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   Chapter 43 I am called Han’nya

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Ken felt like he was suddenly suffocating and had to move his neck left and right. The lady's eyes pierced through him as if she was trying to reach his very soul.

"Who are you?" Ken asked again.

In almost 28 years of his existence, he could not remember setting his eyes on a woman as astonishingly beautiful as she is. She looks like somebody who is younger than him for a couple of years, and the serenity on her face matched the calmness of the air around her.

Having been a Shadow for about 11 years, Ken has an open mind for all kinds of supernatural existence. He could tell that the lady in front of him has a certain difference from a normal human existence.

The lady stood, ever so lightly, as if every action she makes caused the air around her to stir. Ken is mesmerized by the paradox of everything about her. She looks at him, and a very faint smile slightly parted the thin line of her full, pinkish lips.

"I am called Han'nya, Master." She answered, her eyes were still fixed on him.

Unlike all the females he met before, he could not recognize any hint of attraction from her expression as she stared at him. It caused him to smirk.

'The first female who found me unattractive.' He mused to himself.

"I am not a Master, Han'nya." He replied, and watched her intently. The sound of her name felt strange as well, similar with her personality.

"There is no mistake. You are the Master."

For the first time, he noticed a flicker of confusion on her eyes.

"No, the next Master is not here. Besides, I cannot be a Master because I don't have the mark of a Master." Ken stated matter-of-factly.

The lady pursed her lips, the first human-like action she did since he saw her. She gracefully lifted her right arm, which was lightly covered with the long-sleeved one-piece dress. Ken did not flinch when her long fingers stopped just a hairbreadth's away from his forehead.

He could not detect any hint of animosity on her towards him. He patiently waited and keenly observed her action.

She closed her eyes, and the long lashes covered her closed eyes. Ken just stared at her, mindful of every movement she was making. Even her breathing was stable, and her flowing skirt swayed with the gentle breeze.

She was standing in front of him, and her over-all appearance somehow reminded him of an apparition that he used to see when he was young. He thought then that he was just imagining things.

However, this beauty is beyond his imagination. She looks like as if she is not real at all.

She then opened her eyes, and an expression of understanding swept across her face. She took a one step backward.

"Master, please come back."

She held his eyes on hers, and he felt irritated at her insistence.

"I told you-"

"You are the Master, without a doubt. You have the Ouki." She interjected him. (Japanese: Ouki – King's spirit)

"How did you know?" He frowned at her, he is beginning to question his own childhood.

"I know." Her vague answer added further to his confusion.

Ken was about to say something else when he heard several footsteps.


Kana's shrill voice reached his ears, and the concern on her raised tone told him that he has to go back. He glanced at the time on his wristwatch, and could not believe that he has been there for more than an hour.

'No wonder she has started to look for me.'

When he lifted his eyes again, Han'nya is nowhere in sight.



Kana's voice made him turn around, and he saw her running towards him. He could tell that she has been running from the rapid rise and fall of her chest. Behind her are several men, including Akihito.

Ken held her in his arms as soon as she was within his reach. He felt guilty, for he just realized that she must have been so worried for him. She wrapped her arms around his waist, and he gently stroked her back, he met Akihito's eyes.

Akihito understood and commanded the other men to go back. When the men have gone, Akihito also blended in the darkness, giving them enough distance for their privacy, but never going too far to protect his Master.

"I was so worried! You have been gone for more than an hour." She stated after her breathing became normal.

She looked at him and for a moment, she noticed that he looked so distracted.

When he noticed her looking up at him with questioning eyes, he smiled at her and touched her cheeks.

"I'm fine. You don't have to worry about me, Kana. You should know that I won't be defeated."

The confidence on his tone was beyond doubt, and if she was still the old her two years ago, she would have just nodded without another word. However, two years ago, her feelings for him was not as intense as she is feeling for him right now. Two years ago, she was not as afraid as this to lose him.

"Ken, I have no doubt about your ability. I just…" She said, and she looked up to meet his eyes. She was wondering if she has started to be too dependent to him.

'I just don't like the feeling that I can't see you.'

At the question in his eyes, she decided not to say what was on her mind.

"Nothing. It's just that you were gone for too long." She answered instead.

But Ken's sensitivity was a notch high on that time. He recognized the slight variation in her tone as she answered to him. He could tell that what she said was not the same as what she has been meaning to say.

He cupped her cheeks in his hands, and willed her to meet his eyes.

"Kana, I am sorry if I made you worry." He said gently, and upon noting the flicker on her lovely eyes, he knew that what he said was right on target. She was worried for him.

Ken felt good. He does not hate the feeling that somebody is worried about him. He then held her hands on his own.

"Let's go back, it's becoming cold here."


Eiji have both arms crossed over his chest, as he looked at the two Shadows standing in front of him, with both of their bowed in embarrassment.

"How long did you fare against No. 2?" he asked.

The two exchanged glances. As they remembered the fight with No. 2, they both felt humiliated.

"Less than a minute." It was No. 4 who answered.

Eiji hid the feeling of satisfaction inside him. He was expecting it, or more like, his expectation was foiled by Ken. By sending No. 4 and No.5 after Kana, he was thinking of evaluating Ken's ability. He assumed that the two will not last for more than five minutes. To think that it only took Ken less than a minute to defeat both made him even more contented about Ken's skills.

"I see, and what can you say about the guards?"

"Mentor, there were other organizations there except us who were paid to assassinate her."

Eiji was not surprised. He could not underestimate the family heads who employed the Shadows. It was a common thing in any assassination assignment that they would employ more than one organization to make sure that the task is successful.

However, they made a one important miscalculation.

They targeted a Shadow.


Hideo and Kirito were left in his private chamber when all the family heads were dismissed.

"Kirito, what do you think?"

"Master, it is hard to point fingers at this incident only, but if you would assign to me the investigation, I might be able to do something to smoke the culprits out."

Kirito have at least four families in his mind. But he'd rather not say anything at the moment for fear that even the Master's room has been bugged. The only secured place for now is the space within his mind.

Hideo rubbed his chin. He is aware that his room might have been bugged. But if he would do something to remove the bug, they would have a difficult time to know the masterminds.

"I leave everything up to you then, Kirito."

Kirito nodded. He already has different plans on his head, and some of those would need the cooperation of both Ken and Kana.

He would need unsuspicious baits to make his plan successful.

"By the way, Kirito", Hideo drank his tea, not looking at Kirito but is mindful of his reaction. "When do you plan to get married? You are not getting younger. Isn't there anybody in the clan who has caught your attention?"

Kirito felt that the time stood still. He felt that his sebaceous glands suddenly opened at the same time and released all the sweat in his body.

"I appreciate your concern, Master. But please don't worry about me. I will dwell on that after this case."

Kirito put on a brave smile on his face.

'Somebody in the clan who caught his attention? Well, there is somebody. But her attention is already fixed on somebody else.'

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