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   Chapter 39 Tell me what are you sorry for

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Hideo kept his face indifferent, yet his heart swelled with pride upon hearing Kana's decision. He could tell that Kana has grown to be a pretty and clever lady.

Both Akihito and Ken were astounded by her decision. Kirito was beyond his admiration for her cunning punishment. A humorless flicker on his eyes indicated that he was satisfied with her choice of Akihito's retribution.

Akihito could not believe his ears, but he kept his head bowed down. Surely, his punishment is not only that?

Ken has his eyes fixed on her, as if he could not believe what he had just heard from her. How could she allow a man who touched and harmed her act as her bodyguard?

'Serve as her bodyguard? What about me?'

He gripped the armrest tightly and the chair gave a squeaking sound, and his action caused Hideo and Kirito's eyes to turn at him momentarily. Ken was the only person in the room with a displeased expression on his face. He glared at her direction, while she nonchalantly averted looking at him.

Kana then let out a deep breath and smiled cheerfully at everyone.

"Ok, that is my decision. What else?" She asked, looking at Hideo.

She did not dare to turn her head towards Ken, no matter how much she could feel his angry stares on her. It is her decision after all, and she would keep her words.

"Kana, can you tell me your reason for giving such a lenient penalty to Akihito?"

It was Hideo who asked the question in the minds of the other two men in the room.

"Grandfather, Akihito has served this clan since he was born. Even before that, his family did, and his ancestors. The fact that nothing like this has happened before indicated that Akihito and his family have been very loyal to the clan. It would be such a waste to lose such a man for something as trivial as this."

She explained it in such an encouraging manner, hoping that her reason was valid enough for her verdict. She deliberately ignored Ken who just remained silent on his seat.

'Trivial, huh?'

Ken was in a world of his own, thinking about ways on how and to whom he would vent his anger later on.

Hideo nodded in approval and understanding.

"However grandfather, I am sorry that Akihito has to leave his post as your left-hand man from now on. For he has to serve me as his Master from now." She declared.

Hideo smiled faintly as he looked at Akihito.

"Akihito, lift your face and swear loyalty to your new Master."

At Hideo's words, only then did Akihito lifted his face. An expression of gratitude and veneration to Kana is written all over his face. He changed his stance and kneeled on his right knee, with his right arm placed above his chest, and his face lifted to meet her gaze.

"Lady Kana Kodama, I, Akihito Kurogi of the Kurogi house, along with all the members of my family who bear my blood in their veins, hereby swear our utmost loyalty and allegiance to you, and to all the future generation who would bear your blood. As a sign, please place your mark of acceptance on me."

He said the words without even blinking an eye.

Kana was awestruck with the solemnity of the oath. She held her breath and was at loss for words for a while, until Kirito spoke.

"Lady Kana, please place your mark on Akihito."

She looked at him with confusion.

'Place my mark? What mark? How?'

Ken was just silently watching, he was not in any mood to be a part of this absurdity anymore.

'How could she accept the one who harmed her to be her guard?'

"Place a kiss on his forehead." Kirito said.

"Fuzakeru na." (Japanese: F*ck off! Don't mess with me.)

Ken's deep voice roared like thunder throughout the room. Hideo could not help but acknowledge his aura, worthy of a leader's. The corner of Kirito's mouth lifted in a mocking grin, but he suddenly wiped the grin off when Hideo looked at him.

Kana turned to look at Ken's darkened expression. She hid a smile.

'Oh Ken, how can you be so cute? It was obvious that Kirito was just joking.'

Hideo cleared his throat, he did not understand it at first but it was obvious that Kirito has wittingly riled Ken up, and the younger man also seemed to be on the very edge of his patience.

"Kana, drew a small blood from your finger and place it between Akihito's brows. Then you will say 'I accept'."

Ken flashed a deadly glare at Kirito who answered him with a mockingly innocent look.

Kana nodded and did as she was told. She bit her thumb and walked near Akihito's kneeled stature. She then placed her thumb in between his brows, while Akihito has cl

osed his eyes in respect. Afterwards, she stepped backwards.

"I accept." She then said.

Akihito once stooped down on his both knees with his head an inch above the floor.

"From now on, I shall live and die only for you, Lady Kana." He said.

Kana was moved, but she just nodded slightly and went back to her chair. She still didn't dare to look at Ken. She could feel his burning gaze on her the whole time.

Hideo stood up.

"Ok then, Kirito. We will have a celebration tonight. Kana's return and her first oath of allegiance with a family." Hideo called on the staff that is just stationed outside the partitioned wall.

"Inform everyone of this good news and prepare for a wonderful feast tonight."

"As you wish, Master."


Kana silently followed Ken when they went outside Hideo's chamber. Akihito was walking inconspicuously behind her in a respectable distance. Kana felt terrible at Ken's treatment of her and she was so conscious at Akihito's presence. She stopped walking and faced Akihito.

"Please follow me in such a way that I could not see you." She ordered, and he understood.

Then Kana turned around and saw that Ken continued to walk fast towards his own room. She immediately walked faster, almost running, to catch up to him.

She could understand his behavior, and she knows that he was angry with her decision to let Akihito off the hook that easily. She could tell that it was only because he is so worried for her sake.

"Ken!" She called his name when he was about to open his door as she was still behind him for a few steps. He stopped for a while, but he ultimately opened the door, went in, and closed it again behind him without even looking at her.

She was stunned.

In the past, she had done so many things to annoy him, but he always treated her in an indifferent manner. This is the first time that she experienced first-hand how Ken behaves when he is so pissed off.

Crazy as it might sound, but she giggled.

'Ken looking so annoyed is not bad either. He looks so dangerously cool' She mused to herself as she stopped in front of his door.

"Ken, I'm coming." She said, inhaled deeply and opened the door.

As soon as she opened the door, she was pulled into a hard chest by his strong arms. Her heart almost jumped out from her chest from the surprise. She didn't even sense his presence when he was just standing near the door.

She placed her hands on his chest and tried to pull away from his hold. She gave a nervous laugh when she felt his hands not loosening at all.

"Ken, I know you are irritated at me. But please let me explain, ok?" She said.

At last, she finally found the courage to meet his gaze, and when she did, she was speechless.

He was looking at her in such a way that a predator is aiming for its prey.

It was intense.


The rest of her words were caught in her throat when his lips met hers. Her eyes widened in surprise.

It was a punishing kiss.

Rough, bold, and deep. She could feel the taste of his fury by the way he kissed her. It was tantamount to making her feel guilty because she could also feel the anxiety and trepidation he has for her.

She bore it, with her heart and mind.

Her arms went to the back of his head, and accepted this raw form of his anger. She knows that Ken was never the man who talks too much, and she is willing to bear with his everything.

Ken let her go when she started to gasp for breath.

She felt like she was breathing her last as she hurriedly gasped for air.

When he let her go, her weakened knees almost made her collapse on the floor, lest not for the chair nearby where she settled herself on. He turned his back on her, still obviously frustrated.

When her breathing returned to normal, she stood up and walked towards him. She wrapped her arms on his waist from behind him, clasped her fingers securely, and pressed her cheeks on his back. She felt him stiffen.

"Ken, I'm sorry. Please don't be mad at me anymore." She used her beguiling sweet voice, but she has little confidence that it will be of any use for his anger to dissipate.

He was also breathing rapidly.


He slowly turned around, and she did not let go of her arms that were holding him. He pinched her chin so that their eyes met.

"Tell me what are you sorry for." He urged her, he was obviously restraining to talk to her harshly by the way his words came out of his gritted teeth.

It made her smile inwardly, but she prevented herself from showing the smile on her face.

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