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   Chapter 44 I exist to serve you

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 9299

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Ken received a message from the Mentor that night. He became agitated. He decided to visit Kana first thing the next day.

It was past midnight when he finally felt sleepy. His senses have been heightened earlier and he had difficulty to condition his mind to fall into slumber. As he yawned, he smelled a familiar jasmine scent that is being carried by the gentle breeze.

He sat on his bed. All the windows and the door on his bedroom and receiving room are closed and locked. Where could this breeze be seeping through?

He remained sitting at the edge of his bed for a couple of minutes, and when he became certain of another person's presence, that was when he stood up. He opened the door to his room, and saw that somebody is indeed standing at the door to his receiving room.

Ken did not need to ask who the person is.

"Master, I have something to tell you."

It was the silken voice of Han'nya.

Ken walked towards the door and opened it. Han'nya bowed her head towards him and her eyes focused on her feet. She was s splendid picture to look at.

The moon's light created a picturesque impact on her for, with the rays of light casting a varied refraction on her long hair and toe-length cream dress.

Ken let her in, and he wondered how was she able to come through his main door without somebody noticing her presence.

'Could it be that she could control to only whom she can make her presence known?'

She stood at the middle of the receiving room while Ken sat himself on the sofa. He does not fully understand it but with her, he feels like he has no need to be on guard.

Han'nya turned around to face him, and as the way she did at the forest earlier, she stooped to her knees and bowed at him respectfully. Ken marveled at how graceful she looked like in that action.

"You don't have to bow down before me, Han'nya. I told you, I am not your Master. You must have made a mistake. I am just a common assas-man."

He looked at her while contemplating about what she said earlier. She told him that he has the Ouki. He has to know why she is insisting that he is a Master.

'Master of what? The Yamada clan? But I am not born in this clan. This lady, she doesn't look like she is a family head. She has never been in the head's assembly.'

Han'nya stood up and stared at him for a long time. Ken has been so used to being stared at, but the way Han'nya is looking at him stirred a so-long forgotten emotion within him. He feels like he somehow knew her, at the farthest corner of his mind.

"Master, you are just confused. I cannot blame you for that. You have been away for too long. However…" she took a step towards him, and he remained on his seat.

Han'nya looked at him with the familiar hint of longing in her eyes. Ken have see

ave to go around and will need to eventually pass through the guards. She would be viewed as a lady with low moral if she was caught going to a man's room at this time.

So, using her skill as a Shadow, she went straight through the pond that separates the right and the left wing of the building and she managed to arrive in front of Ken's room undetected by the guards.

However, when she was about to softly knock on the door, she heard the sounds of a conversation on-going in his receiving room. She frowned.

'A visitor at this time?'

With a very light movement, she leaned closer to hear about what they were talking about. Her eyes widened when she heard a female's voice.

"I exist to serve you, Master. Without you, I am nothing."

It was definitely a female's voice, and she somehow felt that the owner of that voice is a pretty lady. It was so soft and so melodious, the kind of voice that even she, as a female, would always want to hear.

'Master? She called Ken her Master.'

She decided to take a peek, as her curiosity got the better of her.

It was a decision that she regretted, for she saw how her lips softly touched his forehead, and Ken did not make any move to avoid it. He looked like he was so awed with her beauty that he waited for her to kiss him.

Before she realized what happened, she found herself running as fast as she could to go back to her own room.

'Relax, Kana. Relax, there must be a reason for that kiss on the forehead. It was on his forehead, not on his lips. It might be a form of an oath, since she called him Master.'

She realized that her heart has become troubled.

'Ken will never betray me. He will never cheat on me.'

She tried to calm her senses, and bit her lips quite hard.

'I won't cry.' She thought, and spent the rest of the night convincing herself to trust Ken.

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