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   Chapter 47 We are originally one

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Kirito looked at Kana as she aimed at the target. He could tell that she has never used a gun before. With a deep sigh, he walked towards her in fast and solid strides.

"Lady Kana." His voice was deep and unexpected that Kana almost lost her grip on the gun.

She turned and found herself looking at Kirito's deep eyes.

"What? You came here to bully me again?" She asked him straight, unmindful of the stares that the other females on the firing range were giving to them.

Kirito is one of the most eligible bachelors in the clan, he has the looks, the ability, and the position to make him such a good candidate for females of marriageable age. However, Kirito has never once dated anybody in the clan. Although he had many flings with females outside of the clan.

It only shows that he does not want to be caught in a compromising situation if he would make a mistake with the clan's women.

For the past several days, Kirito has been pestering her to go out with him. He even told her that the only way she would be allowed to leave the estate is to go out on a date with him.

It has been a week since Ken left the estate, and during that whole week, there has never been a single incident of threat on her life. She found it strange.

But not only her. Hideo and Kirito also found it strange. Kirito even went as far as to file for an indefinite leave from the military base, claiming that his mother is sick and needs him. He even made some of her bodyguards to abandon their posts, baiting the possible assassins. However, nothing happened.

Within him, Kirito has an intuition that Kana might not have been the real target of those incidents. But no matter how hard he tried to reason out that Ken Inamori might have been the target, he could not find any probable reason.

Ken Inamori is just an ordinary assassin from a Japanese couple. Why would his existence cause an uproar in the Yamada clan?

Now, as Kirito looked at the sullen expression on Kana's face, he could not help but feel challenged.

"Why would I bully you, Lady Kana? You are the next Master, surely I cannot be so insolent to do that." He answered, feigning innocence in his looks.

She did not respond and turned her back to him. Once again, she lifted her arms and tried to aim on her target. Then, all of a sudden, she felt Kirito's body close to hers.

His hands covered hers, and his face was so close to her cheeks that she adjusted the angle of her face.

"Let me teach you the proper posture of using a gun, Lady Kana. You see, if you place your feet like this, there is a chance that the recoil will make you stumble backwards."

Using his right foot, he guided her foot firmly in place, all the while keeping his hands firmly on hers.

Kana found herself wondering how warm and strong looking his hands were. It completely covered her small hands.

"Please remember this posture, Lady Kana." He said, his lips was near her right ear, and she could feel his warm breath on her neck. "Ready?" He asked, his eyes were focused like an owl on the target.

Kana could not help the impulse to steal a glance at him, and she was surprised at how close his face really is. She could almost see the very tiny pores on his cheeks were the growth of stubbles are visible.

'Kirito is also good-looking.'

She shook the thought out of her head.

'Fool! What are you thinking? He is nowhere compared to Ken, right?'

"Lady Kana, please focus your eyes on the target." His voice made her instantly aware of the reason why she is here. She felt his hold on her hands tightened and his body pressed on her closer than before. "Unless, your target is me." He added.

Kana pulled the trigger.


At the deepest part of the forest, where the Oracle dwells, two figures stood in front of the shrine's gate. When they start to place their feet inside, six men in all-black attire instantly appeared, hindering them from moving forward.

"This place is only allowable for the Master of the clan. Anybody else have to show a gate pass." One of the men stated.

Their faces were also covered, except for their eyes.

The two men who were about to enter stopped on their tracks, and they looked at each other. The older man nodded towards the younger man.

"We have a business with the Oracle." The younger man stated.

"Only the Master is allowed to meet the Oracle."

An awkward silence prevailed across the sur

roundings. Just then, an elderly woman from inside the shrine appeared. She was dressed in an old style of the shrine's kimono. She has a long, white hair tied on her back with a black ribbon, and walked slowly towards them while holding a cane on her left hand, but not using it.

"What business do you have here, family heads?" The elderly woman asked.

The elderly woman looked between 60 and 70 years old, she was still standing straight and her face indicated that she was lovely during her youth. She has a calm expression on her face, and her black eyes looked at each man with obvious disgust.

"Obaasama", the two family heads bowed respectfully at her. She did not reply and just looked at them.

"We came to talk with the Oracle."

"Only the Master could talk with the Oracle." The elderly woman stated firmly, reiterating the earlier response form the men-in-black.

The younger man showed an impatient look on his face, but the older man touched his shoulder.

"Obaasama, this is an urgent matter for the clan. Please allow us to talk with the Oracle."

"If it is a matter of urgency for the clan, you should have talked with the Master first."

With that, the elderly woman turned her back on them. The younger man looked embarrassed and with an impulsive action, he dared to step inside the gate.

However, a thunder was suddenly heard, followed by a lightning that stroked near the gate.

The men in black all cowered in surprise and fear, as well as the two family heads. The younger man fell on his backside to the ground, for the lightning almost fell where he was just standing a few seconds ago.

A look of disbelief washed on the faces of everybody who saw what happened. The elderly woman turned to give them a warning look.

"You, young family head. Remember that only the Master is allowed to meet with the Oracle. Unless the Oracle willed it, you cannot meet her even when you enter the shrine."

Then, the elderly woman entered the shrine, and vanished from their eyes.


Han'nya was sitting on one chair when she heard the thunder. She looked with surprised eyes to the Oracle.

"Intruders?" She asked.

"Yes, two fools." The Oracle answered.

Han'nya continued to do what she was doing. An embroidery.

"Han'nya, why did you go out of the estate a week ago?" The Oracle asked.

Han'nya's long fingers stopped in mid-air, then she paused from her embroidery and turned her full attention to the Oracle.

"Oracle, you should have known the answer to that question."

The Oracle stared at Han'nya, and Han'nya met her gaze. The Oracle lowered her eyes.

"You should not interfere with fate, Han'nya."

Han'nya's hands on the cloth tightened, and her gaze intensified as she looked at the Oracle.

"If somebody has interfered with fate, it was you, Oracle."

"Han'nya! Mind your words. You are talking to the Oracle." The elderly woman earlier said, as she heard what Han'nya has just said.

Han'nya threw them a defiant glare. The Oracle sighed and spoke in a calm voice.

"It's ok, Obaasama. Han'nya is one of us, I'm sure she understands."

Han'nya stood.

"Yes, I understand. What I did was something I should have done 27 years ago if I was strong enough back then. You took the reason for my existence. Now that my Master has come back, I have no reason to stay here."

The Oracle looked worried at Han'nya's statement.

"What do you mean, Han'nya? Didn't you know that if you stay too long outside this Shrine, you will cease to exist?"

Han'nya smiled cynically. Her pretty face glowed in the dim light of the chamber.

"I will not cease to exist, Oracle. I will continue to live with my Master. For we are originally one. When the time comes, you will also kneel to him."

Han'nya then glided out of the Oracle's chamber. She has a disappointed look on her face as she walked back to where her room is. Upon reaching her bedroom, she sat down on it. With a gentle expression on her face, she looked at the surrounding trees near her window. It would be winter soon, and the time for her Master to regain what is rightfully his will transpire very soon. When it happens, Han'nya will be forever with him.

Han'nya smiled to herself.

'Oh precious Time, let me be with my Master soon.'

As she closed her eyes, she reminisced what happened 27 years ago. It was that fateful night when she lost the only reason for her existence.

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