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   Chapter 48 How I want myself to be seen by you

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 9166

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"Whew! I did not realize that I could be a very encouraging target for you, Lady Kana."

Kirito whistled when he saw that she almost hit the target perfectly on the center. He removed his hands that were covering hers, and looked at her flushed cheeks with apparent amusement.

Kana glanced at him sharply. He answered her with a hearty chuckle.

"Lady Kana, I would suggest that you stop looking at me like that."

He said afterwards, his eyes turned to narrow slits as he noticed her irritated glare.

"What? How do I look at you?" Kana was surprised at his words, for she could not understand any special way on how she is looking at him.

He stepped towards her again, and she backed down, hitting her back on the wooden cubicle. Kirito stopped a few inches away from her.

"You were just looking at me as if…you hate me." He said, his words were slow and with emphasis.

"Oh that", Kana smiled at him innocently. "Well, what can I say? My eyes are very expressive."

Kana was aware that her words were a little humiliating. But she could not help herself. Although Kirito has never done anything to her for her to hate him, except for that one kiss that he stole before, she found herself uncomfortable with his presence.

He is overbearing and too confident for his own good. He is also sexy and good-looking, and she does not like the way that he would sometimes look at her with evident desire.

What she hates the most is how he could make her lose her cool so easily. It's like every word he utters towards her, she found them either too lustful, too embarrassing, too intimidating or too perverted.

She could tell that as an ordinary woman, Kirito could be very attractive and tempting. That is why she is keeping her distance away from him.

She loves Ken, and she won't even give a single chance for her feelings to be swayed over by his mere absence. She believes that temptations are everywhere, so she has to walk away from them.

Kirito stared at her, and she had to stare back at him, not willing to lose in this simple staring battle.

Then, he suddenly blew air into her eyes, which made her shut them tightly.

"You pervert!"

She gnashed at him, while he moved swiftly and her face was suddenly caught on his hand. He pinched her chin lightly, and when she met his eyes, she was surprised that her heart began to beat rapidly.

'Shit! What's wrong with me?'

She gritted her teeth and kept her mouth tightly shut as she looked at him. He was intently looking at her eyes, and after a while, he let her go. He has a satisfied look on his face as he spoke again.

"I agree, your eyes are indeed expressive, Lady Kana. I could perfectly see that you found me attractive."

Her eyes widene

The agitation in his voice was evident to the other three heads, and the head of the Shimizu family raised his right hand.

"Since the target has left the estate, it has become harder to assassinate him more. We must do something to lure him to go back here, where we can control his movement and the scope of his actions."

The other three nodded in agreement. Then, the head of the Moriyama family spoke.

"Are we really doing the proper thing?"

He received cold stares from the other three families.

"Are you backing out, after all this time, Head Moriyama?"

Moriyama wiped the sweat on his forehead.

"I am not backing out, I am just suggesting another course of action. Why do we have to involve the next Master in this plan? We could just eliminate the target without harming the Lady."

Shimizu smirked, he has the most dangerous expression among the four.

"Don't we all acknowledge that a woman is a man's weakness, Head Moriyama? As long as we keep on targeting her, our main target will continue to protect her. In the process, nobody will think that our real target is that man, Ken Inamori, and not Lady Kana. His demise will just be viewed as a collateral damage for protecting the person he loves the most. Not a bad end, don't you agree?"

Moriyama lowered his eyes in defeat.

"I worry about our family if this plan should fail." He said after a few seconds of silence.

"Our plan will not fail if we all cooperate." Head Ito interjected.

"We must do everything to bring that man back here again."

Head Shimizu rubbed his chin, an evil smile played on his lips.

"Leave it to me, I already has a plan on how to smoke our target out. He will run back towards our grasp in a short while. And when he did, we will accept him with open arms, and eliminate him for sure, this time."

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