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   Chapter 45 The only woman I cared for

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However, early that morning, Kana was summoned into the Master's chambers. When she arrived there with Akihito behind her, she noticed that both Hideo and Kirito have grim look on their faces.

She silently walked towards a chair, facing Hideo. When she met his eyes, there was a solemn expression there that she does not understand to whom or to what it is directed at. She gave them a bright smile, not understanding what is there to be this gloomy at early in the morning.

"Lady Kana, Ken Inamori has left the estate."

"What?!" Kana was surprised at Kirito's sudden statement.

She gripped the arm rest of the chair, trying to act and think calmly.

"No, that can't be grandpa, Akatsuki. He was just in his room last night. I saw-" Her cheeks reddened when she realized that she almost told them that she was there at past midnight.

"Ken will not leave without saying anything to me." She said in a smaller voice.

'It can't be. Ken will not leave me alone here.'

She stood up and was about to go outside the door when Hideo's voice stopped her.

"Where are you going, Kana?"

"I have to look for Ken, grandpa. He must be just outside or in the forest training himself or doing exercise."

Yes, that's what she wants to believe.

Hideo nodded towards Kirito. Kirito also nodded and walked towards Kana. He stopped a few steps before her, and handed her a piece of a folded paper.

"He is not here anymore, Lady Kana. We found this in his room, indication that he left of his own free will. Also, I have sent people over the estate, and he was not found."

With a deep frown on her face, she took the paper and unfolded it.

It was a note from Ken to her.

Her heart began to beat rapidly, and she swallowed hard before she found the courage to read it.

Kana, I have to leave this place. I cannot take you with me. Once everything is ok, I will come back to you. Trust me.


Kana read the short note once again, and repeated it again.

She was looking through the letters, reading between the lines, and trying to find any hidden message or code there.

But she found nothing.

He just left without even saying anything to her.

Is his feeling for her as shallow as this?

Kana felt so heartbroken that she didn't notice that the letter which supposedly came from Ken did not even resemble his handwriting at all.

'How can I even trust you when you left me with so many uncertainties, Ken?'

She did not realize that she was silently weeping. Hideo saw the tears falling from her cheeks, and he felt irritated at how Ken Inamori just left without so much as any word to her. It seems that he misjudged him, he misjudged the extent of his feelings towards Kana, because he just left her at a time when her life is in danger.

Kirito felt uncomfortable looking at Kana. The way she stayed standing straight, and her eyes unblinking and looking through him with the tears streaming down her cheeks tugged at his heart. It was not the kind of look that he always wanted to see her with.

Unmindful of his action nor the presence of Hideo behind him, he pulled Kana towards him. He was expecting her to squirm and fight him off, but she just stayed unmoving.

'It seems that Ken's absence became a shock to her.'

He pushed her a little to look at her face. His eyes darkened at how desolate her face is.

'Where is that cheerful spirit?'

"Lady Kana, please pull yourself together." Kirito took the paper from her and read it.

His face darkened at the note which does not even provide an explanation for his action.

'That bastard!' He thought to himself, silently cursing him for making her cry.

He pulled her closer to him, her head came just underneath his chin. He used his other hand to pat her hair gently, murmuring soothing words to her.

For a moment, he wondered how a small and fragile girl like her could even be marked as a Master. No matter how he tried to look at her small shoulders, her frail-looking fingers, she is nothing but just an ordinary girl.

A girl who needs to be taken care of.

'Damn you, Inamori. You dared to hurt the only woman I cared for. I will not forgive you. You left her, so don't blame me for taking after what you left behi



Ken opened his eyes. He felt different, as if his head is so heavy with so many things. He blinked a few times, and noticed the bright ceiling.

"How do you feel, Ken?"

Ken turned his face and saw the Mentor.

He was wearing his usual attire that hides his identity, but Ken know his voice all too well.

Ken tried to sit up, but he noticed that his muscles and joints seemed to be too weak. He felt no strength at all coming from his own body.

'What happened after that kiss on my forehead?'

"Mentor, we are not in the Yamada estate anymore, right?"

He has a bad feeling about where he is, but he has to be sure. The presence of the Mentor meant that he has been taken out of the Yamada estate without his knowledge.

'Was it Han'nya's doing? How was she able to…no, she seems to be the kind to be able to do something out of ordinary.'

"Right. I received a call, and found you unconscious at the entrance of Place No. 3. I took you here. What happened? You were supposed to be with Kana."

The Mentor sat on the chair beside his bed.

Ken closed his eyes and placed his fingers on his temples, massaging them with such force until he felt a bit of pain. No matter how he tried to remember, the only thing he could was that scene before he lost consciousness.

Han'nya kissed him on his forehead, and he felt dizzy.

His eyes opened widely when he remembered Kana.

"Mentor, can you contact Kana? I have to tell her that I'm here."

'She must be so worried about me now.'

"Ken, do you know how long have you been sleeping here?"

Ken's forehead frowned as he understood the Mentor's words. How long?

"You've been unconscious for one week already. I already sent a message to Kana when I took you here."

'One week?'

Ken could not believe it.

'It must be the reason why my body feels strange. I've been lying here for a week without moving?'

The Mentor was watching his expression the whole time.

"Ken, I'm not sure if you want to hear about this but I think it's time for you to know about your past."

Ken turned to look at him.

'My past?'

"Mentor, what is there to know about my past? I first met you when I was 16, how could you know about my past?"

'Is it possible that the Mentor knows about the destiny that Han'nya was talking about?'

"Didn't you find it a bit strange that I came to you at the exact time that you were about to kill a man, Ken? It was because I have kept my eye on you. Anyway, I think it is the right time for you to know that the parents you grew up with were not your biological parents."

For some reason, Ken was not surprised. When his parents passed away, he didn't understand then why there was no feeling of losing somebody important. His parents were not bad people, but he could not bring himself to mourn for them even during the wake, and the funeral. He just felt like he became alone.

But he was not lonely.

Now, it makes sense.

The Mentor continued talking upon noticing that Ken was listening intently.

"As a Shadow, I was ordered to dispose of you. You were just a newly-born child then, just one-day old. However, I could not bear to kill a newborn baby, so I brought you to a childless couple, and watched you grow. When I noticed that you have a knack as an assassin, that was when I decided to scout you inside the Shadows."

"Why did my parents wanted to kill me?"

The Mentor hesitated for a while before looking at him.

"I don't know who your real parents are, Ken. The things that I'm going to tell you now are the information that I was able to gather throughout those years, and some are my own deduction."

"Ken, you belong to the Yamada clan. On the day that you were born, I learned that a phenomenon that has never happened before since the clan's establishment occurred. I think, the reason why you were ordered to be disposed of was because of that phenomenon. However, until now, I could not get any information about it. I don't even know the true identity of your parents, only that you are an important bloodline of the Yamada. But if it will help you, I believe that the one who ordered your disposal was or were not your parents. It was a family head in the Yamada clan."

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