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   Chapter 46 I am a Shadow

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Ken looked at the Mentor with disbelief written all over his face.

'I am a Yamada? Does it mean that Kana and I are both descendants of the Yamada clan?'

The Mentor could see the obvious confusion on Ken's eyes. He could not blame him. After all, it is a rare thing that somebody from that old and prestigious Yamada clan would order its own descendant to be killed. During the few missions that the Shadows had accepted from the clan, they were to dispose of a family member who had betrayed the country.

The Yamada clan is proud of its patriotism, and will not tolerate betrayal of the country and its citizen.

The people of the country have such a high and deep regard for the royal clan and the clan itself takes care of its bloodline, making sure that all its progenies have pure Japanese blood.

The Mentor remembered when Ken was given to him. He thought then that his parents must be foreigners, as even as a newly born infant, his eyes were unmistakably blue. Even now, through all those years of gathering information, he has never come across a Yamada child who possess such a distinctive eye color.

Thus, he thought that Ken must have been a very unique existence in the clan, and his uniqueness might be the reason for the clan to dispose of him.

"Mentor, you said that the person who wanted me to be killed was a family head. Do you know his identity?"

The Mentor nodded.

"He was the head of the Shimizu family during that time. Yuichi Shimizu."

Ken's eyes darkened.

"Mentor, when you found me here, did you notice anybody, or any presence near me? Who called you that I am here?"

"It was a woman's voice. She didn't say her name, but from what I could feel from her aura, she does not seem to be an ordinary girl. The call was made from a payphone near this place, and when I arrived here 20 minutes later, I found you collapsed on the door." The Mentor put one hand in his pocket, and took something from it.

"I found this on your right hand", Ken reached out his hand, and the cold metal locket said hi to him. It was a circular plain silver object with a button to push at one side. There was no special design on it, with a diameter of about 2 inches. It did not even have a chain to hold it.

He frowned.

"This is not mine." He said to the Mentor.

The Mentor shrugged his shoulders, and looked closely at Ken.

"Can you try to open it?"

Ken pushed the button at the side, and the locket opened. The Mentor looked quite surprised, for he spent one week in trying to open it in every possible way but he failed.

'It means that it can only be opened by Ken.' Eiji mused.

What Ken saw inside the locket was a picture of two person.

The man looked like a typical Japanese, black hair and black eyes against a fair complexion, his age was around mid-20s, and a lady. The lady looked familiar to Ken. When he looked at her face closely, the frown on his forehead became deep. The lady looked like a teenage girl with a serene expression and lovely face. She has jet-black hair and black eyes.

However, she looks exactly like Han'nya.

'What is going on? Are these two my real parents? If this is true, how come Han'nya looks like my mother? Are they related? So, what is Han'nya's relationship to me?'

Ken felt like his head is about to split with confusion. He massaged his temples.

"Ken, now that you know that you are a Yamada, what do you plan to do?"

Ken smirked.

"Mentor, that clan had abandoned me a long time ago. I do not have any plan to go back there anymore. We have mutual feelings, they don't want me and I don't want them. Just like always, I will continue to live my life as Ken Inamori. I am a Shadow, not a Yamada."

'This is correct, there is no reason for me to go back to the clan who wanted me dead.'

"Please come back, Master."

Han'nya's voice suddenly echoed in his mind.

"Mentor, do you know the process by which the Yamada clan decides their Master?"

The Mentor nodded.

"The Master of the clan has a special mark on his body that signifies him to be the chosen one. But I have never seen the mark."

"Kana has the mark on her."

The Mentor was surprised, and his eyes became immersed in deep thought.

'What is going on? Is this also fate?'

"Ken, when you were a baby, you have a birthmark on you." He said, suddenly remembering that mark on Ken's body when he was still taking care of him as an infant before he found a suitable couple for him.

Ken frowned his forehead.

"Does it mean that I was n

ot hallucinating, Mentor?"

"What do you mean?" Eiji asked.

"When I was in elementary, I thought that I also have a birthmark on the left side of my back above my waist. I think the last time I saw it was during one of the swimming lessons on my 6th grade. But when I saw Kana's mark on her right side and thought that it looked similar with mine, I noticed that my birthmark was gone."


In the Yamada estate, Kana was on the training ground with several men. She would be practicing shooting today for the first time. During the last several days, she took her mind off Ken by honing her combat skills with the men under Akihito's command.

Kana has always been good with close hand combat, but her physical strength is still lacking. She realized that when Akihito easily overpowered her before. Maybe, it was the reason that the Mentor never once assigned her on a solo mission.

She squinted her eyes as she looked at the fixed target about 8 meters away from her. Her mind instantly wandered to Ken.


"Lady Kana, please pull yourself together."

When she heard Kirito's voice, and felt his hands caressing her hair, she was jolted back to reality. She pushed him instantly and stepped back away from him. She remembered that Ken will scold her again if he found out that she let another man hug her.

'But Ken is not here anymore.'

She bit her upper lip and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

"Grandpa, I would like to return to my chamber." She said in a calm voice, much to Kirito's surprise.

Kana ignored him, for she has no time to consider other people except Ken, at the moment. She has to think, there must be a reason why Ken left without saying anything to her.

Hideo eyed her with doubt, as if hesitant if she would do something to follow him again like she did last time. Kana recognized the concern in his eyes, and she smiled to him cheerfully.

"Please don't look at me like that, Grandpa. I promise that I will not do anything unnecessary this time. If you want, you may post more bodyguards for me so you can be sure that I will not try to leave the estate."

Hideo glanced at Kirito. Kirito understood the silent order.

"Asano!" He called with a stern voice.

The door to the receiving chamber opened and Asano arrived, kneeling on his both knees.

"Yes, Master."

"Escort Lady Kana back to her chamber." When Kana gave him a thankful look, he grinned at her. "And stay with her at all times. If she ever try to leave her chamber without permission from me or the Master, you know what to do."

Kana's eyes widened, and she made a face at him.

"Kana!" Hideo's reprimanding voice told her that she was caught making a face at Kirito. She pursed her lips and lowered her eyes.

"I am sorry, grandfather."

"Kirito is only concern for your safety. You don't want something similar to what happened to you before to happen again, do you?"

She rolled her eyes at Kirito again, and Hideo just let her reaction slide.

'Concern? Why do I feel that this man is up to no good when it comes to me?'

She noted the humor in Kirito's eyes, and she decided upon herself not to trust him.

As ordered, she was escorted by Asano back to her chamber, and when she arrived there, Asano also went inside up to her receiving room. When she was about to open the door to her bedroom, she noticed that he was intending to accompany her as well.

She paused and looked at him.

"Asano, do you plan to accompany me even inside my bedroom? Just to tell you, Akihito is also watching my every move. Even though he follows all my orders, I doubt that he will let me out of the estate, too. I will tolerate your presence in my receiving area."

She said with lifted brows, and Asano's face turned ashen at first, then reddened upon understanding what she meant.

He bowed respectfully at her and settled himself on one corner of the receiving area.

When she entered her bedroom, she made sure that she locked it properly.

Then, suddenly, feeling the loneliness in her heart, she laid on her bed face down with arms spread and her feet dangling on the sides of the bed.

'Ken, even just a word…'

She did not realize that she fell into a nap when her phone vibrated in her pocket. She opened her eyes, sat on the bed and took out her phone. It was a message from the Mentor.

She smiled upon receiving the message, and with an adamant look on her face, she decided to follow the Mentor's order. She will wait for Ken, for he will surely come back to her.

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