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   Chapter 51 You are not alone anymore

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Yuki touched the hanging edge of the scarf which is wrapped on her neck in a fashionable style. Her fingers instinctively reached for the X embroidered mark at the edge.

She smiled to Eiji.

"No Father, it was given to me by a…special person." Her eyes turned a bit aglow at the mention of a special person. Eiji kept the mask of indifference on his face, feigning innocence to what she just said.

'Does she remember now about Ken?'

"I see, must be a very dexterous lady to embroider such a nice design." He remarked.

Yuki shook her head in earnest.

"Father, I think it is okay if I tell you something that I could not tell to Eto." She said, and completely placed the mikan on the basket.

She has a serene expression on her face, as if she was reminiscing something good and unforgettable.

"When I fell on that cliff, I had an amnesia. During those times, the person who took care of me was…a man. He was the one who gave me this scarf. I do not know how come I have forgotten about him when I regained my memories about Eto, but it happened."

Eiji just listened.

"When did you regain your memories of the man?" He asked when she did not continue.

"After I gave birth to Chie, and then I saw this scarf, it feels like everything came back to me like a running water. It seems like for whatever reason, I totally forgot about that man. He was the one who saved me from Mariko, and he was with me when I fell off the cliff. Father, what I'm going to tell you from now, can you please keep it a secret from Eto?"

Eiji noticed the slight reddening of her cheeks, and he nodded. He has a faint idea why she suddenly felt embarrassed. Even though she did not ask him, he has no plan to tell anything to Eto.

Ignorance is bliss.

He would not want his son to be hurt again after witnessing his near death-like state.

"During the six months that I was living with the man, he treated me like his own wife, and I treated him as my own husband. I worked in a nursery school while he worked in a construction site. I could still recall how simple our daily lives were. And now that I think about it, I could not believe that I became unfaithful to Eto." Yuki bit her upper lip and paused.

She has a distant look on her face, and Eiji could understand the mixed emotions she has at the moment.

"But Father, I also know that during those times, we never had…intercourse. I remember many times when we almost did it, but it seemed like a part of me still rejected an intrusion from another man. And now, I feel really grateful to that man, because he never once forced me. He always respected and understood me, even though I had no idea why I was like that, considering that I be


Ken has a slight look of surprise, but everybody in the Shadows had been expecting that he will become the No. 1. It was just a matter of when.

"But, Men-", Ken has a confused expression on his face. "How do I address you now?"

"From now on, you just address me as the 7th, because I am the 7th Mentor who has retired."

Ken nodded.

"Did you just call me to transfer the title?"

Eiji motioned for him to lean closer, and when he did, a small capsule-like thing fell on Eiji's hands. Ken took it fast and in a matter of less than a second, it was gone from his palms.

"That contains all the things that you have to know as the next Mentor…and the rules that you still do not know. I have trained you in both skills and decision-making Ken, and I believe that you can be a better Mentor than I was. However, unlike me, you have a more important role to perform than just being a Mentor of a small group of assassins."

At the deepening crease on his forehead, Eiji smiled faintly.

"Do you know that this morning, before I had a heart attack, I was visited by a lady's presence?"

Ken's eyes glinted in a flash of anger.

'Did Han'nya cause the Mentor's heart attack?'

"Ken, I have been sick for more than five years, so do not blame her."

Eiji said, noting the darkening shade of his eyes. He felt slightly better that Ken would harbor such a deep concern for him. Eiji told him exactly what the lady told him, and the look on Ken's face changed to that of understanding of the situation.

"I think, the time has come for you to face your feelings. You are not alone anymore, Ken. You have Kana who loves you. You don't have to be afraid that she will be harmed because of you. Instead, you must do something to make sure that she would not face any danger from now on."

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