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   Chapter 38 Akihito’s punishment

Mending the Shadow By Elria Cortez Characters: 9569

Updated: 2018-12-27 16:20

When Hideo returned to his house late in that afternoon, Kirito and Akihito were waiting for him. Upon seeing the Master, the two men kneeled on their one knee and bowed at him.

"Master", Hideo looked at Kirito, then at Akihito, who was obviously having a hard time keeping his posture properly due to his aching muscles. He has been treated well and bandaged by the clan's doctor.

"You may both rise. Akihito, come with me to my private hall. Kirito, bring Kana and Ken Inamori to me."

"Yes, Master!"

The two men answered in unison.

In Kana's chamber, Ken is still there. He decided to stay for a while after they became officially in a relationship. It wasn't because of Ken, it was because of Kana who does not want to let him go.

He was sitting on a big lounge chair at the receiving chamber in her room, while she was seated near him, with her face still pinkish. The staff had served them tea and home-made cookies, and the TV is turned on. Ken was intently watching the sumo wrestling, while Kana's mind was still reeling with the aftermath of his much-awaited confession.

'I am now his girlfriend, and he is my boyfriend!'

She stole a glance at him, but his eyes were focused on the TV screen. She shivered inside as she continued to replay that scene in her head, when he kneeled in front of her and asked her to be his girlfriend, and he smiled to her in such a way that she has always pictured him in her dreams to do so. It was a fleeting moment, but it was buried deep in her heart.

She looked at his hands, which are placed casually on his lap.

'Would he find me too uncouth if I initiate to hold his hand? Maybe it's alright, just holding hands is normal in a relationship.'

Her fingers fidgeted, and very slightly, while watching his face, she inched her left hand towards his right. She kept her eyes on his face, watching for any slight indication that he might be noticing her intention.

Then, a knock on the door surprised her and her hand unintentionally touched his. She became beet red when Ken looked at her. She stood in haste.

"Y-yes, who's there?" She asked, suppressing the panic in her voice.

'Fool! You're making a fool of yourself!'

Ken did not stand but he noticed how her hands were inching towards him earlier. With a playful smile on his lips, he touched her hand, and held it in a way that all her fingers were interlaced with his. She kept her face turned towards the door, not wanting him to see how she blushed with the contact.

'Be still, my heart! It's just holding hands!'

Her other hand went to her chest and she began to calm down.

"It's me." Kirito's voice was even, and he did not open the door. "The Master is asking for Lady Kana and Inamori's presence at the master's chamber."

Ken and Kana exchanged looks, and when Ken shrugged his shoulders, she answered.


dly give it. After all, his life has been offered to whoever the Master of the clan is since his birth as a Kurogi son.

Hideo watched the exchanged of words and looks between Ken and Kana. He could sense a familiar aura in Ken, but he dismissed it as something he has as an assassin.

Meanwhile, Kirito was looking at the two with amusement in his eyes. Without a doubt, Ken Inamori has the skill to defeat Akihito, especially now that Akihito is still in a weakened state. He could not help the excitement rising in his chest as he waited who would put on a leash on the neck of whom between the two. He could tell from their behavior earlier that they have acknowledged their mutual feelings to each other.

And in the deepest corner of his heart, he felt a sharp sting. Kirito chose to ignore it.

"Ken, will you let me handle this, please?"

She has no choice but to use her pleading look on him, because she could tell that if she insisted on letting Akihito go unpunished, Ken will give her a hard time later.

Ken did not respond, but at the defiant stare she gave him, he breathed deeply and leaned back on his chair. He turned his face away from her on the opposite direction. Kirito's eyes lit in mirth. Ken lost.

She smiled nervously at Hideo. She decided to be calm.

"Akihito, do you have anything you want to tell me?"

"Lady Kana, whatever reason I had, it was not enough to do what I did. Please punish me." Akihito said, his words told her that he himself will not let his own action be left scot-free as if nothing has happened.

'Ok, punishment it is, then.' She inhaled deeply.

"Ok, Akihito Kurogi, because you dared to touch me, you would be responsible for me as long as you are alive. I declare that your punishment shall be to act as my bodyguard from now on, 24 hours a day without break. You will spend the rest of your life atoning for your sin. That's all."

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