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   Chapter 50 When the snow falls

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 8435

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Ken looked at the message on his phone that he received last night. It came from the Mentor. He gripped the phone tightly, and his eyes turned bloodshot.

'There was a fire in Kana's bedroom. She was saved by Kirito.'

Ken looked at the calendar which was hanging on the wall. It is now nine days since he was forcefully taken out of the Yamada estate. Spending two days in the Place No. 3 and doing all the proper conditioning, he is almost at his full capacity.

He felt irritated that he was not there when Kana was in danger. It is supposed to be his duty to protect his girlfriend, but he let other man do his job. How pathetic.

'I thought that once I'm gone from the estate, she would be safe?'

He has been inching to go back to the Yamada estate, but some considerations are making him hesitant.

First, if he goes back there, Kana would be put in grave danger again.

Second, what about Han'nya's words? He is still confused when she said that when his destiny unfolds, he will come back.

'What is my destiny?'

"The man bearing the right oath will help you to protect your dearest person. But your destiny will remain caged unless you leave this place. When your destiny unfolds, you will return here, Master."

'So, the right oath must have referred to Kirito, as the right-hand man of the Master.'

He thought that the right oath then referred to Akihito, since he was the first one to form an oath of allegiance with Kana. With regards to Han'nya's statement, he has to think thoroughly.

Ken's forehead was in deep furrow, for he was trying to remember exactly when did the mark on his left waist disappeared. Based from what he learned at the estate, Kana's mark should have been manually created by the Oracle when she was one year old. But for him, the Mentor said that his mark was there since he took him in as an infant.

'Was I born with it? If the clan values men as their leader, why did they want me to be killed?'

Just then, he received another message from the Mentor.

'Come to the Central Hospital, No. 2. Room 712. At 14:30.'

Ken wondered about it.

'Who is in the hospital?'

He looked at the time, it is now 1:00PM. He decided to go out of the room. He will need to eat lunch then, he will go to the hospital. The hospital is about 20 minutes away by train from his current location.


In the Central Hospital at Room 712, Yuki and Eto Iguchi were sitting on the chair beside the bed. They looked at Eiji Iguchi who is lying on the bed with a gentle

wife was weeping silently beside him.


Ken had lunch at a restaurant near the Central Hospital. He felt nostalgic looking at the hospital from the 4th floor. He looked at the time, it is now 14:20. He noticed that Eto Iguch went out of the hospital with his mother at exactly 14:00. He wondered then who could be at the hospital and why did the Mentor asked him to come here.

'Did something happened to the Mentor? Or was it…her?'

He felt a familiar sensation within him.

He looked at his wristwatch, and when it was just three minutes prior to the time that the Mentor told him to come, he stood from his chair. When he paid for his food, the cashier gave him the receipt along with an intentional touch on his fingers. She even winked at him.

Ken looked impassively at her. When he went out of the door, he threw the receipt to the garbage bin, for he is sure that her phone number must have been written on it.

How shameless!


Eiji was smiling with something that Yuki told him. He silently observed Yuki's facial expression. He feels happy that Yuki and Eto are finally living a life fit for the two of them, with their two children. He could never be too proud of his two grandchildren, and he silently hoped that no more life-threatening even would befall their family in the future.

Then, he noticed that around Yuki's neck, the green scarf that she's wearing has an X mark on it. He frowned, because he knows that the scarf was previously owned by Ken.

Eiji cleared his throat.

"Yuki, may I ask you something?"

"Oh sure, Father", she replied, and paused from peeling a mikan citrus.

"That scarf, is it yours from the start?"

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