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   Chapter 37 Just to be with him

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Ken stood, but he held her gaze in his. He has a slight smile on his lips, but the looks on his eyes was beyond doubt. He kept on just looking at her, while his hand was still holding her left hand.

She blushed.

"Ken", she said.

"Hmmm?" He asked.

"Will you please stop looking at me like that?" Her cheeks reddened more.

"Like what?" At the quizzical look on his face, she blurted out the words in her head.

"Like I want to be looked at."

Ken did not comprehend what she said at first, but as she smiled at him, tiptoed and gave him a brief kiss on the tip of his nose, he did not care to comprehend her anymore.

Action speaks louder than words.

The moment she did that, he understood that she liked the way he looked at her. He did not need words, he did not need an explanation.

Kana let out a small gasp when Ken pulled her close to him by her waist, and their bodies touched in an intimate manner. It was enough to send electricity to course through her whole body, and she looked at him with the eyes of a woman who is so deeply in love with her man.

Ken's left hand caressed her cheek, and she inclined her face toward his palm more to feel his warmth.

He laughed softly. His voice has such a rich, velvety texture that she found so alluring.

'Why is it that everything he does make me fall for him even more?'

"Kana, from now on, you are mine…only mine. As I said before, I am a very possessive man. I want all of you, every bit of you. Your mind…" He touched her head. "Your heart…" He pointed at where her heart is. She felt her heart's rapid beating. "Your body…" He pulled her closer to him, and she could have perfectly molded in his embrace. "And your soul…" He said, cupping her face in his palms and looking through her eyes, as if sending his words to her very soul. "Will you…be able to handle that?"

'Will I be able to handle that?'

Her heart was screaming in a delirious exhilaration. This was more than she had ever expected.

But what the hell?

She has been longing for this moment, for this chance to finally be with him. She would give up everything, she would give him everything, and she would sacrifice everything, just to be with him.

For her just to be his, and for him just to be hers.

She touched his face, and smiled at him.

"Don't worry Ken. I can handle all. Besides…" she looked at him with mischief in her eyes. "I have been waiting to be possessed by you. It is what I desire the most."

He laughed, and she did, too.

Their foreheads touched each other, he kept his arms on her waist, and she loosely placed her hands above his chest. Neither of them spokes, they were just looking at each other's eyes, wallowing in the feelings that mutually blossomed in their hearts.


Meanwhile, Hideo was inside a cave at the deepest part of the Yamada estate's sacred forest. Since the beginning of the establishment of the Yamada clan and its families, this forest has been deemed of utmost reverence. An area spanning about 9 acres of lush natural forest and undisturbed lakes, it was located at the highest peak of Mount Raiden, aptly named from the legend as the God of lightning.

Since its establishment, the forest has been deeply guarded by elite members of the clansmen and only the current Master of the clan has ever been permitted to enter. It is the dwelling place of the Oracle, the only one who could mark the clan's head.

Hideo placed his hands in front of his face, closed his eyes, and bowed three times as he stopped in front of the small shrine. When he opened his eyes, he found himself inside a spacious room.

It was made of the same kind of beige wood from the floor to the ceiling. The room has no other adornment nor any furniture inside, except for a small wooden chair at the centermost part.

Hideo dropped on both knees in a kneeling position, as his eyes settled on the hooded figure of the Oracle seated at the chair.

"Rise, Master Hideo, I grant you permission to speak what it is you came here for."

It was a solemn and emotionless voice. Hideo stood, but he kept his eyes focused on the chair, not on the Oracle. Nobody was allowed to look at the Oracle in the eyes.

It is said that the one who would dare look straight to the Oracle's eyes would meet their doom.

"My esteemed Oracle, I came here for two reasons."

The Oracle's silence indicated that Hideo was allowed to continue.

"First, the Lady Kana, who bears the mark of the leader, has returned."

"I am aware of that."

Hideo's eyes showed a flicker of understanding, and he


"Second, I would like to confirm if the other mark has made its location known."

The Oracle was silent for a while, but Hideo did not continue. He could feel that the Oracle was contemplating for answer.

"Why did you ask?" The Oracle asked.

"Yesterday, Lady Kana was placed in a threat. But the man said that he was not able to touch her. He was not able to…he could not touch her."

Hideo emphasized the words 'not able' and 'could not'. If his haunch is correct, the ominous presence that held Akihito back has something to do with the reaction of Kana's mark to the other mark.

The Oracle lifted the hood that covers its face, and an innocent face of a young maiden appeared before Hideo's widened eyes.

It was the first time that the Oracle has shown her face to him. They have met for a couple of times, but she always kept her face hidden underneath the hood.

Hideo's breath caught up in his throat, for her eyes were like transparent orbs, that he felt an unknown force pulling him towards her. Her face has an enigmatic expression against an ashen, almost translucent complexion.

He didn't realize that he was sweating profusely when the Oracle turned her face towards her side, breaking the eye contact with him.

Although it is the truth that whoever looks into the Oracle's eyes would meet his or her doom, a marked leader is an exception. Nevertheless, Hideo instantly felt like a part of his soul was almost taken away from him.

"Nobody can touch a marked lady except the man that she allows." The Oracle stated.

Hideo knows than the Oracle is not lying. But for some reason, he felt that the Oracle is withholding an essential information from him.

"Oracle, you have not answered my second question."

The Oracle looked at him, and Hideo met her gaze. No matter how many times he looked at her eyes, he could not believe how unfathomable they look like. It was like looking through a bottomless ocean.

"Master Hideo, I will seek you once the other mark has decided to show itself to me. For now, you may leave. I will have to rest."

The Oracle turned her back to him, and Hideo could not anything but look at his own two feet. He could not force her to tell him anything that she doesn't want him to know, yet.

Same with the time that he entered, Hideo did the same gestures, and when he opened his eyes, he found himself standing in front of the clan's shrine.

He looked around the surrounding lush forest. If not for anxiety within him now, he should have felt better coming here. The tranquility that could be felt in the place made him aware that everything will happen at the right time.

He would not have to do anything because it seemed that the wheel of fate has started to move by itself.

He decided to go down and speak with Kana, and Ken Inamori.


Eiji Iguchi paced around the room. He looked anxiously at the time, and decided to make a phone call. But when he took his phone from his pocket, it started ringing which signaled an incoming call.

His brows furrowed when he looked at the caller ID.

"It's me", he answered after pressing the answer button. He was intently listening, for the person who is calling him has never once called him over mundane matter.

"No.1, it has been a long time."

Eiji's eyes turned blank for a moment, he did not realize that his countenance became dark.

"Yes, to what do I owe the honor of this call, Grand Mentor?"

The call came from the person who is a direct descendant of the Shadows' first Mentor, and everybody call him Grand Mentor. Nobody knows his identity, and he always maintains the utmost privacy.

The voice from the other line seemed to have hesitated for a while.

"I want you to tell me what did you do to the mark that I gave you."

Eiji understood. But he has to be sure.

"The mark is…alive."

Eiji heard a gasp from the other line, and he presumed that the voice must have come from the person who was responsible for everything that has happened more than 27 years ago. Eiji heard that the phone was passed to another one.

"You were told to dispose the mark, didn't you, Shadow?"

The voice from the other line became that of a female's. Eiji was surprised, he could feel the tremendous aura coming from the owner of the female's voice. Although it was not frightening, but it has a suffocating effect.

"I could not dispose a one-day old child who bears no sin at all."

Eiji answered, and he remembered that fateful time when he was still actively doing his mission in the Shadows as their leader.

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