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   Chapter 49 You are just a piggy bear

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 9550

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Kana lowered her eyes and pretended to be arranging something on her blouse.

'That was dangerous. This man is definitely hitting on me.'

"No response? Did I hit a nerve?" Kirito asked her the very same question that she asked him a few minutes ago, with his matching lifted eyebrow and lopsided grin.

She repressed the urge to wipe the grin off his face. He looked so daring and good in that moment. But then, her heart belongs to only one.

She looked at him, meeting him equally in the eyes.

"Akatsuki. I agree that you are good looking. But to me, you are just a piggy bear in a toy house, who looks good to the eye. At the end of the day, I would still go back to my one and only pillow. The pillow that makes me sleep tight and cause me to dream nice."

She said and turned around on her sneakers, and walked fast towards the other training men. She had to train herself as hard as she could for two reasons.

One, so she can be of help to Ken whenever he needs her.

Two, so she can take her mind off the nuisance who is Kirito.

Kirito looked at her retreating figure, with a surprised and unfathomable look on his eyes. Suddenly, he laughed. It was a little loud that some of the nearby men in the firing section glanced at him. When he stopped laughing, his eyes turned icy cold again, as he glowered at the men looking at him.

'Me, a piggy bear? A pig and a bear in one? Ha-ha. And the pillow must be Inamori. How creative you are in making metaphor, Kana. You just make me want to have you more.'


That night, Kana was already soundly sleeping when she suddenly felt her body sweaty and hot. She was also having difficulty to breathe. However, she could not open her eyes. She felt like she was a having a nightmare, that nightmare which haunted her for so many nights almost 11 years ago.

She saw their house burning again, but she could not hear her own voice. She tried to shout for help, but still, no voice would come out.

'This is just a dream! Wake up Kana!'

She tried to focus her mind to wake herself up. She could feel the heaviness of her tongue and the numbness of her body as she tried to make even a slightest move to wake herself up.


She was almost suffocating with the smoke in her room. Then, a slap on her face woke her up. It was painful.


She said in a startled voice, feeling that the same thing has happened before when they were on a mission.

She dreamed of that burning house, and Ken slapped her to wake her up.

However, the eyes that she saw were deep, black eyes.

It was Kirito.

"Wake up! We're going!" He shouted, and carried her in his arms, close to his chest.

Kana was still in shock, for she thought that Ken is with her. Ken was the one who saved her.

'Why did Kirito appear in my dream?'

"Kana! Shikkari shiro!" (Japanese: Pull y

nsitive. With a disappointed groan, he turned on his side with his back to her, putting as much space from her as possible.

'Damn it! I have slept with many women before, why can't I sleep now?'

After another hour, he finally succumbed to slumber. Just then, he felt a warm a soft body pressed into his back. His eyes flew open. Kana's hand is now draped on his waist, and she is hugging him from behind. He stiffened like a rod.

After a while, with a defeated sigh, he turned towards her, and saw that she looks peaceful in her sleep. Looking at her like this, he let go of any reservation he has with having something to do with a female from the clan.

He pulled her even closer to him, with her head underneath his chin, and draped his arm around her to her back.

'If only…if only I have met you first, Kana.' He murmured softly against her hair.


The next day, Kirito woke up at 6:00AM, and upon casting a warm glance at the sleeping woman on his bed, he went to take a shower. Upon changing his clothes into his daily attire, he went out of his room.

"Asano!" He called, and Asano arrived behind him.

"Master, good morning."

Kirito murmured a slightly audible 'good morning'.

"Where is the man?"

"At the first level cell, Master."

"Ok, I will see him in an hour. Please ask the staff to bring a breakfast in my room for two people. And bring a change of clothes for Lady Kana."

"Yes Master." Then, Asano hesitated. "Master, the clan Master has asked for you to come to his chamber, and bring Lady Kana with you when you are ready."

Kirito nodded. He knows that the Master must have known about the fire. Although the fire was stopped before it even consumed the whole bedroom, of course the Master would not tolerate what happened.

After all, it is the next Master's chamber which was set aflame. There could never be a more heinous crime than this.

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