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   Chapter 52 Afraid of his own Shadow

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 10039

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The look of hesitation that crossed Ken's face was so evident that Eiji felt the urge to tap him hard on his back. But he could not move much with all the tubes and needles attached on his hands and chest.

"If you love Kana, you must decide as soon as possible. If you won't accept your fate, then, you must be brave enough to go against your destiny. Remember Ken, only you must choose your own path. Never let anybody, even a so-called history itself, to decide your fate for you. Life is meant to be lived. You have no second chance at it."

Ken's eyes glistened with the formation of tears on his eyes, but he was quick to look upwards. He knows that the Mentor will not want him to show his weakness, even in front of him.

Yes, that is indeed correct.

Why would he allow a pre-determined fate to turn the wheel of his own destiny? He has his own mind, his own heart, and he will choose the path that he will walk on to.

With the person that he holds dear.

"7th, may I ask if she…Yuki, when did she regain her memory about…me?"

"Ken, I called you here for two things. One, is to transfer the Number. Second, for you to talk with her. You have to ask her everything you want to know, not me."

Ken nodded.

Ken spent another 5 minutes in the room with Eiji, and they spent the time talking about some of the things that Ken had been planning to do for the Shadows, and for his so-called destiny in relation to the Yamada clan. Until now, he has no idea what Han'nya was talking about.

Is he supposed to be a Yamada clan's Master? If so, could he and Kana be the Masters at the same time?

However, both he and the 7th came to a unanimous conclusion that before he considers his role in the Yamada clan, he has to find out the identity of the people who wanted him dead, and learn the reason why. Once he found out the reason, only then he will decide about his next step.

Now, first things first.

He has to face his past feelings.

As somebody told him before, he should not be so greedy and keep two women in his heart at the same time.

A heart is only one to beat for only one person.

With a resolute expression on his face, he bowed in a forty-five degree-angle towards Eiji, and when he lifted his face, he noticed that for the first time, the previous Mentor has a soft and gentle look on his eyes. It was as if he was looking at his own son.

Ken smiled earnestly at him before he opened the door and walked out of it.

'Face your past, Ken, so you can move on towards your future.'


Yuki was drinking an apple juice that she bought from the vending machine within the hospital's waiting area. She was in a corner near a window, overlooking the side of the mountainous area. Ken stood on the doorway, silently observing her.

The way she was holding the small pack of juice with both of her hands was still the same as before. It was like she was too careful not to accidentally spill it. She was wearing a one-piece gray dress that reaches jus

remembered you…us, I also remembered everything that happened. It made me realize that those months that I was living as your wife, my heart was caged with Eto. Those experiences made me realize that I could never love anybody else like I did…and I do with Eto."

"Because of that Ken, I am so thankful. You made me realize that I only belong to one man, who is my husband."

Ken could not say anything for almost a complete one minute. He was amazed at how honest and brave Yuki is. He was so afraid to face his feelings for her, but here she is, she was able to analyze and accept her own mistakes and came up with the realization that everything has happened for one reason.

That is to make her realize that she belongs to only one man.

Ken slowly smiled, a look of satisfaction on his face.

Now, he completely understood what it was with Yuki that he found so refreshing and attractive. She was always honest and straight-forward.

Almost the same with Kana.

While he, he was just impulsive and was so pathetic. He tended to over-analyze his emotions and put a barrier around himself when he felt like his emotions would go too deep. He was hurt once with Yuki, and became too afraid to try again.

In short, he was just a scaredy-cat.

Afraid of his own Shadow.

He leaned on the table and held Yuki's hands on his own. Yuki smiled at him, understanding his intention.

"Thank you so much, Yuki. You don't know how much you made me learn more about myself. I hope that the next time we meet, I can introduce to you the lady who now holds my heart."

Yuki looked surprised for a moment, then, she gently withdrew her hands from his and patted his hands.

"Then, stop holding other women's hands from now on, Ken. Women are also possessive, you know. I wish you happiness."

She said with a smile. They laughed together.

On that moment, a figure of a woman gently retreated behind the door upon seeing them laughing together merrily. She has a sad look on her face.

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