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   Chapter 42 Welcome back, Master

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Ken kept her hand on his own. But for some reason, Kana found herself trying to pull herself from his hold. Her eyes were still transfixed on the lady who was also standing still and staring at her.

"Kana, stay behind me."

Ken's curt tone made her aware of the current situation. She blinked her eyes several times and saw the crowd running everywhere. When she glanced back at the lady, she was nowhere in sight.

Kana frowned.

'Who was that lady? She looked…and felt so familiar.'

Hideo looked with contempt at the commotion. His discontent was so evident when he stood from his chair. Kirito stood as well, and the family heads on the ground became aware of the Master's annoyance.

Hideo took the microphone from Kana.

"Everybody", his authoritative tone and overbearing aura caused the panicking crowd to stop suddenly on their tracks. On that instant, even the children stopped whining as they were held tightly by their parents and older siblings.

"Tonight is supposed to be a festive night, but because of the commotion, I command that everyone should return to their own houses. Leave the problem to the officers-in-charge. All the family heads shall meet with me to the assembly hall."

When Hideo placed the microphone back on the rostrum, the crowd began to disperse in silence and orderly manner. Kana could not help but admire Hideo. He is indeed a Master in every aspect.

When she sighed and was about to walk towards Hideo, she noticed a movement somewhere at the back of the stage. The flicker of the needle caught her attention and she successfully dodged it, thanks to Ken's fast reflex. Ken caught the needle between his index and middle fingers, which was just about 3 inches in length. Ken's eyes darkened when he saw that the tip has poison on it.

A potent one, for the matter.

"Ken!" Kana gasped, as Ken's other hand kept her docked almost underneath his own body.

"Lady Kana, please keep yourself between us!" Akihito told her, who was guarding her from the left.

"Kurogi, bring her to the Master's side." Ken said, his eyes trying to figure out where would the following attack would come from.

Akihito did not like the commanding tone from Ken, but he was not in a position anymore to reprimand him. With a grim expression, he leaned towards Kana.

"Lady Kana, please allow me to hold you."

She nodded, and she casts a worried look at Ken. Ken nodded to her, and a faint smile formed on his lips.

"Go with him, I would be right behind you." He said.

As Akihito and Kana walked fast towards Hideo and Kirito, Ken noticed another suspicious figure away from the stage. For a fleeting moment, his concentration to the attacker was broken. He found himself looking straight through a pair of eyes which was silently urging him to drop on his knees.


Ken bit harshly to his lower lip, and the influence of those eyes became lost on him. When he looked at the lady again, she was pointing at the stage. He turned and noticed two figures which were moving stealthily under the shadows of the darkness.

The Shadows of the Wind.

He smirked, but upon realizing that the lady has just pinpointed their location, Ken looked back. She was nowhere in sight.

When he noticed that Kana was already together with Hideo and Kirito, he moved towards the two figures.


Inside the assembly room, all the heads of the 16 families under the Yamada clan were gathered. When Hideo entered followed by Kana, Kirito, and Akihito, everybody dropped on their right knees with their heads bowed. They remained in that position until the three had seated on the front. Akihito stood behind Kana.

When Hideo nodded his head, all the family heads sat on their designated places.

"I am very disappointed at tonight's happening." Hideo stated, while his eyes roamed around the room.

All the family heads kept their gazes lowered. Then, the head of the Ikeda family stood, he was sweating against the coolness of the night's temperature.

"I am responsible, Master. Along with the Ishida and Kojima families, we were the ones who prepared the venue and the props for tonight's celebration. We are so sorry for the malfunction on some lanterns and equipment. Tomorrow, we will run a thorough check-up and will report accordingly."

Hideo looked at him, his silence made Head Ikeda more uncomfortable.

"I do not refer to the explosion or the so-called malfunction of the equipment, Head Ikeda."

Ikeda lifted his face and looked in confusion at Hideo. He remained standing, while everybody started whispering.

"Silence!" Hideo voice made everybody sit


"If there is anybody here who is still in doubt of having a female as the next Master of the Clan, rise and state your reason."

A deafening silence prevailed inside the assembly room. Kana held her breath.

'Is everything happening because of me?'

Kana started to felt sad and frustrated. For almost 11 years, she has been living by herself without the protection of any family member. She thought that finally, she would belong to a protective clan. Even though she has never dreamed to be the Master, and she doesn't give a damn about the position, she thought that she would find peace in the estate.

But now, she feels frustrated that she seemed to have been becoming a target for assassination.

The needle that Ken caught earlier looked familiar to her. If her haunch is right, she thinks that the modus operandi of the assassination was similar to the Shadows. But she is having second thoughts about it.

The Shadows is an extremely close and private organization. The Mentor knows all of their identities, and she doubts that the Mentor would allow her to be assassinated by their own. One of the rules in the Shadows which has been inculcated in their minds is that a number should never kill a number, under any circumstances. However, harming one under the Mentor's order is plausible.

"If no one will acknowledge it, I would be forced to order an investigation against all the family heads and your relatives." Hideo announced.

Everybody became concerned.

"Master, permission to speak." Kinoshita stood, and upon Hideo's acknowledgment, he continued speaking.

"I would like to ask if this investigation is only because of the malfunction in the equipment."

"No. This investigation is about an assassination plot against Kana."

His answer caused another round of whispering across the room. Kirito noticed two family heads exchanging meaningful looks, and he made a mental note to look into them further. However, he was in turmoil inside.

The two family heads are the ones closest to the Yamada clan as its direct blood descendants. The Shimizu family and the Ito family. Furthermore, Kirito's mother is the youngest sister of the current head of the Shimizu.

'I will have to walk on eggs.' He mused, then a sneer flashed shortly on his face.

'Interesting.' He thought.


Ken looked at the two figures who are now kneeling in front of him. He was not mistaken. The two figures were No. 4 and No. 5. Ken caught them and after a few minutes of struggles, he had them disarmed.

"I am sure that you know me." Ken said.

The two nodded.

"No.2." Said the one who is No. 4.

"Are there only the two of you here?" Ken asked.

The two remained silent, and Ken understood when No. 4 made a coded gesture on his head movement. It was a common coded movement for all of the Shadows.

"Go now." Ken said in a stern voice.

The two went in a flash. Ken was left in that area. It was about a kilometer away from the stage, near the entrance of the forest. He stood there with his hands on his sides, for he felt a familiar presence nearby.

His eyes narrowed, and his ears registered a movement about 300 meters away from him. A movement of somebody gliding through the ground, not walking. He could hear the gentle swaying of a light fabric, and the friction that it made when it contacted with the grasses.

He could smell a faint natural scent from a jasmine flower.

"Who are you?" Ken asked when the scent became stable and the movement suggested that whoever the person, or the entity is, has stopped from moving behind him.

He did not turn around, even though he could feel the hairs on his nape stood in reaction to the intensity of the stares he is receiving. He could tell that this feeling was the same with the one he had earlier. That magnetic and enigmatic eyes.

However, Ken could not feel a threat on his life.

It's like this person has no bad intention towards him at all.

He felt a movement behind him, and it made him turn around.

There, he saw a pool of cream-colored fabric on the ground, as the lady who pointed to him the location of the two Shadows knelt in front of him. Her long brunette hair reached the ground as her head bowed and stopped a few inches before it touched the ground. Ken was on alert.

Then, the lady slowly lifted her head. Ken was astounded.

The lady was breathtakingly beautiful. Her beauty was almost otherworldly. As her eyes met with his own, he noticed one striking thing.

Her eyes were almost the same color as his own.

"Welcome back, Master." She spoke in a soft and silky voice.

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