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   Chapter 40 Am I just a decoration

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"Ummm…for forgiving Akihito easily? For not punishing him?"

"Not only that." He has a deep burrow on his forehead, as if he was reprimanding a little child.

"I made him my bodyguard?" She stated, or more like asked. She could not think of more reasons for his annoyance.

"What else?"

"What else…" she repeated his question, thinking of something to add, slightly lowering her gaze in deep thought.

He pinched her chin again towards him.

"You said that what he did to you was just a trivial matter. He touched you and almost raped you, are those trivial matters for you? On top of that, you just assigned him as your bodyguard 24 hours a day. Do you plan to live together with him from now on? What does that make me? Am I just a decoration?"

His barrage of questions left her speechless. Yet, she was more stupefied when she finally realized the real reason for his irritation.

He is jealous!

He is jealous of Akihito, but he is not aware of it.

She almost laughed upon the realization yet, she suppressed it. Looking at the glint of ire in Ken's lovely eyes, she noticed that he himself has not even realized that what he is feeling at the moment is not anger, but jealousy.

He was jealous that another man has touched her. He was jealous that Akihito has just replaced his old post as her bodyguard.

"Come on, speak up. Cat got your tongue now?" He said, still pinching her chin.

He still has the deep frown on his forehead, and she could not help but wonder how come he hasn't recognized his own feelings yet.

'Slow but surely.' She smiled, and when she did, Ken was quite taken aback.

She hooked her arms over his nape and pulled him closer to her until their foreheads touched.

Then she tilted her head more and gave him a kiss on his nose.

A hint of uncertainty crossed his face.

"Ken, I'm sorry, ok? Of course I hated him for touching me. I remember that I am yours, and I should never have allowed anybody to touch me. But come to think of it, his action has prompted you to ask me to be your…girlfriend, right? For that, I am thankful to Akihito. If he didn't do that, I wonder if you ever came back to me."

It seemed that her words penetrated his thick skull, for the crease on his forehead had ceased.

"But why did you assign him as your bodyguard? Don't you have trust in my ability to protect you?"

She bit her upper lip a little because she felt that her throat was suddenly dry. Their position was making her painfully aware that they are intimately close, and the warmth on his body was vibrating through her.

"Of course, I do. It's just…" Kana glanced around, the signal on her eyes told him to be vigilant for other people's presence. When he nodded gently, she continued to speak with a very faint voice that only the two of them could hear.

"I wanted to keep an eye on him. I can only do that if he stays near me all the time. I believe that Akihito's action was not his own decision. There must be somebody else who incited him to do it."

Ken's eyes narrowed in consideration to what she just said.

'Did I just underestimate this little girl?'

Ken thought that she was just plain gullible. He never thought that she could make such a clever decision under the circumstances. She was even able to led him to think that she was just indeed being lenient to Akihito.

How ingenious, indeed!

Finally, a corner of his lips twisted in appreciation of her sneaky performance.

'Yeah, this is the side of her that made her perfect as an assassin's assistant. My assistant.'

When she noticed the look of understanding on his face, she placed her arms on his chest.

"Are we good now?"

She could not bear his proximity anymore, because her mind has started to give her crazy and wild fantasies about the two of them. Especially that she just came in his room. It was her first time to enter a man's room.

Ken noticed the pinkish glow on her cheeks, and he suddenly thought of something mischievous. He felt that she wanted to pull away from the force she is exerting on her hands to his chest. Instead of letting her go, he tightened his hold on her and their bodies became closer than necessary.

Ken also felt the familiar stirring of his desire.

"Ken…" Her eyes looked at him with reluctance and embarrassment.

He found her reaction refreshing and adorable.

She was like both willing and unwilling, at the same time.

"If you can forgive something as trivial as the way he touched you, then you won't mind at all if I continue where he left off, right?"

His voice turned a notch sexier as he gazed appreciatively at her.

'Continue where he left off?' Kana's mind was instantly in chaos.

She laughed nervously.


She said, searching his eyes for mischief. But she just recognized his desire, which she knows was similar to what is written on her eyes as well.

He nodded, while staring at her. She gulped as his face started closing in on her. She arched her chest forward, tilting her face upwards in anticipation for his much-welcomed kiss. If Ken wants her now, then she will gladly oblige.

His face bent towards her an inch closer, and she intuitively closed her eyes then, slightly parted her lips.

However, instead of a kiss, she felt him suddenly pulling her towards him. She felt that she was about to fall, and she opened her eyes. She realized that Ken has seated on the chair, and he pulled her in such a way that she was seated on his lap.

He held her hand and lifted the one which she had bitten to draw a small amount of blood for the oath of allegiance. Ken touched her thumb, he caressed it with his fingers.

She blushed at his action, for it felt ticklish.

Without further ado, he brought the thumb to his mouth. He sucked on it, which made her inhale sharply in astonishment.

The sensation was beyond words.

His tongue played on her thumb while his eyes were locked on to her. She could not utter even a single word, as all the nerves on her body were focused on the tingling sensation that he was creating on her thumb.

Until he stopped and let go of her hand.

"Remember, I own all of you." He said with a smug smile on his lips, obviously satisfied with her bedazzled reaction. "So, don't go around and give your blood freely to anybody, understood?"

She nodded, too tongue-tied to speak.

"Ok then, it's time to go back to your room. I shall walk you back, otherwise…" The mischief on his eyes returned when they were both finally standing. "Do you prefer to spend the night here with me?"

She gave him a light punch on his chest, and he chuckled.

"It's still early, besides we have to attend the feast tonight, remember?" She answered while arranging her clothes properly.

Ken gave a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders.

"I don't care about those kinds of things."

"Let's just attend for a short while, ok? It's a good chance to…meet the other family members, you know."

Her words were laced with double meaning, and Ken was quick to catch them. His expression changed.

Indeed, he has to figure out who and how many people are lurking behind the shadows who is after Kana. This is a good opportunity.

With an understanding look on their faces, they went out of his room. He casually held her hand as they walk beside each other towards her room. Ken sensed the presence of Akihito, and the slight darkening of his expression told Kana that Akihito is just nearby.


It was finally the time for the celebration. As expected, the whole training ground which has an area of more than 2 acres looked small with the number of people present. It looked like a national festival is on-going, and Kana could not help but exclaim in surprise at the crowd.

"Wow!" She said, roaming her eyes on the lively surroundings.

Everywhere she looked, she saw people with smiling faces. Some of them were wearing their traditional kimono clothes, while the others have the modernized hakama and many were also at their modern casual clothing.

Innumerable Chinese lanterns can be found lighting the venue and some food stalls were even lined up in place. It was indeed a festival, but only for the Yamada clan.

Kana was overwhelmed with the numerous people, and she has a rough estimate that there could be at least a thousand people who are gathered tonight.

She smiled when she saw some children walking and running and playing together. She was also wearing a kimono, as the female staff insisted that Master Hideo commanded her to be dressed appropriately for the occasion.

In contrast, Ken was in his usual attire. Black jeans, gray sneakers, and a hooded navy-blue sweatshirt. He even placed the hood over his head, obviously not pleased with the unsolicited attention he was getting from the majority of the female population.

She smiled proudly as she glanced at her fingers which are interlaced firmly with his.

'He is mine, pitiful girls. Drool all you want but he is mine only.'

She even glared at several females along the way when she noticed them openly devouring Ken with the way they stared at him. She shook her head to herself as she realized one thing.

It is quite troublesome to have such a handsome freak as your boyfriend.

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