear.

"What did you say?" She asked

the snow falls…'

Ken laid on his bed that night, thinking of Kana's face as he fell asleep. He has a smile on his lips, because now, he can finally say that he only has the presence of a single woman in his heart.

'I wonder if you will be surprised to see me, Kana.'


In the Yamada estate, Kana immediately returned to her chamber as soon as Kirito stopped the car. Although the distance from the parking to their chambers were about 800meters, she walked as fast as she could. She does not wish to be questioned by Kirito anymore.

However, when she reached her door, she was surprise to see that Kirito has also arrived there, just a couple of steps away from her. Ignoring him, she opened her door and went it. Before she can close it, Kirito prevented it and he came inside.

"What are you doing, Akatsuki?"

Kirito placed one hand on his lips, signaling her to be quiet. He then pointed upwards, and she understood that he sensed a presence on her roof.

She nodded and let him come in. She noticed that he locked the door behind him.

"Come in Akatsuki, I shall serve you a warm tea for having accompanied me outside." She deliberately spoke louder, and started to prepare the tea.

Kirito took a paper and began writing on it.

"Sure, Lady Kana. Thank you." Kirito answered without looking at her as he continued writing on the piece of paper.

Kana walked towards him, holding two cups of warm green tea on the tray. When she placed it on the table, she spoke again.

"Here's the tea, Akatsuki, please drink it." She said and sat on the chair opposite him.

When she gave him the cup, the folded paper was transferred to her hand when he took the cup.

"Thank you, Lady Kana."

Kana immediately put the paper in her pocket.

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